Would Arsenal fans prefer Schneiderlin or Vidal for £25m?

Who Would Arsenal Fans Want? Schneiderlin Or Vidal?

With Arsenal continuing their search for a defensive midfielder to compete with Francis Coquelin, there have been quite a few names that have come up in the rumour mill. But probably the most credible of those is the Gunners’ interest in Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin and Juventus’ Arturo Vidal. The credibility is based on the fact that both players will be leaving their respective clubs this summer and will be available for around £25 million, a price range that Arsene Wenger will be comfortable paying.

Considering that the Frenchman seems to be monitoring both players, who would the Arsenal fans like to have at the Emirates? It’s a difficult choice really, looking at the fact that both players are very well established in European football and both players are more than capable of coming in and doing the job for Arsenal. The Chilean however, is more experienced and slightly more established than the Frenchman.

But for me, Schneiderlin seems to be the safer buy, largely based on two reasons. Firstly, he’s tried and tested in the Premier League and is already one of England’s stand-out midfielders. We’ve all seen instances in the past where central midfielders with a big reputation in foreign leagues come to England and struggle to adapt to the Premier League.

Second, Arturo Vidal is very injury-prone. The combative midfielder has suffered a number of long-term injuries in the recent past and considering the physicality of the Premier League, there is a chance that he may spend long periods on the treatment table. There is no doubt in my mind that the player is world-class but any potential deal struck for him may be a bit of a gamble, but Schneiderlin will be a safe bet.


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  1. Vidal plz…he brings a different package with him, something we need badly. Winning desire and fighting spirit. He would pair up with Alexis and the two of them in one team would be frightening… Wooooooo

    1. No way Vidal 25mil you should atleast start with 40 to begin talks with Juve for him. Thats like Juve offering us 30 for Ramsey I mean cummon..

      1. Just curious, how much do people actually think Ramsey is worth? I rate him very highly and I think he’s very valuable to us, but I can’t see anyone paying over £30m for him.

      2. Vidal has a market value of 37m (transfermarkt)
        The only reason that 25m would make sense is if he asked to leave and he is 28 years old now. I don’t mind which we get but obviously Vidal is at his peak now and complete our midfield, he would walk in our team .

        Vidal has many attributes that could enhance our team he has excellent tackling ability and high defensive contribution, quality through balls,finishing and ball retention. he is a complete midfielder. Like the arsenal system vidal also likes to do lay offs and cuts inside when playing wide.This season alone he played in various positions.(whoscored)

        cm=17 times scoring 3/2 assist 7.43 rating(schneiderlin 7.45 scoring 3 goals 15 games)
        cam=10 games scoring 2/2 assist 7.44 rating
        Rm=6 games scoring2 7.85 rating##
        Lm=1 game and 1goal 7.79 rating

        This shows how versatile he is and that we wouldn’t need to sign any more midfielders if we get him. Its nonsense that ramsey would have to make way because he could replace (podolski,diaby,flamini with this 1 signing)
        this is also a guy who wenger has been tracking from levekusen days and is on another level from our cm/dm options

  2. Vidal
    I am impressed with the quality
    of our transfer rumours 🙂

    1. I guess, but all he other title contenders are linked to people like Bale and Pogba.

      1. Bale is just overhyped. 80M for one good season? We see how “great” he is this season as he ends up trophyless. For him to be worth more than a player like Suarez is insanity.

      2. I’d prefer to take my chances with buying 2 of the above CMs, retain Alexis in that left berth and pocket the change rather than blow £60,70,80M on Bale.

    2. chris kramer is free this summer. world cup winner, very similar to schweinsteiger(ofc not on his level yet), a DM, agressive but also a great passer and dribbler. he’s 23, 6’1” and a real beast already. would be available on a free.

      2. guilavogui, DM -> at werder bremen, not going to get a look in ahead of luiz gustavo. 24 y o, 6’2”, quick and very strong. 12 million euros, maybe we could get a cut price. we really have options and money, your thoughts on these bundesliga guys?

      1. christoph kramer is on loan from leverkusen were he will go back to this sumer

        guilavogui and luiz gustavo both play for wolfsburg and not mertesackers old team bremen.wolfsburg are a strong team playing wise and financially so they dont need the money

    1. I agree this is the most likely scenario.
      Let’s be real here. In the last 3-5 transfer windows past, the names we actually signed were not that “out in the media” for more than a week before they signed -all of them. That, I believe is a trend. Making the majority of our signings during the closing week(s) of the transfer window is also a trend, albeit one which has been weakening gradually with the signing of Sanchez most notably.

      So when we try to predict Arsenal transfers, maybe we should do better than the obvious names that are put out there -the Reus’ and Kondogbia’s of this world.

      1. That includes Schneiderlin, Vidal, Martinez, Pogba, Benzema, Lacazette, Dybala (BTW he is a Juve player now), Pedro… What if we end up getting Nico Gaitan? Or some young DM in his mid-20’s from the Liga BBVA?

        There is a pool of other less-obvious names out there (world-class or not) when it comes to wingers, strikers, DMs, or Goalkeepers. The player(s) AFC will eventually sign this summer will come from this pool. Trust me on this.

        So yeah, though I agree that the quality of names in the rumours have increased tremendously, I think that we can do better.

        1. the other pool





          ayew(marsiellle free agent),

  3. Whom are you suggesting to? Wenger is not listening listening and fan view is not important to him and the Board as I know. So spare us with this fantasy. Let’s think of the FA cup for now. It remains my only consolation for the season.

    1. I bet that as soon as Abou Diaby leaves Arsenal and signs for someone else he’ll never get injured again and become a great player.

  4. It doesn’t matter if we sign neuer, vidal, messi and ibra. we still won’t win anything with wenger playing his outdated system of football. end of story

    down vote me all you like you guys are delusional!

  5. Vidal? Where did this rumor even come from? Every body say Vidal, Vidal as if he would come to Arsenal and if he does it would be for 25 mil.Okay keep dreaming then.
    Why would he come? I mean really? Why?

    Because he wants first team spot? Oh wait I got it, is it because he want to play in CL? Or even better, it’s because he want to win trophies?

    Why would he come? What would his motivation be? At Juventus, he is a regular starter, Juventus is always in CL with out any struggling and as for trophies, Juventus won trophies every season, they might even win CL trophy this season.

    He even said this week that he might stay at Turin for life, how his family love the city and how it is similar to Chile and how Juventus is a big club.

    We have to be realistic about transfer rumors.Just because the media link player to us does mean it’s going to happen.The media could link Messi to Arsenal and if we are going to read an article here that say ‘what do you think is Messi or Lacazette?’
    Well that’s just crazy.

    1. There were a lot of those Vidal/Arsenal rumors last summer, but I agree with you. Vidal has the playing time, trophies, and the respect at Turin which means he has no reason to leave there.

  6. @Denis
    By not winning anything,do you mean even FA CUP?!… I didn’t know that, thanks for telling me we’ll be thrashed by Villa just like Hull did last time… meanwhile let me enjoy the transfer rumors while they still last… DONE DEAL. Arsenal have agreed terms with Suarez,Messi and Nemayer.

  7. Honestly it’s as if the guy at the Metro wakes up and thinks ‘who am I going to link Arsenal with today? Hmm.. Well Benzema is French, so is Wenger – Benzema to Arsenal.’ The next day it’s ‘Alexis Sanchez is Chilean. Hmm who else is Chilean? Vargas? No, we tried that last year.. I know! Vidal! Vidal to Arsenal!’.

    Bored of it already and the season isn’t even over yet and the transfer window isn’t even open..I much prefer transfer stories like ‘Arsenal should sign Vidal, and here’s why…’ At least then there’s an actual argument to the story and it’s more likely to be creative, informative and interesting as opposed to a comical ‘rumour’ that started in the author’s head 5 minutes before it was posted.

  8. 1. Sign all 3. Sign Schneiderlin, Vidal and Milner

    Sell Wilshere and Ramsey for £80 million
    Release Flamini, Arteta and Diaby

    2. Sign Reus, Martinez and Lacazette

    Sell Walcott, Welbeck and Oxlade
    Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell for £150 million

    3. Sign Hummels, Aurier and Van Dijk

    Sell Chambers, Jenkison and Mertsacker for £50 million

    4. Sign Cech
    Sell Szczesny for £15 million


    1. Just Joking

      Seriously, I Think if we got Vidal, Cech, lacazette or Martinez and Milner we would be awesome

        1. we will need another keeper because martinez contract is finish so why not go for the best available this would allow use to loan out szezney for a couple seasons like what chelsea did with courtois

  9. If vidal was available for 25m I’d take two please! We need a dm and top striker and still to me the most important bit of business this summer would to give mertesacker away to the local charity shop, don’t want his slow ars* anywhere near a pitch anymore #exposed #out of his depth. At least this way Gabriel, chambers and hayden would have to be blooded/integrated.

    1. totally disagree with you name one top quality defender who lost his pace and is still a good player none only terry really.

      ferdinand,vidic,alex,pepe,dante arent as good as per and they are still arguably quicker. per is a great player for the squad and he would gradually step down his starting duties with the emerging gabriel paulista.

  10. @jermainebrian. All those players you nentioned aren’t as good as Per?! Lmao. Its not just his lack of pace but his lack of mobility, agility, and hes slow to get up and win aerial duels. Hes also weak in challenges. Kos covers for him frequently. Really think you should watch our defense a little closer to see whats really going on. Varane, schar, mascerano, ramos, piquet, no these are cbs and the type of players we should be after.

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