Would Arsenal fans choose James Maddison over captain Odegaard?

The highlight of this weekend will be Arsenal taking on Tottenham Hotspurs in the North London derby. We’re hoping to school Spurs this Sunday and show who rules North London.

As we move closer to the clash, there’s a buzz being built off the pitch by us fans. We can’t help but find ourselves arguing about one or two aspects of ourselves.

With our results thus far this season matching; we are both on 13 points, with 4 victories and a draw. We can’t debate our performances this season; that’s an issue for after the game. At the moment, we can argue over which of the Arsenal or Spurs players can slip into the other team’s starting XI.

As proud as we are of our boys, I doubt many of us would consider benching any of them in favour of a Spurs player. In any case, if there is a Spurs player we should consider adding to our squad, it is most likely James Maddison. We obviously considered bringing him on board at one point, but we ultimately chose Martin Odegaard.

Maddison has made a good start to life at Spurs after joining in the summer, and he was justifiably named August player of the month after contributing two goals and two assists.

The Englishman is quickly establishing himself as one of the league’s best playmakers, and I’m sure many of you have him on your Fantasy League team. Even so, our former star Kevin Campbell states that if he had to choose between Odegaard and Maddison to spearhead our attack, he would easily pick our captain, noting that, like many of us, he would not pick any Spurs player in his Arsenal and Spurs combined squad.

“I know a lot of Arsenal fans; before he went to Spurs, Maddison was a name on people’s tongues. Is Maddison better than Odegaard? I wouldn’t take Maddison; I wouldn’t take that. No, thank you. You can make cases for a couple of Spurs players, but I’ll take our Arsenal side all day long, thank you,” Campbell said on Highbury Squad.

Yes, Spurs have looked improved with their new manager, Ange Postecoglou, this season, but comparing them to us after only 5 games is infuriating. We’re better, and we’ll show it on Sunday. And I am sure that Odegaard will be his usual imperious self and show Tottenham what a real playmaker looks like!

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  1. No chance Odegaard on a different level to Maddison not even a debate! Also give Havertz a chance think he’s starting to settle very harsh to judge him right now think he will come good and prove to be a great signing!

  2. Although I’m an Arsenal fan, I would choose Maddison. He’s more well-rounded and would score more if played in the Arsenal squad. My only reservation is that, Odegaard is fitter and would play more matches than the injury prone Madisson.

    1. LoL will score more goals? You do realize odegard was one of the highest scoring midfielder in Europe Last season and already this season he has two or three goals in all competition.

    2. Abimbola are you sure Madison will score more than Odegard 15 goals as a midfielder even if he plays for Arsenal? Only Bekhamp in Arsenal history of midfielders score more. We tend to underated how skillful Odegard is. I like JMadisson a lot but then I would take Odegard in my team.

  3. My brain cells are still very much intact and functioning well so i sure won’t choose a Maddison over my skipper Odegaard.

  4. There are daft questions, dafter still questions and finally the question this article asks us all, laughably!
    Surely the writer must know not a single sane Gooner will answer that they prefer Maddison.

    If the article writer does NOT know that, then he is even dafter still.

    1. I agree John. The question should have been if we wished that Arsenal purchased Madison instead of Havertz. Madison is having a good season but not to the level of captain fantastic and I doubt even his family member will regard him better than odegaard.

  5. I really wanted Maddison instead of Kai. The former Chelsea man is absolutely awful – and expensive to boot!! I have eyes and I see the football he has been playing so far. Vieira – a squaddie – might even be better which is a sad indictment on Kai, and what Chelsea has become over the past 2 seasons.

    1. 👍 Joe71, totally agree; Maddison in the current midfield was a “steal” at £40 million, as Odegaard has proved from when he was bought.

  6. Nah, I would not swap Odegaard with Spurs for neither love or money, yes the Englishman is returning to life and so too maybe a drama or two.

    Odegaard does sport a higher ceilings if you ask me.

  7. The one player at Spurs, who has shined this season, but gone “under the radar” is Ives Bissouma.
    After being neglected by Conte, Postecoglou has resurrected Bissouma back to his Brighton form level. I would have had him at Arsenal all day long.

  8. Whilst I would not currently choose Maddison in preference to Odergaard…Like many Arsenal fans I would have happily taken him at £40m rather than Havertz at £65m….I would also suggest that he has more to offer than Vieira but that would mean that Arteta is wrong on two fronts and that’s unthinkable…isn’t it!!

  9. Guys, don’t let Madisson’s brief shining leave you pining.

    Captain Odegaard has the class to last.

    Nuff said.

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