Would Arsenal fans prefer Mahrez, Gotze or Sadio Mane?

With ongoing rumours of either Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain or Theo Walcott leaving this summmer, there have been many Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that Wenger is on the lookout for a new top class winger to add to our goals tally next season.

Obviously the Leicester Player-of-the-season Riyad Mahrez has already been discussed as a possible addition and he would certainly be an improvement to our squad, but the latest rumours are saying that another classy Premiership star in Sadio Mane from Southampton is also on our list as a replacement for The Ox.

The Mirror article states: The 24-year-old – signed from Salzburg for £11.25million – was a target for Manchester United last summer. Saints have rejected any prospect of a move, but a bid around £17m could secure him.

Mane, who made his debut for the Saints against Arsenal in Sept 2014, is famous for making a new Premier League record for the fastest hat-trick, scoring three times in 176 seconds during a 6–1 win over Aston Villa at the end of last season. That brought his total to 10 goals that season from the wing. He has improved that in the campaign just finished with a total of 15, and at just 24 years old he could still carry on improving.

Both those two possible targets have proven Premiership form, but I also like the idea of bringing the German ex-prodigy Mario Gotze into the fold, as his career has stuttered since being shoved to the back of the queue at star-studded Bayern Munich. Wenger has been linked with Gotze for many years and it looks like he will definitely be on the move this summer.

Yesterday his national team coach Joachim Low told him that a move would be beneficial this summer. “Generally I say sometimes a change can put more forces free – a new environment, new challenges, new stimuli.” Low said.

“Look at the development of Toni Kroos. At Bayern he was great; in Madrid he has made a leap yet again.

“Gotze needs a coach who wants to have him in his team. But that is not a criticism of Bayern, certainly not to Pep Guardiola.”

Low has included Gotze in the preliminary German squad despite his lack of regular action, and if he plays well he could be put in the shop window. I think it is definitely worth Arsenal taking a slight risk on him. He certainly has the talent and perhaps Ozil could be his mentor….

What do you think?


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  1. I will welcome any of the three with open arms … I would like the priority to be something like this:
    DM (which is almost done)
    OT: Walcott must leave …

    1. I have nothing against Gotze, in fact I like the guy as a player but we actually don’t need him (another cam) when you have the best cam in the world?? +another WC player as his deputy YES WC and that is cazorla, and then there’s our very own jack and the promising iwobi.
      We rather go for a winger after signing CF and Mahrez fit that bill, if not him there’s still many options.
      Andre schulle( spelling)
      And finally am really surprise why no 1 ever mention PAYET??? The guy is class.

      1. PAYET is great (same Ozil level if not above) but yet again he is a CAM ….

  2. Personally I will prefer anyone of the trio we can get our hands on, either one of them will improve the squad thank you

  3. Mane is awfully inconsistent! I think he went on like 16 games straight without scoring and he has done it before as well.

    Mahrez would be lovely but are there any guarantee he’s not a one season wonder?

    Mario Götze would be the safest bet. I think he’s mainly a CAM, sometimes on the left wing and for Germany has played a forward.

    Wait, Götze is an attacking midfielder who has played striker few times.. He’s a defo Wenger signing!

  4. Let’s first forget about Mahrez and Kante because nobody will leave Leicester this summer! They’ve done the impossible in the EPL and will definitely want to attempt the Highly impossible as a group in Europe.
    Mane is definitely interesting and explosive as a player BUT will our playing style suit him? He’s another very direct player and unless it’s one of those few times we play counter attacking football our passing game may not be suited for him all the time.
    Gotze’s case is just strange to say the least. Great prospect a few years ago who could have flourished in the EPL had he moved to the Emirates instead of Bayern but we’ve all seen him only make cameos at Bayern. Plus with our imminent signing of Xhaka we have very stacked midfield of 6 CMs who can cover each other through lack of form and injury/rotations.
    We must at very least sell either OX or Walcott and get a new versatile winger and a striker in addition this summer whatever we do.

  5. Admin, what’s wrong with me? I have not been able to post any comments in this site? As I said before, I came to this site because some buddies told me anyone was welcome to express their views and be part of good arsenal bunch blogers but You have blocked me. I have not disrespect anyone on it and i would appreciate an answer.

    1. You have been aggressive and ignored my rules. When I know I can trust you to be polite and discuss things in a friendly and reasonable manner you will be restored. …

  6. Mahrez over Gotze but Mane out. Mahrez better aand cheaper, familiar with the league and can rain goals. Let Gotze rot Bayern.

    1. Why would the player of the season in the richest league in the world cost less than a player who’s failed to break into the Bayern squad?? That makes no sense

  7. None of the above would excite me to be honest, Mane: average and inconsistent. Mahrez: potentially a one season wonder and probably won’t leave Leicester. Gotze: not an out and out pacey winger.
    Henrikh Mkhitaryan would be my ideal choice, quick winger with bags of goals and assists in him, who is almost out of contract.
    With Alexis one side and Henrikh the other, being fed by ozil, we would be very dangerous.
    A striker who can hold the ball up and bring these three into play, be an aerial threat (which seems to be our current style) but also has the pace to make runs in behind and knows where the net is and scores big goals in big games would complete the front four… Morata who is being linked ticks all of these boxes.

    Allow me to dream.

    1. Sorry but I don’t see Mhikharyan as ideal choic, his role will be to support the striker and we already have enough players doing that, it won’t change our goals scoring ability until we change our or CF. What we need a CF or a goalscorer that can carry the team on their own.

      1. The guy has played on the right wing for Dortmund all season, is two footed and has 22 goals and 23 assists from that position.
        I see him as a right wing version of Alexis, very quick, good on the ball, an incredible work rate and able to come inside and play more centrally if/when required. Would bring a much needed balance to the front line.
        Not to mention he is vastly experienced at the top level and captains his national team. Would bring leadership qualities too.
        A definite upgrade on Theo, Ox and Campbell for sure and with him entering the last year of his contract we’d be stupid not to make a move in my opinion.

  8. I believe we should focus our attention on buying a proven World Class Striker our demise this season was not having one, but if you twist my arm will choose Goetze between the three, will please OZIL to have one of his teammates plying side by side plus he is proven material.

  9. Mane? Hell no! Too inconsistent! Mahrez is more like it and would be a great signing if Walcot goes. Gotze will be great signing as well. Would be a great sub for Ozil. But I don’t think he will be signed after the arrival of Xhaka, which means Carzola will be moved to the AM position to be a sub for Ozil.

  10. The Sissoko stories are definitely exciting. He’ll add pace, energy and directness to our midfield. If we get him, I can certainly see one of Flamini, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla or Coquelin leaving. We have too many midfielders IMO.

    1. Sissoko is a really good addition, we should go for him, he will come cheap …

  11. Mahrez is my choice because he’s more productive and more versatile LW/RW/CAM.

    Varane &
    If that or similar thing happens then I will sing AKB song.

  12. My order of choice would be:
    1st – Gotze ( World Cup winner)
    2nd- Mahrez ( Premier league Winner)
    3rd – Mane ( … Fastest Hat-trick record)

    They are all attacking Midfielders who would score more goals than our Striker’s, especially with Ozil behind them.
    I would be happy with any of these, but can you Imagine having Gotze and Mahrez cutting in from the wings terrorising our opponents defence?

    Mane went through a bit of a sulk after he was denied a move to Utd, I don’t understand why some comments on here are calling him inconsistent for going through a goal drought…. He is not a striker like some donkey we know!

    In other news, Ozil liked a photo on Instagram, which was blaming Giroud for His failure (Ozil’s) in breaking Henry’s assist record…. ( Özil 19.. Henry 20 )

  13. We do not need any
    more midfielders.
    Lets get what we really
    need first, a quality striker.

    1. I would rather we bought Milik and Jansenn instead of coughing up Over £50 million for Morata.

      ——— Milik—- Jansenn
      Gotze —— Ozil —- Mahrez
      ——– Xhaka — Elneny

      Obviously having Lewandowski and Aubameyang up front is the one, but hey!.. this is Wenger’s Arsenal fc! ?

      1. @fatboy, if we can really afford to sign those 2 young stars at once then I suggest we sign 1 +Zlatan for free, we can cover his wages with some part of the money which was mean for signing the other guy.
        Then the new young striker can completely take over in a reason or two when the big man left.
        +he can learn a lot from him.

      2. Apart from Ozil Sanchez is better that everyone on your list bro.and the last time I checked he’s still a gonner

  14. Mahrez for me even though folks are saying he might be a 1 season wonder. If we got him he would slot right in the starting 11 on the RW. In fact what he has shown in 1 season the only person he couldn’t displace on the team would be Sanchez as far as the wing is concerned, everyone else would see the bench or not even get picked. Read Wenger is looking for a new Pires type of player and Mahrez might be that guy. Add Morata to that and we should be good up top.

  15. Ok, I do not see any of the players who have just won a championship in england leaving their club, where they are worshiped, have a place in Champions league and are guaranteed starters, i think that decision will be made after next season, so Mahrez is out of it.
    Mario who is an outstanding player, but i think went to the wrong team when he had the chance, his play time as been minimal and therefore his development as a CAM has gone off the boil, he has the ability to play wide also, but i doubt he would be able to manage the dual role of defend and attack. The Question is does an arsenal need a Mario Gotze anymore, the answer NO.
    Mane who is a live wire, a pest to any defense, has speed and tenacity to go at defenders, reminds very much of SANCHEZ, therefore i think he is the only possible candidate

  16. According to arsenal.com our current forwards are walcott, giroud, sanchez, iwobi, campbell, gnabry and welbeck. Of those giroud is not a winger, welbeck is injured and who knows where gnabry is. That leaves walcott, sanchez, iwobi and campbell who can play on the wings. I suppose if walcott leaves we need another winger but priority has to be another striker (or two).

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