Would Arsenal fans jump at the chance to return to the Emirates? (opinion)

Proposals have supposedly been submitted for fans to return to stadiums, but I for one would not be in a mad rush to return to the stadium.

Matchdays are an experience like no other, but the world that we live in currently would not allow for the entire experience to return.

As much as I would love to be sat back at the Emirates cheering the boys on, with a limited crowd in such a huge stadium, I struggle to believe that the atmosphere would be even close to the same.

Of course clubs will try their hardest to bring that special matchday feeling, likely with some fan noise added from the outside, but that will take time to achieve I believe.

Saying that, stadiums should be much more family-friendly for those who would like to take their kids to see their idols, given that you will likely have a fair-size section all to yourselves.

The SportsMail claims that a proposal has been written up by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport for stadiums included in the top two tiers could have fans return as early as next month, assuming the lockdown isn’t extended beyond the current date.

The proposal is yet to be agreed to by the government, and I don’t imagine it will even be considered until the lockdown has proved to have had the desire affect, but would you be in a rush to buy a ticket?


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  1. As n jail, we have an hour walk /day and time to feed ourselves.

    Difference with jail; we must walk out of our cells with a paper dated & sign signed or get a €135 ticket.

    When outa this extreme lockown; of course we all out in stadiums , bars and all on fire..

    i hope this teaches a lesson when it happens; celebrate and all out behind the team singing as one voice…

  2. This is such a hard question and a good article for discussion Patrick.

    One has to consider other implications before entering the ground itself, the biggest being how one got to the stadium!!
    Not all of us are as lucky as Val, who lives next door are we??

    Then there is the individuals circumstances – my wife is a Type One diabetic, who has been self isolating since February – that would be a massive consideration to take in to account.

    What about the idiots who flaunt the rules now, without any thought for others? While I wouldn’t see anyone putting their season ticket at risk within the ground rules, I wouldn’t bet on them obeying anyone/anything outside.

    Finally, like many other fans, I live in a different country, Scotland, where the covid rules are different and could/would limit my choice anyway.

    Having said all that and letting my heart rule my head, whilst taking EVERY possible precaution, I would certainly CONSIDER it.
    But, for me, the head woul,d eventually, win the argument and I would carry on watching on the TV until everything was declared covid free.

    Perhaps the plans being proposed would include the older fan as a “risk” anyway, it’s a minefield for our club and, if one could prove they caught the virus while attending a match, what would the outcome be for the club?

    1. Ken, A thoughtful and considered summation of the various problems many fans face and there will be many others in your position or similar for various reasons. My personal view is that, money aside , while hundreds are still dying daily, it is obscene to attend matches at all. But I will not get much support in this view, as I am well aware.

      1. Although I’m not sure the word “obscene” is one I would use Jon, I agree with the thrust of your post.

        Could I ask you why you see watching the game on TV is any different to attending the game, taking out all the issues highlighted?

        What I find obscene, is the ridiculous and unnecessary internationals being played at the moment – the governing bodies should hang their heads in shame over this money grabbing competition.
        As we have seen with Elneny and Saka, there is NO guaranteed defence to the virus and putting players health (and their family’s etc) at risk for money is akin to committing a crime…in my opinion.

        How I wish The Arsenal and Liverpool could take eufa to court over this, perhaps that would make them think a little more?

        1. I just hope saka gets the rest he needs but I doubt that cos there is pressure on arteta at the moment. The international break is annoying and unnecessary at this point. With players getting the virus or injured. LiVARpool are the most affected. Am surprised arsenal are not really affected ( yet anyway ) am not really thinking of Emirates at this point in time unless the covid is defeated. And I think five sub should be back by January.

        2. HI Ken I will admit “obscene ” was too emotive but not too strong. I firmly believe that encouraging fans to return BEFORE it is totally safe to do so, which it cannot be right now, just as entering a pub is immoral too for same reasons, is not moral. However, I DO think it will happen!

          I MAKE A DISTINCTION BETWEEN NECESSARY WORK AND PLEASURE, IE LEISURE, INCLUDING FOOTBALL. That is why PRO footballers, in empty stadiums, with all the testing being carried out is, IMO, still OK.

          Not sure that TV watching counts as leisure at present, when you consider than in many peoples lives, that is all they are allowed to do or even legally able to do under lockdown or tierthree/four.

          I just believe, as mostly all used to believe, in the days when respect for the dead was common(instead of merely virtue signalling, as in many of the two minute silences before kickoff, when many players have no idea who the person being silent for even was) is vitally important in all society.

          Respect must be genuine or it is not true and not therefore respect at all.

          Totally with you on the immoral internationals right now is concerned. I too would love to see the authorities taken to court. It could yet happen, though unlikely. More likely a bit further on is them being taken to law about dementia caused by excessive heading.

          That campaign led by Daily Mail, Jeff Astles daughter and Chris Sutton for his dad Mike, is building up a fine head of steam and ere long there will be changes brought in about heading, esp with younger kids and teens.
          Less heading in training too I forecast, hopefully sooner rather then later.

          The game is on the edge of changing fast KEN, TO KEEP UP WITH SOCIETY. As my part three of fans and clubs relationships, to be finally sent to JA this week, will show. Of course just my take but I flatter myself I see future needed action before many others do.

  3. Tbh, I don’t think I’ll be in a rush to buy a ticket. It’s all to do with the journey it entails for me – national rail, followed by the dreaded tube!! It was bad enough back in March, felt really uncomfortable down there then!!
    If I lived closer, much closer, I wouldn’t hesitate!!

  4. Until we are free from this shizzle, i would say no. It would be very limited, not cost effective and only a few people allowed in at a time. Ive witnessed some non league clubs letting fans in and i wasn’t impressed. It isn’t worth the risk. We can still watch football, its accessible on tv and football can carry on for us to watch in safety for all.

  5. Sue, just got curious to ask you where you live in England or UK? You said you will have to travel by the train and the tube before getting to the Ems.

    Could be that the anti-Covid vaccine breakthrough is making the concerned authorities to be confident of reopening the stadia to fans sooner than they expected should be reopened.

  6. Won’t be anytime soon. If the lockdown is truly about saving lives, then I find a one month only lockdown bizarre, considering people will then have their freedoms back in the height of the flu season. Maybe March at the earliest, the lockdown ends?

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