Would Arsenal fans prefer Martinelli to play for Brazil or Italy?

It’s going to hard to protect Arsenal new young sensation Gabriel Martinelli from the hype, which you sense is only going to increase.

A year ago he was a unknown teenager, now there is talk of Arsenal wanting to triple his salary to fend of suitors like Real Madrid.

The likes of Adidas might be viewing him as the new poster boy of the club and now two of the game’s most decorated national sides might be about to fight over him.

Arteta will want to protect the kid from what comes with all of this speculation, but it will be hard.

Anelka was the classic example, a teen who should have stayed under Arsene Wenger’s guidance, but didn’t have the right people advising him.

Most South American’s seem to have the same dream. They come across as more patriotic to play for their country, as well as having ambitions to play for one of Spain’s big boys (it would be nice if we were allowed a few seasons to have him at the Emirates).

Look how the likes of Brazil and Argentina take the Olympics more seriously than their European counterparts. Neymar and Messi were both in tears when they won a gold medal. That’s why, selfishly, some gooners might like the news he’s not ruling out representing Italy.

If you’re a manager in England, during international breaks you would rather your player have Italy’s schedule.

We used to see with Alexis Sanchez that he wouldn’t be getting back from World Cup qualifiers or Copa America’s till the Friday, meaning it was best not to start him that weekend.

While Italy are a part of Euro 2020, that’s less travel with the majority of knock out fixtures in the UK or neighbouring countries.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo means anyone taking part misses our pre-season. Our manager has already said he wants to consult others to see what the regulations are, but it would be hard to deny the youngster the opportunity, especially when you consider how fanatical Brazilians are about representing their nation.

Officially the line is he simply wasn’t called up for qualifiers going on, but there are rumours that’s more convenient for all parties at this time. That might not be the case come July, especially if his brilliant form continues.

He describes wearing the yellow jersey of Brazil a dream, the Italian one an option based on his passport. If he failed to break into his first choice, playing for the Azzuri is quite a decent back up plan. Yet you sense talk of playing for Italy is a quiet warning to Brazil to not take too long giving him a cap.

If we had Brazil’s next number 9, he would be a marketing dream.

Dan Smith


  1. Knight says:

    He is more likely to win alot of competitions with Brazil,and winning is like a habbit that he would take to Club with him

  2. stevo says:

    Some how I think we are jumping the gun over Martinelli.
    Pepe was scoring for fun last season now the 70m signing is in a slump.
    So too goal scoring machine Lacazette now this season he is on a terrible run.
    Rooney was a big noise at Man U for a decade yet won nothing Internationally.
    Ian Wright scored goals at Palace and Arsenal but was not a star at International level.
    Neither Messi nor Ronaldo have won the world cup.
    Thomas Le Mar Memphis Depay, Martial, Rashford Greenwood Jesus at City
    Lukaku Benteke Coutinho Dembele (at Barca) Morata (at Chelsea)
    they were all going to score bucket loads for many years.
    but…now they all battling to get double figures in a season.
    We’ll know a lot more when the lad is 21.

    1. Shakir says:

      One of the reasons that messi and ronaldo has not won the world cup is they are star based teams.The team rely on their stars especially argentina.They can be very successful after their stars retire…and i cant imagine what will happen to barca when messi retires

  3. Olaitan Kayode says:

    Lemar incoming

    1. Sue says:

      I will be completely dumbfounded if we end up with him!

      1. You beat me to it.We don’t need that deadwood here!

  4. Shakir says:

    I would like martinelli to play for italy.
    They dont have many skilled wingers and no.9s that can be influential as him and if you look at the brazil national team its full of promising youngsters so martinelli will have to fight for his place.With italy i think he will get more playing time.

    Ultimately its his decision to make and its hard to think that he would give up brazil where he grew up and started his career…

    1. AlexLaca9 says:

      For me it’s definitely Brazil, the competition will be good for him and he doesn’t seem like the type to shy away from a challenge. Plus from what I’ve seen he has the potential to be truly world class if he keep developing, and to surpass the likes of firminho and Jesus. Like someone has already said the publicity would be huge having the Brazil number 9 and would make recruiting Brazilians a lot easier

  5. Innit says:

    Italy is closer.
    I don’t want him travelling half way around the world

    Also his name sounds more Italian than Brazilian. Actually his name sounds more Argentinian than Brazilian

    1. jon fox says:

      His Dad is Italian, which explains the name.

  6. jon fox says:

    With the rider that at 18 he is nowhere near international level of any top nation yet, and may never be; though I think he will easily be though further down the line, then Italy has to be our fan choice . From Arsenals point of view it is far better he plays at the same time as most Euro nations and avoids the Africa Cup, which so harms Prem teams. Ideally, from AFC point of view – which therefore is also my personal wish – he avoids playing interntional matches at all. In an ideal world he would also have been born English , raised in Highbury and supported us since he was five years old and have been on our books since an 8 year old. In other words, he would then have been a dyed in the wool Gooner, like us on here. But the world is never ideal, as realists know better than most.

  7. GB says:

    @jon do Brazil play in the Africa Cup? 😉

    1. jon fox says:

      GB, Of course they do not. How silly of me and thanks for pointing out my daft mistake.

      1. GB says:

        Hey my friend I t was just a friendly nudge 🙂

  8. Godswill says:

    As an African, if his dad is Italian please let join the Azzuries.
    But competition in Brazil will bring the best out of him if we can keep him.
    Triple his salary now and sign him for 10 years. MA is a good coach that can nurture him.

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