Would Arsenal fans happily sell Bellerin for £20 million?

Arsenal set price for Bellerin

Arsenal have reportedly told interested suitors, which supposedly include Spanish clubs Atletico Madrid and Real Betis, that they would need to cough up a fee in the region of £20 million for the signature of Hector Bellerin.

The Spaniard has been heavily linked to several clubs in Europe, and the Gunners are keen to move on from the 26-year-old.

According to CBS Sports, Diego Simeone see the Arsenal right-back as the perfect replacement to Kieran Trippier, who’s had numerous links with Manchester United.

Spanish publication Marca reported that Arsenal might fight it out with their English counterparts for Trippier, although that seems highly unlikely at the moment.

Apart from the former Spurs man, Arsenal themselves have been linked to a whole host of right-backs such as Norwich City’s Max Aarons, Barcelona’s Emerson Royal and Tariq Lamptey of Brighton and Hove Albion.

However, interest seem to have cooled down on the latter since his season-ending injury that the Englishman suffered in March.

Betis might hold an emotional appeal to Bellerin, a club he and his father support. But Atletico’s overall charm is clearly superior due to the allure of Champions League.

Paris Saint Germain had reportedly bid for the full-back last summer only to see their offer rejected with manager Mikel Arteta convincing Bellerin to stay for at least a further year.

Now it is widely being reported that Arsenal would not stand in the way of the player, who joined them as a 16-year-old boy from Barcelona’s La Masia academy.

Although form has not been on Bellerin’s side since his ACL injury at the start of 2019, a fresh start somewhere else appears rational for a player who was regarded so highly in his early 20s.

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  1. Sell hector for £15-20m bring in mazroui or celik.
    Gk onana +ryan
    Rb Mazroui/celik
    Back up lb?
    Dm Lokonga
    Cm neves
    Am perreira
    ST Andre silva

      1. Agree on Calhanoglu, but also Yve Bissouma has to be Arsenal’s priority signing in midfield ahead of Matheus Pereira.

  2. Is it me or do we seem to be asking 20M for all our players ?Bellerin 20M AMN 20M Nkethia 20M Xhaka 20M Willock 20M….!

  3. No less than 30 M for Bellerin, because he still has the potential to play for Spain and he’s homegrown. No swap deal with a 30 years old RB as well, because EPL fullbacks require great energy to go up and down the field

    Besides, signing too many new players destabilize our squad, due to the adaptation period. Fulham signed too many new players that cost them 150+ M in one summer transfer, then got relegated in the end of the season with Chambers as their Player of the Year

    1. GAI
      What you would like and what we get are two different things
      15m to 20m is reasonable
      But afc being afc can see him going for between 10 and 15m

      1. We sold the 29-years-old Walcott for 20 M and Iwobi was 30 M. Bellerin is still 26 years old, homegrown and our first-choice RB

        1. Totally agree with you on this one. Our fans get mad when our players leave for cheap. So why is everyone agreeing that a 26 year old RB who has bags and bags of experience is only worth 20mill on a good day??? I’m very confused.

          1. Some fans only saw Bellerin’s errors last season and might have forgotten about our homegrown quota. Actually most of our defenders made errors last season, but we managed to fix it in the last five EPL matches

          2. his injury was serious and it looked like he had lost a bit of speed – although that was improving towards end of season.

            I also think the valuation has changed in general. If we don’t want him to play I would take the $20M.

            Same price sort of goes for a lot of our fringe people – we have loaned out and not integrated them in. That doesn’t say pay a fortune.

            Williock may be a bit different as he has some hype (I would like to try him here). AMN won’t play where he should so $20M is okay. I would take $20M for Nketia in a second. Granit will be more than $20M if he goes.

            If we are smart we can use that money well.

            PS – loved the “makes the math easier”!!

  4. Bellerin has just had a particularly mediocre Season…even by his ever decreasing standards.
    Up until his injury difficulties his main asset was his pace and in recent years that particular attribute seems to have deserted him.
    If Arsenal are to improve under Arteta they require a right back who matches up with Tierney on the other flank.
    That said they would be unlikely to find many takers for Bellerin who are prepared to offer anything more than £15m…let alone £20m..Should anyone offer anything even approaching that lower mark I think Arsenal should happily accept any such figure…particularly in respect to Bellerin’s service over the years.

  5. Anyone offering £15 million should be told to eff off! £20 million is the absolute minimum in my opinion.

  6. I doubt we will get 20 mil for Bellerin. If we do snap their hands and legs off pronto.

  7. Swap Bellerin with Nabil Fekir. Real Betis want Bellerin and we could get Fekir, who is a quality player.

    1. I don’t think that is a bad idea, we need cam, we were interested in him b4 they signed him. But I doubt we are interested in anyone else except Ode which I think it’s a bad idea.
      However, I wouldn’t be like the juvenile fans and start accessing our transfer this early, I’ll wait till end of the window.
      Edu has a lot to convince us with this summer, we need a massive clear out and smart business, it’s going to be a big summer for Edu and co. Fingers crossed

      1. Odegaard is OK. He is being overrated by Edu though. Fekir is twice as creative and even .ore mobile.

        1. I think he is overrated too am not sure he is ready for epl physicality yet he had a mix loan season with us, I’ll need a full season to access him, Ceballos is an example of arsenal dodging a bullet, if we had sign him Based on his half season loan performance, it would have been a huge mistake, one of the reasons I’ll trust Edu, that’s another masterpiece, no one will remember

        2. Check out who is his alternative that the media say Arsenal are interested in. His name is Mikel Oyarzabal. He is everybit and more than what Ozil was in his prime.

  8. Poor business as usual and even without today’s market conditions he would still go for the same price knowing us. We should be getting more for him.

    1. keV exactly, I don’t understand some of our fans, why should we sell bellerin for just 20 million, he’s 26 years old, he’s homegrown, he still has a lot to offer but some wants us to sell him cheap. I agree he has to go but not so cheap.

      1. LH, once again player asset management would be shown to be poor. If Arsenal is not going to get sufficient from selling Bellerin to largely pay for an upgrade, they would be better off playing him to see if he can recover fully from his injury. Given he is 26,time is still on his side and Arsenal can’t afford to be soft touch. Options are available at RB in the U23’s.

  9. Bellerin has regressed badly since his breakout year so I would accept 20 million before his value drops further. Nowadays I don’t see the amazing recoveries that used to be the main feature of his game. Also after all those years, his positioning remains awful, he’s beaten too easily, and he gives away possession cheaply. The only thing that he can do properly these days is making a horizontal run but virtually any fullback can do that and he can’t cross the ball to save his life.

  10. Bellerin is still a good age at 26 and has bags of experiernce. He’s worth more than 20mill for sure and Arsenal have done a bad job if he only leaves for that much. He’s easily 27-30mill range and that is what a proper club should be taking at minimum for him. People are undervaluing him because we’ve seen him play for us for so long but his overall reputation is a positive one. 20mill is bad business.

  11. Would not sell Bellerin, he is just getting back to his old self after bad injury,
    No patience at all with some fans, will get better and has always given his best

  12. In the blink of an eye … another overrated footballer … again on the market with no serious club sniffing around … with him xhaka and Luiz gone … a decent RB a partner for partey and a quality AM even arteta might be able to move us forward

    1. he was linked with PSG last summer, and has been linked with Betis, Atletico Madrid, PSG again, and Villarreal this summer. Clearly he has clubs interested in him. Letting him go for 20mill is criminal. He is way more in demand than Xhaka.

      1. The only club that has made any kind of serious move is Betis … the rest is pure speculation including the reported interest by PSG Barca juve etc … he could end up at Villarreal … but don’t consider them a serious club … how they won EL is a football mystery given the awful football they played … so anything north of 15m seems reasonable to me

        1. RW1, it doesn’t matter how Villarreal did it, given they did not lose one game home or away, but they did win the Europa League. It is now in the records for winning a European competition, something Arsenal has failed to do for some time (1994).

    2. RW1 he was linked with psg last year, already he’s been linked with atletico Madrid who just won the Spanish league, linked with Villarreal who just won the Europa cup, he’s also linked with psg again and yet you said serious club, so please can you tell me your definition of ‘a serious club’.

      1. Serious is when clubs actually bid for him, not just being linked with any Jack, Dick and Harry.

  13. 20m would sound a lot better if AMN would get off his obsession with MF and “settle” for being our homegrown RB for the next five years.

    Just read his interview though and feels like he is as good as gone. I hope he doesnt look back at his career in ten years and think what could have been.

    At least it’ll be another £20m in the kitty.

    1. agreed. If he would play as a fullback I would not want to move him. Even with weaknesses in the middle right now he is not an improvement. Take the money and run.

      I hope the best for him as well but I am not sure if he is getting good advice!

      1. My sense is he is getting good advice (even from Big Sam), he’s just not taking it. Frustrating but it is what it is.

        1. 👍 👍 Big Sam’s sound advice, “play where your manager wants you to play.”

    2. AMN has publicly declared that he is going to have a meeting with MA to decide his future and in this meeting he is told that he is not a big part of Arsenal he would move to pastures new simples!

  14. My view is that in this new Covid financial market , Bellrin is worth nowhere near £20 mill. IT SEEMS THAT THE CLUB ARE INTENT ON GETTING HIM GONE AND THAT IS MARVELLOUS, THOUGH LONG OVERDUE.

    Just get this non defending so called defender out the door and take whatever we can get for him. He is and always has been near enough useless, IMO.

    Call me old fashioned but I just happen to believe that all defenders should be able to defend but he cannot.

    1. You’re really Old fashion cos you kept mentioning Covid financial market,

      Liverpool sold a reserve player for 23M.
      Bournemouth sold there keeper for 20M
      Wolves bought a reserve player with 12 senior apps for 35M
      Aston Villa bought Ollie Watkins for 38M

      This are players bought by small clubs and not Big clubs.
      Big clubs spend 62M, 72M etc on player during Covid. So what is the fuss?

      If you need more big money move in Covid period by smaller clubs, I will glad give you.

      That we don’t appreciate our players don’t mean we should sell them Cheap.

      We always want our board to sell our players cheap and yet spend huge money on transfer.

    2. jon, how much would another club want for a player of Bellerin’s status, if Arsenal were the buyer?
      Why should Arsenal sell cheap and buy high?

  15. The problem with Arsenal FC is the self-righteous fans that hound out players at this club, the Ozil haters the Bellerin haters the ramsey haters, the giroud haters, the sczenzny haters , even Wenger when all along they should direct that hatred to the disinterested owners.

    1. All the players you mentioned above with the exception of Ozil have been terrible players
      Not good enough for Arsenal. Why should we love them?

      1. You literally just optimised my statement.Terrible players? Ramsey was quality the stats and goals prove it, Bellerin has been loyal and is decent , Giroud was critically under-rated, you really think he makes the France first 11 consistently for no reason?! Sczenczy no.1 for Juventus , need i go on?

      1. That’s a very bad sign when our club is being linked to players day in day out from everywhere! sad and worryingly!

  16. No, a fee in the region of 25-30 million is reasonable. He is 26, homegrown and I think has around 2 years in his contract.

  17. A swap deal for Ramsey? Edu really has a lot of imagination. Start lining up for your season tickets everyone.

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