Would Arsenal fans care if Ox was sold? What about to Man Utd?

There was not a great deal of fuss from the Arsenal fans last week when the football media started to report that our England international star was going to be one of the current crop of Gunners to be moved out of the club during the coming transfer window.

Perhaps it was the fact that outlets including The Mirror were reporting West Ham as the likely destination for the talented but inconsistent 22-year old. If you look closer at the report, though, it claims that the Arsenal star has been offered to the Hammers, not that they have agreed to sign him or that the player wants to play for them.

But it does appear that the Ox will be going and news of his availability has sparked interest at some other EPL clubs, most notably according to ESPN our big rivals Manchester United. Now I know that Arsene Wenger and the board allowed Robin van Persie to move to Old Trafford a few years back but they were roundly lambasted for the decision and the boss has since hinted he would not do it again.

But if that is where the Ox prefers to go and United’s transfer bid is better than any others, do you think Arsenal would sell? I know there is a fear that he would go elsewhere and flourish and we would be left with big regrets, but has he not had enough time at Arsenal to realise the early potential that made us buy him in the first place?

What do you make of it all Gooners?

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  1. Don’t care. He’s been our worst player in the whole first team squad .One goal, zero assists in his 22 league games this season. 7 goals in 100 league games for us. Misplaced passing. Bad decisions. The most over-rated player we’ve ever had. Literally just fast, young, English, with a good physique- not a natural footballer at all.

  2. I only know I would be upset if Ox left. He has bags of talent and is one of the few wing players besides Bellerin who is willing and able to take on defenders in the attack.

    More importantly, there are many other players who need to move on for the benefit of their own careers and for the benefit of Arsenal. Let us be rid of the players who are absolutely lost causes and unneeded in a big club like Arsenal.

    (Also need a suitable defender to replace the solid but aging Mertesacker – and Gibbs will probably desire to find 1st team football somewhere)

    I fear we will lose talent like Ox and get stuck with the real dead wood. That would be stupid and a tragedy.

  3. i m more willing to let walcott go ! 10 years and the same player…only plays good whn his contract talks are going..
    amd take giroud also with u

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