Would Arsenal fans let Ramsey go for £50 million?

There have been many interesting Arsenal transfer rumours this month, but most have been concerning players that may be coming to the Emirates (except for Matthieu Debuchy) as cover for our never-ending injury list.

But today the Express is reporting that the Barcelona manager Luis Enrique is a big fan of our very own Aaron Ramsey and has let Arsene Wenger know that he is intending to table a massive £50 million bid for the Welsh midfielder this summer.

The Catalan giants have just ended an 18 month transfer ban so have been quietly sourcing players for the future to regain their place as the top team in the world, and apparently the two players they want from the Premier League are Ramsey and Everton’s John Stones. Now I know that Arsenal fans rate John Stones highly and would love him to come to the Emirates, but I’m not sure how many of us would think that £50 million is a rather inflated price tag for Aaron.

All of us thought he had great promise, and when he finally came good a couple of seasons ago, Aaron was absolutely fantastic. But for some reason he has never recovered that brilliant form whatever position he plays in.

Let me ask the question this way. If you consider how much Arsenal paid for players like Ozil and Alexis, would you turn down £50million if Barcelona came in with the offer?

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  1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    Offer Sergi Roberto or Rakitic first…

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      its hard to Let any of our boys go…….. Unless perhaps u are an Arteta or a debuchy! *winks*

      1. Budd says:

        Man, you were kicking Ramsey just the other day. Why not letting him go for 50 mils? Make up your mind. Is hard to leave anoyne go after one win, I know. But you gotta be consistent.

    2. Tas says:

      Only if they give us Suarez

  2. the arsenal way says:

    I’ll take the money without a sweat. Ramsey’s best position is box to box, so is wilshere but i kindda prefer wilshere cos he is more technically gifted and if he can overcome his injury worries, he definitely will be heir apparent to carzola. We may need the money to find the next ozil once ozil begins to call time. Also, elnenny can play box to box too. Coq is our undisputed DM. I doubt if Ramsey would like a bench role in future and i dnt think wenger will use him on the wings again with the emergence of Joel and theo’s willingness to play on the wings and defend. So, if they come with that outrageous money in d summer, take the money before his sale value diminishes and he doesnt fit in. I love Ramsey but he tries to do too much sometimes. I think he should watch toni kroos more, the guy just passes d ball but is soooo good and absolutely efficient

    1. Zulu-boy-SA says:

      Ramsey is definitely a better box to box mid fielder than Wilshere. Ok but this Rumour is bullsh*t anyway.

    2. Zulu-boy-SA says:

      Ramsey is definitely a better box to box mid fielder than Wilshere. Ok but this Rumour is bullshiiit anyway.

    3. ahappygunner says:

      It’s amazing that two of England’s best midfielders (Lampard – Gerrard) have both said that Ramsey is one of the best midfielder in the premier league – yet you with all your football wisdom would have him sold.

      1. Gunnerphyte says:

        In addition, its not like we are in a money crisis or anything. Barca are known to have excellent scouts with great ability to spot talent, if this rumour were true, the fact that Barca scouts value Ramsey at 50 mil should tell us how important Ramsey is.

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          Using that logic, we should have kept TV5…

          1. Trevor says:

            Barcas logic with defenders compared to attacking talent are two different things my friend. One end they get the absolute cream of the cream and at the other end is probably their one and only weakness ..at times.

          2. Gunnerphyte says:

            Vermaelen was no longer on the starting 11. he was cover, he went to seek first team opportunities elsewhere. it was his choice to leave.

      2. Budd says:

        Oh, but everyone here was selling Ox not even a week ago. Luckily is not up to them.

  3. uchejp says:

    To who much is given much is expected from him…..until Rambo give us EPL and CL trophy… He is not available.

  4. goonthinker says:

    oh admin.For how long will we keep saying we are not in need of the money.We need about 2 players but we are not in need of money

    1. Budd says:

      And who gives a crap at the Emirates about what admin has to say?

  5. firehart says:

    I would sell him only if I believed that Wenger would actually USE that money to buy players.

  6. goonthinker says:

    oh admin.For how long will we keep saying we are not in need of the money.We need about 2 players yes.but we are not in need of money.
    If we get rid of ramsey we loose our creativity and stamina.
    Ramsey is still crucial in our team
    an added goal threat and creative force
    Amongst his work rate and defensive actions.

    1. GoonerLad says:

      Whenever he’s on the pitch you the team will get at least onebor two goals, with more ruthless forwards we could easily be scoring 4-6 goals against the likes of Tottenham and Southampton, that’s how good the Rambo/Ozil partnership is. Imo Wenger should permanently bench Giroud and Walcott next season and bring in a player that will guarantee +25 goals in PL alone, Alexia can do that but one player isn’t enough to compete against the likes of Bayern and Barca

  7. id sell him in a heartbeat! £50 million is no joke we could get Isco or someone else better!

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @quantic dream

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      there’s notin wrong in buying Isco and Keeping Ramsey!

      Um…..is there?

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Isco would bench Aaron. How do you break that news to him?

        1. Trevor says:

          Isco could just as likely weaken us, for starters he hasn’t got Aarons engine which is one of the best in prem. Then there’s a settling in period, and not to mention would they actually compliment one another he and his new teammates. He has freedom in Spain yet he is not producing, he won’t get that freedom over here. We all take for granted that Arsene will succeed in making players more confident and better all round, that’s what he done with Ramsey but there is nothing to say Isco will do any better. Ramsey has spirit and fight to go with his quality, which is something Isco looks to have none of ..just a foreign name who had one terrific season 3 seasons ago and you would take a very important starting player to swap ..nooo thanks.

          People get on Ramseys back because they believe he is too attacking minded foregoing his defensive duties a wee bit too often. And you want to swap him with a player who can’t defend and is only attacking minded, Illramendi sounds more suited to your arguments than this guy.

        2. GoonerLad says:

          Gtfo, aside from dribbling Isco is outclassed in every other depaetment, on top of that they’re two completely different type of players

  8. goonthinker says:

    pace and skills are the only things he doesnt have.
    But the rest he is top class

  9. wizardry says:

    Uefalona’s famous la masia is failing to produce world class players (They shouldn’t take pride in Bellerina’s development as they sold him as a winger, now he’s the best RB in the PL). They’re slowly turning into Real Madrid. Now that our finances are good (without considering the Tv deals that kick in next year), we won’t have to sell anyone that we don’t want to sell.

  10. Uzi Ozil says:

    Ramsey is not for Sale…..The same way Barca wouldn’t sell Rakitic now. But Arteta is available. We could sell Him for 50M. Oh yeah!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      and debuchy or flamini as a sweetener for an extra 30miL

  11. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    Give them Wilshere, he is the next Xavi.

    1. goonthinker says:

      wilshere is the new iniesta.
      Ramsey is the one who is the new xavi

      1. Trevor says:

        If any AFC player is a Xavi it is Santi Cazorla, I’m amazed Barca never nailed him down a long time ago. Not many players can/could fit into a Barca midfield without looking a fish out of water, especially the centre, yet no doubt Cazorla could/should flourish.

        Ramsey is more of an Iniesta, running shooting passing ..whereas Cazorla/Xavi are conductors/tempo setting players.

  12. goonthinker says:

    take the ox gibbs arteta flamini for a quarter of that price

    1. goonthinker says:

      and mertz and debuchy too all for a combined fee of 12M

  13. jonm says:

    I looked at the Expess article, no quotes of who has said what?

    How does the Express know that Barcelona will be making a bid for Ramsey, specifically how much the bid will be and that Barcelona have contacted Arsenal. Do they have insider information, have they bugged the offices, telephones and emails of Barcelona and Arsenal?

    Most plausible explaination is that they have made it up. Commenting on such speculation is a waste of time. I do not know why
    I am wasting my time reading this article and then commenting on it.

  14. If I where wenger, I would accept the. Offer asap without any hesitation.. More over, ramsey doesn’t deserve that huge amount of money, compare to ozil’s fee.

  15. SoOpa AeoN says:

    wilshere is wilshere and ramsey is ramsey……. I’m just not Loving all these next iniesta, next messi, next xavi talks

    1. Zulu-boy-SA says:

      Oh come on Wilshere is the next Xabi Alonso/Xavi Hernandez/ Andrea Pirlo/ Andres Iniesta.

  16. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    There’s no smoke without fire. This Ramsey purported move to Barca first surfaced last season. Arsenal may not their own want to sell Ramsey as he has become an integer part of the Gunners 1st team starters when fit to play. But if Ramsey vehemently wants to go to Barca, Arsenal can sell him to Barca for that £50 in the summer plus a Barca youth player Arsenal may want to take and develop like they did with Bellerin. Or on the alternative Barca pay Arsenal £60m outrightly to buy Ramsey. Will I be tumbed down?

  17. goonergaz2000 says:

    Ramsey is quality keep him because I can see arsene spending 3 million on a player for the future .one more thing barca go and annoy another team for a change .

  18. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Buy 1 get 2 free ???

    If we received £50 million for him,
    I don’t think that anybody would miss Ramsey.

    City were supposedly interested in Jack Wheelchair,
    £40 million.

    Chelsea want The Ox but no fee was mentioned,
    All 3 of these player’s are injury prone and I wouldn’t hesitate in selling them, especially if the combined sale reached over £100 million…. But we all know that this is fantasy bull ? and highly unlikely to happen.

  19. damochy says:

    Hleb, Song, Fabregas….say no more, a word is enough for the wise!!!!;

  20. ljungberg8 says:

    No way.

    Aaron Ramsey is an investment. He plays we win. We keep him for life.

    And stop thinking small, Barcelona is our competitor now, we don’t do business with them.

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