Would Arsenal fans have preferred to get James Maddison over Odegaard last summer?

It was very obvious last summer that Mikel Arteta and Edu were searching desperately for a top class midfielder to help complete the jigsaw. We saw Albert Lokonga come in early, but it was presumed that he was “one for the future” as we needed the ‘beast of a DM’ that Arsenal fans have been craving for many years.

There were rumours about Emi Buendia, Aouar and James Maddison over the summer, especially after we heard that Martin Odegaard intended to stay in Madrid, but it seems Arteta never gave up on the Norwegian, despite most Arsenal fans bemoaning he was too lightweight for the Premier League.

As we all know, Arteta finally got his man from Madrid and I have to admit that most Gooners on JustArsenal were less than impressed, although Odegaard has started to prove them wrong over the last couple of months.

The Arsenal legend Ray Parlour even goes so far as to say that even Mikel Arteta would rather have got Maddison, but didn’t think the price quoted by Leicester was a fair valuation. Parlour told HITC when asked about Odegaard’s improvement: “He has done really well,”

“He is the sort of player that works hard off the ball, which you need as much as being the creative player.

“Odegaard has been excellent. When he was on loan, he probably showed enough for the manager to say ‘let’s get him on a permanent basis’.

“I think, if I am honest, Maddison would have been higher up to buy than Odegaard, at the time. But Leicester might have been asking for too much money.

“Probably, at the time, they couldn’t throw £70 million at a player, so they have gone with Odegaard and it has been a good decision because he has played well in the past few weeks.”

So, if you were being honest, do you think you would have preferred Arsenal to have splashed the cash on Maddison in the summer? Or do you think Odegaard has proved the better buy in the end?

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  1. I think Maddison was way to expensive, and for that investment, would he shine at a top club? I would not bet on it. I don’t recall any other club trying to buy him at Leicesters asking price?

    So Odegarrd for me, and I think he will be so much better in the months/years to come. Also it’s good that Ray Parlour acknowledges he’s work effort, that some on here don’t recognise.

    The time to have bought him was before Leicester bought him, we constantly look abroad for players (Hugh market) but actually let’s look down the lower leagues first…

  2. I must confess Maddison was my preference cuz of his duration & constant Performance in the league. Aouar was my 2nd choice & Odegaard my least. No more cuz the kid has replaced Ozil & Carzorla combined. It would have been a mistake not 2 buy him. I apologize 4 looking down on him earlier on. That kid is phenomenal & a blessing 2 this team. God bless Arteta 4 his vision of players he has brought 2 the team. He seems 2 have an eye 4 good players.

  3. Between the 2 Maddison all day long .

    Odegaard as done well the last few weeks the same as the team overall ,but let’s see how he gets on against a proper team tomorrow .
    I’ve seen nothing so far to sway my opinion I’ve had about Odegaard from last season .

  4. People who wanted Maddison, Aouar or Buendia didn’t understand Arteta’s tactics. We have got Smith-Rowe, Salah-Eddine and Flores, who’re similar to them

    None of those CAMs can make diagonal passes to the left side like Odegaard

  5. How is this even a debate? Odegaard is 23, highly talented, with better vision than Maddison. 70 mil for Maddison was just another ripoff.

  6. I like how Odegaard is now settling in. We didn’t go for Maddison so we will never know if he’d have slotted in. I suspect the transfer fee made a huge difference in the club’s thinking

  7. IMO this is simply one more pointless “what if” debate that may be of interest to some, academically speaking.

    But as it has no bearing on what is reaity today, I have no interest in commenting on it, beyond making the point I have just made.
    It changes nothing now and my real interest is in things which may still happen, not about things which definitely will not happen now.
    To be clear, one time “what ifs” that actually HAPPENED are well worth debating. But not “what ifs” that did not happen.
    This is an area where I part company with how JA is run.

    After all, we could if we choose, spend our whole time discussing things in our own private lives which did not happen but all it does is waste valuable time in not actually living the lives you HAVE, which ARE and DID happen.

    1. A very poor argument jon fox , it seens obvious to thinking people that a ‘what if ‘ that happens is no longer a ‘what if ‘ .
      Lift your game if yr going to post pointless crap

  8. Odegaard is on his way up, Maddison on his way down. At the time I thought Maddison, but with Arsenal on the up Odegaard may have his best to come.

    1. Maddison on his way down??? 😂😂😂
      Fans can be outrocious in their thinking.
      How old is Maddison, where is he coming down from?
      I can’t believe this really

  9. Would have have preferred Maddison. Although we went for him late. Should have attempted to buy him 2-3 years ago.

  10. I would sty take both. It would be a mouth watering prospect to see both gliding through defences like hot knives through butter.

  11. I was talking to a friend last week during Leicester and city match and I asked him what other qualities does Madison has apart from long range short, the boy can’t pass the ball, can’t make diagonal pass, can’t defend. Odegard all day long for me. PRESENTLY I’ll take Odegard ahead of any England midfielder because to me they are all average.

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