Would Arsenal fans prefer Alexis to join Chelsea or Man City?

Arsenal have supposedly slapped a £25 Million asking price on Alexis Sanchez’s head, with Chelsea and Manchester City both linked with an interest.

Antonio Conte this week admitted an interest in the forward, before claiming that he had limited input into his club’s transfer policy, although Sanchez along with his international team-mate Arturo Vidal were of interest to him.

Manchester City have been the most strongly linked, with Pep Guardiola agreeing a fee with our club for his arrival on deadline day back in August, only for Arsenal to backtrack after failing to persuade Thomas Lemar to join in his place.

Arsene Wenger had insisted that none of his players would leave the club this month, much like he said last summer prior to accepting an offer from City on deadline day, but he appears to be coming round to the idea of his exit, possibly down to the player’s struggles this term along with the recent issues with his teammates.

Our club are now claimed to be willing to discuss his departure for in excess of £25 Million, with his agent supposedly urging interested suitors to pursue a deal.

Alexis is believed to be keen on teaming up with former manager Pep Guardiola, who he spent time working with at Barcelona previously, but Chelsea could also prove to be of interest to the forward, who would most likely be offered his desired wage packet at Stamford Bridge.

Would Arsenal fans rather the former Udinese and Barca star to join Chelsea or Man City? Is there any need to keep him at the club beyond January?

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  1. gotanidea says:

    Conte’s interest might be just a tactic to distract Sanchez’s focus before the game. Guardiola had a hunch that Sanchez would stay at Arsenal.

    If Sanchez really has to leave, Arsenal should sell him to a non Premier League club, because he is too dangerous as an opponent. Maybe to PSG, so Arsenal can trade him with some PSG fringe players.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I’d prefer that the only move he is allowed to make in Jan is to a foreign club, if prem is his wish would rather keep him and add another in Jan to try and get a CL place. In the meantime we can have a look at the lad we bring in now and are actually improving our options even if it is for only a short time. We’d be better for it come summer too in my opinion so long as we bring in someone looking promisingly good.

      With the money being spent these days, people going on about a 100m hole due to no sale. There is no hole, we got our money’s worth and it was a long time ago when we paid those fees. We should be well placed to compete in the transfer market. Player sales is like a bonus but we don’t do extra anything so I don’t see it the same way as these people. I think it’s just some people having a pop in a new direction even though they’ve argued on the opposite side of that coin more than once.

  2. AB says:

    Doesn’t matter as we don’t compete with top clubs anymore.


    It doesn’t matter what team Sanchez joins ,though, I prefer he leave the premier league.
    My goodness, Wenger has sucked the life out this club and it’s fans. No passion or hope for us whatsoever.

  4. Sandeep says:

    It’s same every year Wenger have whole summer to transfer and settle our team but as usual he do nothing in summer transfer season.

  5. IhateArseneWenger says:

    No more pointless articles like this.

    I don’t give a shit about Man Shitty , Chelski or Sanshit . All i want is for wenger to leave the club.

  6. McLovin says:

    Truth is, I don’t care anymore. We can join City, PSG or Nottingham, makes no difference. We still won’t be competing.

    We are being managed by a has-been.

  7. Hass says:

    Both Chelsea and city are better teams, it doesn’t really matter …. would only be a worry if it were Everton, Liverpool or Burnley strengthening with Sanchez to take our Europa spot

    1. AB says:

      Completely agree

  8. Me says:

    It doesn’t matter who he joins.
    Arsenal are going to be weaker regardless.
    Funny though…
    All the talk of people leaving.
    But nothing of new players coming in.
    That would get in the way of Kroenke milking every penny out of the club..

  9. Me says:

    And what is Wenger doing?
    Absolutely nothing as usual.
    Washed Up.

  10. Rkw says:

    Those saying it’s a mute discussion are basically correct if wenger remains in place next season … But I would have expected some talk of a swap deal with psg where both draxler and moura appear unhappy and offer quality options … The truth is we won’t finish in top four or win Europa cup with Sanchez or without him so his staying would just be another vanity project for the deluded one with the usual bs about promising he would not leave and wenger always keeps his promises … Pathetic state of club

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