Would Arsenal fans give an FA Cup Final medal to Ozil and Guendouzi?

Should Ozil or Guendouzi Get a Medal in the FA cup Final? by Dan Smith

This would obviously be a nice problem to have, but if we are successful on Saturday should Ozil and Guendouzi get a medal?

It used to be as harsh as if you were not in the squad for the FA cup Final you didn’t qualify for the privilege, even if you had played every second of every previous round. On the flip side, injuries and suspensions could see someone squeeze onto the bench for the showpiece and they get a shiny thing round their neck.

That’s why legends like a Pires (2002), Vieira, Sol Campbell (2003) and Henry (2005) got nothing for those triumphs, yet a Kim Kalstrom has a keepsake (to be fair his only contribution as a gunner was scoring in a penalty shootout in the Final, which was helpful.)

The FA though over the years have relaxed their rules. What they do now is give the winners a box of 40 medals and it’s up to clubs which players and coaches gets to take one home. You can have more but that comes out of your own pocket (no chance with our owner!)

It kind of reflects the ethos of your manager. Some step back and insist it’s the players’ moment, others insist that every member of staff should get recognition.

The last time we won this competition an injured Mustafi and captain Koscielny (banned) got zero reward, yet at Chelsea, they insisted that David Luiz have a souvenir to one day show his kids, even though he didn’t play. In fact, the Brazilian has two winners medals without playing in either FA Cup final that Chelsea won.

In my opinion, while obviously the last game carries more pressure, winning the other rounds is just as much a contribution because it’s knock-out football – a fringe player doesn’t do their job in round three, your first team star don’t have a trophy to win. So, let’s imagine it’s the bosses decision and he have a few more medals left over.

Would you/should you give one to Ozil and Guendouzi? Is it morally right to give one to Mustafi but not the other two? Say what you want about their attitudes, it doesn’t mean they don’t want their friends to win or are not popular. Ozil remember was voted by his peers to be in the weird ‘5 captains’ group.

Yet they are both in an impossible situation. If they dance round Wembley carrying the Cup on their heads, drinking champagne, they be accused of making it about them.

If they respectfully refuse to join in but politely applaud from the side of the pitch (which Henry did) it will be perceived that they are sulking and don’t care about those who pay their wages.

If you go by my theory that Arteta has been ordered to make Ozil so miserable that he agrees to leave, then you could be nasty and make the point of everyone getting a medal but Ozil. I like to think Arteta has more class then that.

He’s a former player, he will know the FA Cup Final is a big day for a professional, and no matter their off-field situation he will have empathy that it can’t be a nice day to miss out on.

Ozil started round three. Guendouzi started against Leeds, at Bournemouth and Portsmouth, so my principle is they contributed towards us getting to the FA Cup final, they should get a medal if we win it.

If not, If that’s the only thing that disappoints me this weekend though, I’ll be very happy!

Dan Smith

***I wanted to share a video with you – it’s not YouTube, I make zero money or views out of it. My niece and nephew were born at start of lockdown. As I live in Wales, I had to wait till the 6th July to meet them, so I have been making them lots of videos to show them one day.

I have been explaining that this is their first FA Cup final so I made them this. It gave me goose bumps though, so to get you in the mood here you go….. The Twins first FA Cup Final (Arsenal’s newest fans!)***

Be kind in the comments.

Dan Smith


  1. No – there unavailability has caused us problems post COVID – that should not be rewarded

    1. If they participated and part of the team , they should get medal as everyone and lnes who did not get a chance to play. A team is rewarded, not a player….

      Funny how Gendouzi who his aggresive a nd courageous on the pitch be suddenly blacksheep. He as a strong character which helps a team, and ready to come protect fight for his partnerd as on the pitch. Must manage his temper to not get red carded but i prefer his attiyude to most team; he goes for it all the way with passion for Arsenal…

      This is not really a question to ask, they part of the team that loses or win…

  2. Will either of them even be at Wembley?? Haven’t seen Guendouzi in ages!

    Aww Dan, that video is sooo cute! They’re both adorable!! 2 new gooners, happy days!!

    1. Cheers sue
      Bro supports man United so got in their quick
      He’s asked about signing him up for membership so think it’s worked
      I’m wearing elf hat to hide hair lol

  3. A well penned article DAN – and well done on the cute video – though I suspect most Gooners worldwide will not get worked up about the feelings of either Ozil or Guendouzi and on whether or not they deserve a medal, if we win.

    You will certainly get replies from us diehards on here but many of us simply cannot stand OZIL AND DESPERATELY WANT HIM GONE FROM OUR CLUB TODAY. Many of us also think several years ago would have been far better and that we would be better off now. Some of us, probably a minority but it includes me, also want Guendouzi out today, though for differing reasons.

    The thinking though is common to both men, as I AM FIRM IN MY BELIEFS THAT ANYONE , ANY PLAYER AT ALL, who cannot commit body , mind and soul, for any reason at all, to the TEAM cause, is poison and is better out of the door ASAP.

    I am heartened to see that MA has exactly the same philosophy; a philosophy that always worked so well for Sir Alex, Clough, Klopp and all the greats. It is called leadership and to work well cannot be wishy washy or half baked.

    1. That means Aubamayang then Jon, as it seems he is waiting for Madrid, Barca interest, or the cup final result before he commits to our club?

      The one player in Dan’s clip who wanted to stay, Aaron Ramsey, was let go for nothing – funny old world.

      1. It’s not that Aubameyang is waiting for Barca and Madrid. Those are the only clubs good enough to tempt him but he’s agreed to the contract which is a good sign. I hope you do realise that it’s his last big contract and at least he would try to know our ambition going forward of which includes activity in the market and maybe even UEL qualification.

        1. Indeed I do realise that kev, just like the situation Ozil faced when he was offered his contract.

          Can I ask then, if he’s agreed. why hasn’t he signed it?

      2. Mesut ozil will not be at the FA cup final,he is currently in turkey and was given approval by the club to leave.Only 10 non playing players are allowed at Wembley to celebrate with team after the game and Ozil will not be one of them.source Chris Whitley goal.com Arsenal correspondent

      3. Ken No “mere” fan including you or I, knows the true Auba situation. It is clouded in secrecy, so I suggest we wait to see and do not speculate until facts become clear. I think, mind I ONLY SAY THINK, that he is waiting to see what offers, if any, he gets from abroad or even in the Prem, before possibly committing to us. But no one knows , so speculating is not wise. It is also not like you to do so.
        What do you think about the real substance of my post KEN? I SHOULD LOVE TO KNOW and I relax in the knowledge that you will be honest in your reply, even though we may well disagree ! It has been known to happen before now!

      4. Ken, please accept that Aaron Ramsey left for free, because he ignored an offer on the table for over 12 months and ran his contract down. He chased the money to mainly sit on the bench at Juventus. The one thing I do respect Ramsey for was that he always gave 100% whenever he wore the shirt.
        Mustafi certainly deserves a medal. Guendouzi I am ambivalent about.
        As for Ozil, he can’t even be arsed to attend and watch his “mates” at Wembley in the FA Cup Final and has gone to Turkey. So much for “I’m ready to play.”

  4. Ozil is not interested in anything that looks like a coin. Only Notes of the highest denomination.

  5. IMO, since they did play in the initial games they should be awarded their medals. The club does not treat its players bad, it is the players treat the club bad by negligence , complacence and mediocrity.

    Congrats Dan, we have two new gunners to our family.

      1. Talking of medals,it will be winners or losers 🏅 Ozil is in turkey already, he’s not interested in any so long as their is money in the bank.

  6. Dan, first of all, congratulations on introducing two new Gooners into our family, they will spend the rest of their lives hiding behind sofas, praying to anyone who might assist them in winning a game, but most importantly (from reading your posts) be brought up to respect others and have a true and measured way of life.

    On to the question about who should receive medals and, like you, I believe Mikel Arteta will act in a sensible and correct manner.

    There will be others who have played during the cup run, or appeared as part of the squad, that won’t actually play in the final, so it seems churlish not to award ALL of the first team squad a medal – that is what a squad is all about…I use Leno as an example.
    Chambers is another – we must all remember Pires being part of the celebrations while on crutches? Also Bergkamp and Vieira?
    This is what builds up harmony, togetherness, strength and respect – something MA is brilliant at.

    Just a little cautionary note Dan, I took my eldest daughter to her first game when she was 6 months old…now 50, she always claims she was brainwashed into becoming a Gooner…but loves every minute of it, as does her brainwashed son!!!!

    1. Ken, there is good and bad “brainwashing”! 😊 😊
      Dan, I just hope Arsenal can win the FA Cup, for number 14, and start your new Gunners on a very positive note.

  7. Bad news for some of you. A deal has been agreed for Gabriel Magalhães to Everton. They have pipped Napoli who were the only club really interested in him apart from Everton. Looks like Arsenal and it’s weren’t that interested. He will move for €30m.

  8. Not given that a thought!!. I am more concerned with the reported exodus if we do not win the FA Cup and qualify for the Europa Cup. Am I the only person who thinks it would be more beneficial for Arsenal to only have the Premiership to play for and if those who want to leave do so ?

  9. Hi Dan
    I like reading some of your post but this one has me spitting feathers…
    The rules are the rules and so if they don’t play or in the squad then they get nada . Zip. Nothing
    As you said. Far better players didnt get a medal because of this.
    As for your theory of plotting to make MO as miserable as possible so he will leave.
    Then unfortunately MA is doing a lousy job because he is still sticky around
    The sooner he leaves the better and not because I think he is a waste of money, lacks application, desire. Have never questioned his abilitiy. but because the current must think what the heck. Highest paid player has his feet up and still coining it in.
    Money for nothing

  10. What a surprise, they won’t be involved tomorrow….and apparently Mesut has been in Turkey for the last few days…..

        1. One can always blame Mezut Ozil because he has wasted his undeniable talent.
          “For what should it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” Mark 8:36.

  11. As us all know very well and I believe Ozil also should know or must have known that Arsenal cannot afford to be paying him his very huge wages continuously for his sitting around not doing any on the field job for club even if it is a small amount of money he’s to be paid but moreover it isn’t but very very huge some of money he’s collecting at Arsenal every week. Therefore, the redundant for Arsenal Ozil should be honest to himself if at least for once to call it a day at the Gunners by retiring from playing for Arsenal which won’t be a crime he has committed against Arsenal. But will turnout to be the right decision he has taken to retire from active professional football playing as his body through the chronic back pains he’s suffering from that has refused to leave hint but staying on his back perpetuity and punishing him with pains. Therefore, let Ozil stop been economical with it to continue to swindle Arsenal of their money under the pretext ogre honouring his contract at the club to continue to remain at Arsenal but his contract honouring is one sided as it’s lopsided heavily to his side.

  12. Apparently Ozil is on vacation as we speak, so he obviously isn’t even bothered. Guendouzi, sure. If he is still showing up to the training’s and doing what he has to do until he moves. Both should receive medals honestly, but one seems completely unbothered about it. Also, hope these are winners medals after tomorrow and not runner-ups. COYG!!

  13. On Guendouzi, for his reported insubordination attitude and bad behavior on the training grounds both in Dubai and at Arsenal’s London Colney to the club officials but has not shown any kind of sense of remorse to repent from his arrogant showing and tender an apology to his head head coach Mikel Arteta but instead he continues to more on in his arrogated arrogance at the club to me is unparalleled. And therefore his arrogated arrogance at Arsenal should not be condone. But the club should make him an example by punishing severely with banishment that’ll see him banished out of playing squad team until he has rot away as a result of his inactivity in competitive football games for Arsenal to serve a deterrent to other Gunners who could become inclined to misbehave to Arsenal bosses and team mates as he did. Transfer him? Well, Arsenal could do this during this summer transfer window but if the transferring him to exit the club will fetch for Arsenal a reasonable amount of transfer fee money? Otherwise, let the club continuing with their banishing him away from the club’s first team squad to be training alone to feel the sense of loneliness and rot away in his form.

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