Would Arsenal fans prefer to see Ozil or Ramsey leave?

With that in mind, our ex-Gunner Stewart Robson believes that the reason Emery has decided to let Ramsey go is because we can’t afford to have too such similar players in the side. “I would say Arsenal have made the right decision because the two players that show the good and the bad of Arsenal are Ramsey and Ozil,” Robson told Love Sport.

“Ramsey seems to run forward much quicker than when he’s having to run back. He seems to be good at sprinting into the opposition’s box and you think ‘that was great pace!’ but when he’s got to run back the other way, he rolls his head and looks as though he can’t run.

“I don’t believe this thing that you’re an attacking midfield player or you’re a defensive midfield player. You have to do both sides of the game.

“You have to be good defensively and you have to be in the attacking sense. If you’re only one of those things, you’ll get away with it against the weaker sides.

“But when you come up against the top, and Arsenal want to be one of the best, you need to do both sides of the game.

“And I don’t think Aaron Ramsey can do both sides of the game. That’s why I would think, for the money that they’re talking about, it’s best to let him go now.”

“The most important time in any football game is when the ball changes hands,” Robson added.

“Arsenal have always been quite good when they’ve won the ball back [because] they can counter-attack quickly and spring to life.

“I think of the likes of Aaron Ramsey who sees they’ve won the ball back and races forward.

“Arsenal have never been quite so good – or some of their players haven’t been – at recovering when the ball is lost.

“That’s been Arsenal’s problem for many, many years. But I think Unai Emery is trying to address that. But it’s going to take the mindset of some of the players, Ozil in particular and Ramsey.

“They are the two players that don’t react quickly enough when the ball changes hands. Some of the defenders when they are outnumbered or have to make quick decisions haven’t always made the right decisions so they need to be briefed a little bit more tactically.

“They need to make better decisions when they’re being counter-attacked. I would put Holding and Mustafi in that category.”

So if it is Ramsey’s wages that make it sensible to let him go, then surely the same argument goes for Ozil? I know the decision has already been made as to which one is leaving but if YOU had the choice, which one would you prefer to sell?



    1. I would lose any sleep if the 3 of them were let go of. Been so disappointed in Mkhitaryan, he hust seems to have bo passion. Looks like he is now just enjoying his £180,000 a week pay with no need to stress about his future and place in the team. Hr cant believe his luck (£180,000 a week) to just float about. I had high hopes for him but how wrong was I for now. Smh

      I say get rid of the lot of them if wr have a chance anf bring in new personalities.

  1. Robson is spot on with his comments:

    ““Ramsey seems to run forward much quicker than when he’s having to run back.”
    “They are the two players that don’t react quickly enough when the ball changes hands.”

    This applies to Ozil as well and if I can choose, I’d prefer to sell Ozil. Because at least Ramsey doesn’t easily give up when he is robbed and will try his best to retrieve the ball, which is usually not the case with Ozil

  2. Me personally i would get rid of both, we have too much of that sort of players in the squad lovely on the ball going forward, but none of them want to do the dirty work, get rid of ramsey.. Iwobi… Ozil… Mikhi..

    1. Surely you dont mean Alex Iwobi … he is exactly the kinda player we need off the ball n he is the only player we have that can take players on.

      1. Iwobi can take players on, problem is he tends to leave the ball behind. When he does miraculously emerge with the ball his decision making is not the best

  3. We need a consistent CAM to feed Aubameyang and Lacazette. Ozil just had one great season with 19 assists but hasn’t come close to replicating it. And I think the huge salary increase of £300,000 per week has made him more lazy. He isn’t worth that salary

    Ramsey is leaving, hopefully abroad.

    We need another CAM and box2box central midfielder imo

    1. And those nineteen assists came mostly from simple short crosses and set-pieces, very rarely came from through balls. Once Xhaka takes his duty in set-pieces, his number of assists have dried up

      I agree that he is not worth the huge salary, but the mistake has been done and it is very difficult to sell him now. Even before the high salary increase, there was no club revealed real interest in him

  4. Seriously if it comes down to just the 2 of them the world has to offer.. I’ll choose Ozil to stay, this ain’t some fanboy thing, I used to love Ramsey until hr ruined his game. Yes he has more strength and is durable compared to Ozil, but it’s the simplest thing that has been killing Ramsey for so many years now. Even when attacking, I don’t believe the BS that he’s instrumental go our attacks, the difference between them is their decision making and how they both focus inside the box 18.
    In situations where all we require is a simple pass while attacking, Ramsey dwells on the ball too much, trying stupid turns and lame ass flicks thereby killing most of attacking runs by our attackers.
    Ozil on the other hand, though doesn’t have the strength as Ramsey would do the simple thing and satisfy you.

    A simple quick through ball and Ramsey will be on the ball doing all sorts of stupid stuffs, I’ve seen so many games where he did his stupid moves and we lost goalscoring chances and I’ve seen Ozil in situations that Ramsey gets in a lot and all he does is decide with a quick pass and let the attack flow.
    So Ozil should stay, Torreira seems to have reduced the defensive weight off a lot of players unlike previous seasons.
    If up till now you don’t Ramsey slow down attacking plays then you clearly don’t watch enough games

    1. Eddie, well explained. The one thing I would like Ozil to do is be more selfish and drive for goal himself. It would give the opposition more options to defend rather than thinking that Ozil will always look to pass.
      Ramsey has, by his on field performances this season, not encouraged Arsenal to renew his contract for the wages he wants, nor put himself in the shop window to get another club to pay him what he thinks he is worth.
      One may argue that Ozil is being paid more than he is worth; however that is without knowing his commercial value. It is obvious is not going down that path with Ramsey. It will be interesting to see where he ends up and how long (like Oxlade-Chamberlain) he remains injury free.

  5. Sell both! We are not psg who can afford luxury players in a league with inferior competition. We should be like atletico madrid not in style but mentality where all their players have to fight just to have a tiny chance at the title. We have to fight to have a chance at top four but how do we do that with luxury players. Ozil is a talented player but is and never will be what a club like ours need, he would have been perfect for the invincibles as we were so strong we could accomodate a talented luxury player.

  6. I keep saying, these guys are not crucial to the team. Bet it they are in the team or not it hardly ever makes a difference on our performances.
    I want a new start with new personalities. I hope next summer window Emery gets the chance to buy his prefered type of players. The Ramsey / Ozil project has been a failure and a joke. In my opinion there is nothing to write about whatsoever. They will be easily forgotten in our history.

  7. If Emery had Citys owner instead of Kroenke , I am convinced he would replace the vast majority of the current squad. He doesn’t, so he can’t. He lives in the real world as most clubs have to and cannot sell all WENGER’S DUDS OVERNIGHT OR EVEN IN ONE/ TWO, EVEN THREE WINDOWS as money remains tight. Just because you select players it does not mean , as Ken seems to think, that you rate them ALL highly. Sometimes, through injuries and paucity of in house competition you have little alternative. This is called pragmatism. I would focus on the small number of regular starters – note I say regular starters , NOT still fringe younger players – I would keep, once replacements can be made, RATHER THAN THE larger number I would sell or let leave. But I , unlike some people, understand that management is the art of the possible as well as the art of of having , City like, huge oil money to spend. We don’t! Fact! We are instead lumbered with Scrooge Kroenke! In a year or 18 months time at most, I think NONE of the three listed in this article will still be here. And hope not too!

  8. As Ramsey is confirmed to be leaving, it comes down to Ozil and Mkhitaryan. Ozil, even though vastly overpaid, brings an exciting and beneficial dimension to our when he decides to, with his vision, sleek passing and good decesion making. Mkhitaryan on the other hand offers absolutely nothing to the team. He is shockingly fully wengerized after only 6 months under the previous manager and is now a total drain on the limited club resources. Sell him as soon as reasonably possible to whomever will be desperate enough to take his 180K-a-week contract. To avoid any misunderstandings about figures @Ken1945, feel free to give or take 50K off Mkhitaryan’s wage.

    1. Quantic Dream, completely agree with everything you say regarding Ozil and Myk, except of course, your silly “deeply wengerized” comment.
      So is Ozil also in this world that you have suddenly dreamed up?
      If so, your praise of Ozil seems rather odd considering all that “DW” means to you.

      I think it’s you who are in this “deeply wengerized” state as, along with Jon, you seem incapable of writing anything without mentioning AW.

      Salaries? Iv’e long given up pretending I know what any player earns, as this, once again, is another example of someone guessing something, but not really knowing anything.

        1. If Jon Fox doesn’t get under my skin, you have no chance in hell Quantic Dream!!
          Iv’e been deeply wengerized and utterly Unairized.

    2. I reckon Ken must be Arsenals chief accountant, as he often seems to question much of what anyone says about how much of current players wages are actually paid to them. He often says”how do you know” but I would say to him “how do YOU know better?” None of us know for sure precisely what anyone earns but the larger salaries are usually widely reported in the press who have at least a better and more reseached idea of the true wage than we do. So we quote OZIL as either £300k or £350k per week. These have both been reported and in my view he is not worth anywhere near either of these. Just as Ramsey is not worth £200k so it was withdrawn , once the manager had proper time to assesss him. Mkhi is apparently earning £1810k a week and is basically doing a Walcott on a larger financial scale; in other words getting money for hardly any effort.

      1. Jon, so pleased you read my posts, from “how do you know” quotes it show I realise that I don’t know everything and wish to obtain factual information.
        I don’t know better, (as you put it) that’s why I’d rather not put something down as a guess when discussing someones salary.
        “In my opinion” or “on average” are words that easily define something as fact or fiction.
        I thought you lived in a world of realism, not guesswork.
        One minute your telling us not to believe anything the papers say, the next that they are better informed!!
        Seems to me you want it both ways, whatever suits your point of view.

        I suggest Ozils on £150k a week, Ramsey on £110k a week and Myk on 10p a minute, give or take a £100,000, here or there, up or down, could be or couldn’t be…who cares as long as it fits my argument I don’t give a damn…..unless of course I am trying to be honest.

        With regards to Emery withdrawing Ramsey’s contract offer after having had time to “assess him”, that’s yet another opinion on your part.
        Emery was quoted as saying the situation was between the club and Ramsey and that he still saw him as part of his plans. Fact
        But that also doesn’t fit into your scenario so ignore it completely, or, even better, invent something despite having no first hand knowledge of the facts.
        Bluster as hard as you like Jon, I’m used to that and I look forward to discussing facts and personal opinions in the future.
        By the way, IN MY OPINION, all premier league players are on ridiculous salaries and IN FACT we have agreed that is the view we both hold.

        1. Ken, A skilful but politically cunning reply of yours, ie cunning in a political used style. I have in the past said not to believe everything we read in the papers but at our time of life you and I are well aware when something is said with slight poetic license and tongue in cheek. To then use this off the cuff comment, as you have, to criticise my “papers are better researched on wage than are we fans comment” which I believe you know to be NOT tongue in cheek and off the cuff and generally true, to make out I am saying the opposite (about papers) is not worthy of you. Proper print sports journos like Martin Samuel, Ollie Holt, John Cross and the like are professionals with a deep and well recognised knowledge of Prem football, as well as other leagues too. They are serious minded and thoughtful journos and know far more of what goes on inside clubs than we on here do. I get my info from the like of these and other respected names and am content that they are giving accurate info, though of course no one is infallible. This salary argument is anyway a silly and unnecessary one – though on this occasion I admit it was I who raised it- for us to waste further time on. But it is your regular questioning of how do we know such and such wage is an accurate figure which on this occasion prompted me to mention it. Where Ozil, Mkhi and Ramsey are concerned, I believe all are vastly overpaid for the productivity they regularly show – or rather lack of regular productivity. All these were finalised under WENGERS STEWARDSHIP AND, UNLIKE EMERY, WENGER HAD FAR MORE POWER TO CALL THE SHOTS ACROSS VIRTUALLY ALL ASPECTS OF RUNNING THE SQUAD. Emery is merely called the coach , though I refuse to believe a man of his pedigree is not ALSO deeply involved in ALL in/out player decisions. If you truly believe Emery had no imput on the RAMSEY WAGE/ NEW CONTRACT WITHDRAWAL, THEN I MUST FIRMLY DISAGREE.

          1. Jon, I beg to differ regarding the Ozil and Myk contracts.
            When this was agreed, the three musketeers were already in place along with Gazidis and it was THIS GROUP we were told that had taken that side of any negotiations away from AW.
            With regards to Ramsey, his contract extension also started during this period and that’s why I question any blame directed to AW on any of the above.
            If you remember Jon, you REVELLED in this power shift AWAY from AW!!

            No tongue in cheek Jon regarding papertalk, one either accept what they say or one doesn’t.
            When one starts to cherrypick, it diminishes that persons arguments.
            Why would they know more about salaries than other footballing matters?
            Surely it would be the opposite as the only people who really know salaries are the player, his agent and the club?
            Just look at Xxnofx comments below…are we know saying that the reported £300-£350,000 a week is partly incentive based?
            If so, what incentives…games played? Goals scored? Assists? Shirts sold?
            That’s why I believe it’s a minefield that doesn’t warrant discussion as it is COMPLETE GUESSWORK and not realistic and that is WHY I ask the question whenever anyone quotes figures.

        2. The German tabloid that as most of the information that was leaked I’ve read somewhere that ozil is on 340 grand a week ,that’s including bonuses ,only going on what I’ve read but they seem to have some solid info

            1. My uncle knows a delivery driver who works down the road from the emirates, he says Ozil is on two million pounds a week, could be true, uncle says he’s a top bloke who reads lots of newspapers and knows his stuff.

              1. Mw supporter, BRILLIANT and in actual fact I tend to believe every word you say.
                Does that include the incentives that Xxnfox has now bought to the table?

                1. I’ll do a bit of digging see what he says, apparently he used to work for one of the tabloids, but got the sack for some reason, hope the rest are safe.?

                2. You are a funny guy mw supporter.my sides are splitting well done sir
                  Maybe do some research on what i said , I don’t need to come on here and pretend to know inside information,if you took your time to maybe read up on the matter rather than come on here acting like a 10 year old then maybe I wouldn’t have to reply to the crap you just posted

                  1. Xxnofx, can’t speak for mw, but I certainly wasn’t trying to belittle your contribution.
                    In fact, it throws the question of players salary into even more confusion and shows just how ridiculous it is to try and speculate what ANYONE earns.
                    I think that’s what he was doing, at least that is how I interpreted his post.
                    Your “homework” on incentives opens a complete new can of worms doesn’t it?

                    1. Ken as always spot on. Didn’t think a little humour hurt to try and show my thoughts on the media rubbish.

              2. So , then your uncles delivery driver thinks Ozil earns £104 MILLION a year, which you think could be true. I am on Planet Earth. Which planet are you and the driver both on ? Perhaps the paper owners pay £90 million of it for him to read their newspapers. The club pay the rest for him to play football. So around 6 times more for paper reading and “knowing his stuff” than for playing for Arsenal. Ever heard the word “gullible”?

                1. Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon, mw was being funny that’s all.
                  Read his SUBSEQUENT posts and you will see that’s what he says.

                  What WAS important was that Xxnofx researched the german newspapers and quoted what he had read (perhaps we should have done the same thing?).
                  I had never heard QD’s insider knowledge on salaries included incentives and it made me ask the question “what kind of incentives”?
                  I;m surprised you took mw so literally though, it just shows how getting involved in discussing salaries/incentives etc is so ridiculous, it’s even made you gullible to a joke post!!
                  Anyway, looking forward to your reply to my posts timed at 6.07 pm. and 6.26 pm.

    3. Where is this excitement that Ozil brings to our team? It’s been 5 seasons and all we ever hear is the same Old nonexistent “Ozil provides those killer through defence splitting passes that everyone else can’t see. Ozil does beautiful passes blah blah”.

      The guy aways has 1 good game every after 6-10. He is the most overhyped anf overrated player I have ever seen at Arsenal. To know how good he is you have to listen to the Ozil whisperers/ fanbase. But if you watch him for yourself then it’s a different story.

      1. Totally agree goosnster, he has one good game a month if were lucky usually at home against a low team then fans say hes best number 10 in the world

      2. I could not agree more and want to add this: None of our main rivals would dream of paying obscenely unearned wages at this level to so called “star” players who are one in six games stars, at best and who are so often almost passengers in the team. This regime and this manager will , I am certain – once they have all their own players in and Wengers dross gone – not pay undeserving players far more than they are worth,. This is precisely why, having NOW properly assessed Ramsey and his relative mediocrity, that silly contract offer was swiftly withdrawn. Phew! Thank God too!

        1. What Sanchez, Pogba, Martial, Giroud, Chamberlain, Walcott, Jones, Henderson, etc etc are earning their reported obscene salaries?
          Come on Jon, stop knocking our club, they are all at fault.
          As we agreed before, it’s the nature of the beast…unfortunate but true.

          1. NOT AS SIMPLE AS YOU TRY TO MAKE OUT KEN. Facts are star players are paid vastly more , at other clubs But at our club vast salaries are paid to just so called Stars who are NOT earning that extra obscene wage. I was focusing strictly on the three players originally listed in the original post that led to this long discussion. I care nothing for Pogba and the other non Arsenal players you list and the discussion is not about them, at least not on my behalf. As for Walcott and the other players who once wore our shirt, Walcott was the prime example of paying idle, weedy ,useless players hugely silly wages for nothing much in return. I had no beef with Giroud as he always give his utmost.

            1. Jon, you say and I quote “and I want to add this, none of our main rivals would dream of paying obscenely unearned wages at this level to so called “star” players who are one in six game stars at best and who are so often almost passengers in the team”.

              You brought our main rivals into the discussion, not me, by claiming that they don’t pay the salaries that we do to so called stars.
              That Jon was misleading and I gave you some perfect examples of why that statement was misleading.
              You were NOT then just focusing on the three players “listed in the original post”.
              I agree with your summary of Walcott, but Everton are paying him those obscene wages that you say only our club does!
              Once again Jon, we have just increased the wages of Iwobi, Xhaka, Bellerin, Elneny, Holding and Chambers with new contracts….every one of them players you called AW dross.
              I guess that now makes them UE dross.
              There will be clubs more than willing to pay extra for players that are “star” players, sanchez being the prime example.
              So don’t keep saying it’s just our club that does it, you say your a realist, so be one.

  9. To say Mkhitaryan has been “Wengerised” is wrong.

    Apart from his first season at Utd, where he was half decent, he’s done nothing to impress under the four managers he’s played under in the Premier League, (LVG, Mourinho, Wenger and Emery).

    Be honest, how many people got a twinge of excitement when he signed for us, I know I didn’t, and also, why do you think Utd were so quick to offer him in exchange for Sanchez, it wasn’t out of the goodness of their hearts, it was because they knew that he was one of those players who just isn’t cut out for the Premier League.

    1. Stubill, agree with most, but was it not better to miki as a squad player rather than let Sanchez walk out the door with nothing in exchange?

    2. Agree. Miki has been like this for a while. He was only good for United in Europa League. We just made the best out of a bad situation.

  10. Ozil will not win a header, l maybe wrong, but l have not seen him winning a header rather he will Dodge.
    As much as l like Ozil , he is a lazy player, but between him and Ramsey , l will gladly still retain Ozil.l

    1. I believe Ozil has scored with a header for Arsenal; i know he has for Germany.
      There is no doubt Arsenal’s creativity drops without Ozil in mid field; other teams know this and heavily mark him creating opportunities for team mates.

  11. I think the arguement of whether Ozil is worth what he gets has been exhausted. Can we get rid of him easily. I would say no. However, i would dare say while he can never be a Hazard or Messi, Ozil is definitely better this season that he has been all these seasons, particularly when you take into consideration his defensive game. Is it worth £300k, HELL NO. But like most players this season, despite lack of skill and ability, they are all working really hard. Iwobi for example was one of the players people wanted to see leave and now, almost EVERYONE wants him to stay. Playing well is a combination of a lot of things including individual skill, team performance, hardwork on and off the pitch, managerial tactics and roles in the team. Right now, while others may disagree, Ozil is playing the part better than all the number 10 but he has a lot to do until he gives us world class performances. Ramsey has mostly been a shadow of himself, so has Mhiky, Kolasinac.

    If we were to get a world class CM to partner Torreira, who is yards better than Xhaka and bring in even a decent true winger, all of you would change your minds about most of the squad player ability levels. However, i agree. We beed each individual player to be so critical we panic if we lose then for a game or two. Except Auba and Laca i cant see who else i can say the same about.

  12. This day and age i dont think a number 10 works unless his a player that works hard and gets 15/20 league goals a season.
    If you play ozil you are loosing out in midfield, next season i hope we play with 3 center midfielders, and a left winger and a right winger and lacazette or auba play as striker…

  13. as alot of others are saying, we’re best without both on the time. I’ve lost patience with Ozil a while ago. Probably a total of one great game this season, and rest mediocre to horrible. Ramsey, is gone already, so there’s nothing to really debate there. We have issues with creating chances consistently. We go whole halves with just a half chance. Need to get in a more consistent attacking mid.

  14. Spot on JW.I’m sure Emery intends to play a 4-3-3 system like Man City and Barca when he can unload the likes of Ozil and Ramsay.Easier said than done however given their wage packets.

  15. One of the last breaths of ramsey lovers… keeping track on you guys… most of you are hiding in the bushes but there are still young ones out in the open.

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