Would Arsenal fans prefer Mahrez or Turan transfer?

There is a good chance that Arsene Wenger will be looking to sign one of these two attack minded players to add to the Arsenal squad this summer, or if not one of Arda Turan or Riyad Mahrez, then at least a player in the same sort of mould.

They are both the type of player that has been seen in recent years as a typical Wenger signing, with more technical ability and flair than the stature and physicality that some managers tend to go for, but I am not saying that Arsenal should not be looking at this type of player at all.

We could certainly have done with either Turan or Mahrez in the season just gone, especially as we missed the trickery of Santi Cazorla in the centre so much after his injury. So as both the Leicester City and Algeria star and the Barcelona and Turkey midfielder have been strongly linked with Arsenal, the question is which would you prefer Wenger to sign?

Would the Premier League experience of Mahrez tip the balance towards him? Would the fact that Turan proved his steel as well as his skill when playing under Diego Simeone for Atletico Madrid get him the nod? What are your thoughts Gooners?



  1. Greig says:

    I’d personally prefer the midfielder, that is if Sanchez stays put, welbeck, giroud ozil good enough. Midfielder for Santi

    1. Frank says:

      Sell Ozil. Except no one else wants him.

  2. Raoh says:

    Personally I’ll go with Mahrez for the following reasons:
    -Fits better into Arsenal playing style
    -younger player who would cost exactly the same
    -Prem experience (look what Kante brought to Chelsea)
    Sure Turan would bring some toughness that Marhez doesn’t but not enough to justify going for him.

  3. yagoonersya says:

    According to Beinsports Wenger and Guzidas met lacazette in France and the player is quoted saying that lack of champions league is will not be a deal breaker and that premier league interests him.You heard it here first Arsenal will buy lacazette for 50.million.

    1. bran99 says:

      when people say “You heard it here first”, that’s when my doubts start. but it could be true mate, you are our genius

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Okay then, make that you heard from him second lol ?? he was probably sleeping when I posted that breaking news afew articles back ??

  4. yagoonersya says:

    Lacazette better than Mbappe now. If we buy Mbappe for100m and signs 5yr deal his contract will expire when he will a finished product at 24 the Madrid will come and snatch him.Forget about Mbappe no player is worthy 100m winning a premier league gets you 38 million only!

    1. eazyarsenal says:

      mbappe is proven scorer is champions league- how exactly is lacazette better not to mention the fact that he is 8 years older?

  5. John Smith says:

    Buy both as they are needed and get rid of 2 players. AW needs to understand there is no sentiment in football only silverware. SC should be told you can go because it looks like his playing time is over now. This is hard but could you see pep or kloop putting up and paying paying players for nothing. And let DW go and bring Sturridge in because he can play 1 game a week ATBH he is class

    1. OZ11 says:

      There are setiments in the game man, thats what makes football,

  6. yagoonersya says:

    Lacazette is in the bag,dead who will be the next and I don’t want myharez he is not worth more than 20m average and lightweight

  7. Greig says:

    What about our midfield?!!!

  8. yagoonersya says:

    sead not dead’

  9. ny says:

    no to both.Mahrez is another Ozil with amazing ability but lazy type. Turan is the worst when it comes to defensive contribution.Football is a collective game and at a maximum we can afford only one lazy player.

  10. Joseph says:

    Both are preferably in choice including Lecazette. Getting one of them won’t change a thing in Arsenal squard.

  11. lilcaz says:

    I prefer mahrez

  12. John0711 says:

    I may get thumbed down but Mbape,seri and kolasnic would be excellent
    Keep snatches and that’s a awesome forward line up. Fosborg would be another addition if ozil goes

  13. ManMulo says:

    This one is really a no brainer, Mahrez is 26, has EPL experience, scores goals, can assist and plays in a position we’ve been lacking for years where as Turan is 30, has no EPL experience plays in a position where we already have loads of players and rarely plays for Barca.

  14. I want mahrez at arsenal right wings, so ozil can play free road,

  15. Lanu says:

    I think the football world has gone mad. I don’t think any player is worth 100 million ,not even 90 or 80, 70 million for messi and Ronaldo is just fine. 100 million for 18 year old Mbappe? come on,
    And for arsenal I think Mahrez will be a better option than Turan considering he is younger and has premier league experience,
    I would sign Alexander L and Another young Midfilder with the 100 million they are going to give to Monacco for Mbappe,

  16. Janssen says:

    For me, the answer to the question would change a little depending on Sanchez. If Sanchez really stays and is happy to do so Mahrez on the right wing would be a nice complement to Sanchez on the left.

    If Mahrez is signed as a replacement for Sanchez I would be much less excited.

    Mahrez has great skill but to me, his mental strength is a bit suspect and at Arsenal, we already have enough players who drop their head or disappear when the going gets tough. I would like to see some fighters with leadership and mental toughness come in.

    Finally, I am not sure we can mention Santi in the same breath as Mahrez. Santi since the arrival of Ozil was playing in the deep role of DM bringing the ball out of our own final third, Mahrez is not that guy.

  17. Janssen says:

    Turan at 30 is not a great investment for the future. Wasn’t there a time Wenger was not willing to give any player at that age a contract for more than 1 year?

  18. Frank says:

    I really don’t like players that don’t defend, the other players have to work harder off the ball to make up for the weak link and it’s disrespectful to your team mates.
    It is slowly being phased out of modern football and Arsenal already have Ozil who isn’t even world class with the ball. He has 1 good game in every 4.
    Wenger use to rip into Fabregas if he didn’t defend but lets Ozil get away with it. It really is a shame we paid so much for him and his wages are so high because no other club in the world wants him. He is just an overrated Real Madrid bench player. Look at how many titles they have won since they sold him.
    Mahrez and Turan are just like every other player in our midfield so unless Wenger is going to buy them as replacements for Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere, Walcott etc. then I don’t think we need them.

  19. Alfred George says:

    Let arsene buy the two of them because arsenal players d conceive injury, but please, please Arsene and the board pease keep Sanchez and ozil . give them what they want because they are the best

  20. Nebsy says:

    I’d prefer a solid RB that can fit the new 3 4 3 formation, because we might be stretched somewhere around November, when numerous injuries start to kick in.

  21. Jay Dee says:

    Its amazing how the transfer market has gone. Its ridiculous. For me i prefer Mahrez though u must admit i do not know Turan’s play enough to comment. However, whether he get Mahrez or some other players, i just pray and hope that Wenger finalises the deals early on so that all the signings get a good pre season. People thought Walcott improved only because he got the pre season, which he had missed for a couple of seasons because of injury. Who ever we bring in, we need them to be part of pre-season. If anyone knows enough about Arsenal’s pre-season, you know if quality players are available, it will be a good start to the season.

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