Would Arsenal fans have said ‘Yes’ to bringing Alexis Sanchez back?

Mikel Arteta turns down reunion with former Arsenal star

 Reports from Chile suggest that Alexis Sanchez explored the possibility of returning to Arsenal this summer and his representatives contacted the Gunners about a potential reunion. However, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta swiftly rejected any romantic reunion.

The 34-year-old forward is set to become a free agent at the end of the month as his contract with Marseille expires, although the French club is keen to extend his deal for another season.

Sanchez had an impressive campaign with Marseille, scoring 17 goals across all competitions, and is eager to continue playing in the UEFA Champions League. He reportedly turned down an offer to join the Saudi Pro League, indicating his preference for a higher level of competition.

According to Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Sanchez’s agent personally contacted Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta to discuss the possibility of a return. However, it seems that Arteta was clear in his response, stating that Sanchez does not fit into his future plans for the team.

Sanchez previously spent nearly four years at Arsenal, where he played a pivotal role in winning two FA Cup trophies before his unexpected move to Manchester United in January 2018. His time at Old Trafford was less successful, and he eventually joined Inter Milan, winning Serie A and the Coppa Italia during his stint in Italy.

With Arteta indicating that Sanchez is not part of his plans, it remains to be seen where the Chile international will continue his career next season.

While it would have been nice to see the Chilean in Arsenal colours once again, not signing him is only a rational decision, but it certainly would be interesting to see if he still maintained his incredible skill and energy he showed in his time at the Emirates..

Yash Bisht

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  1. It’s nice that in hindsight he enjoyed his time with us. It’s a shame he wasn’t so introspective at that time.
    Would I want him back? Not even for free – wages included.
    We’re in the process of building a new identity for the club, a real team spirit, and a place where the players all genuinely look out for each other.
    We’ve had so many problematic players in the last 5 years, and it has taken time and a lot of money to get rid of them. There is no place for a personality like Alexis in what we are trying to achieve.

  2. This was the best decision by Edu/MA especially after the way he left.i still do not understand why he left.he was playing at a level he had not before joining or after leaving us.even if money was a big factor,he could have agreed on a high wages with Arsenal.

  3. Would have taken him back in a heartbeat. His work rate alone, both offensively as well as defensively, is streets above anyone we currently have on our books. Jus sayin…

    1. Martinelli is not far off I would say NYG ,probably the best player we have had in the last decade IMO amazing for 3 seasons and like you said his work rate was unbelievable ,shame how he left really .

    2. My problem is not with the player,i watched him several times this season and was impressed by his work rate too.he also scored 18 goals and 4 assists for OM this season.i just didn’t like the way he left us.

  4. I understand immediately after joining United he realize it was a massive blunder.

    He did try to engineer a return to Emirates soon after leaving, but the damage was massive and too complicated it appears.

    He was a workhorse that was unplayable for us at times, seems greed was the order of the day,
    But it would have been better had Arsenal given the South Americans the pisspot load of money than the Germans

  5. I like hilarious fantasy articles much that I request some lovely Gooner to write one asking “should we bring back Liam Brady, George Eastham and even Ted Drake( ask your grandad, kids) .
    After all they have the exact same chance, NIL, of ever coming back to Arsenal as Sanchez has.. And if MA chose not to have, say, a coffee this morning, as well as refusing SANCHEZ, I wonder if we could have a piece about THAT too!

    How lovely, to live in the fantasy, long ago past!

    1. Is THAT why you keep mentioning Wenger, Ozil Aubemeyang and all those players you disliked from 2008 onwards Jon, because your living in the “long ago past?”

      That explains a lot!

  6. Fans tend to forget how poor Sanchez was in his last season with Arsenal when his mind was probably weighing up the greener grass elsewhere, which turned out to be scrubland.

    1. Sfrabfe Grandad that Ozil and Aubemeyang are continually blasted for their perceived lack of trying at the end of their Arsenal time, but Sanchez isn’t.

    2. I honestly think Sanchez ran himself into the ground for Arsenal he was a on man team, with endless energy and fight. I honestly think he burnt himself out. Plus he had a constant thigh injury that plagued him. I loved the guy and enjoyed watching him give his absolute everything for us. He is too far down the path to the nursing home now though.

  7. That’s a mistake by arteta. Would be an absolute benefit to the team to have an experienced veteran as a bench option. Of course he’s not the same Alexis but who says he needs to be a starter. His output at Marseille last season was pretty good 18 goals and arguably best player on that team. Why arteta wouldn’t want that as an option for the last 20 minutes of a game is beyond me. That’s what he did at inter and won inter a trophy. He has been productive since leaving Arsenal not completely useless like Eden hazard and has shown that he still has quality and decent pace just older now.

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