Would Arsenal fans prefer to win the EPL or the Champions League?

As this excruciating International break continues, let’s have a few esoteric discussions about other matters relating to Arsenal. So let’s discuss whether you would prefer if Arsenal carried on with our Premier League form and went on to lift the title? Or would you prefer that we dropped out of the title race and went on to win the Champions League?

It is an interesting question, and it may be worth noting that Chelsea won the UCL in a season that they finished fifth in the Premiership (and I have to add an obligatory Chelsea reference it seems!). Many of you may think that it is practically impossible for Arsenal to even qualify for the knockout rounds, but I have to inform you that Six teams HAVE overcome that hurdle in the last ten years, and I don’t see why Arsenal can’t become the seventh.

To help you in your decision, let’s here what our captain Mikel Arteta had to say about it: “That’s a hard question.” he said in the Online Gooner. “I think the Premier League is so special and to win it now, with the competition that is involved, would be unbelievable, because that means that throughout the whole year you have been the best team. You went through difficult moments, been established, been really consistent and I think it would be a great platform to have that confidence in the long run. It is hard to choose but maybe the Premier League.”

I suppose it’s possible he is saying that because we are practically out, but the fact is that the best team does NOT always win the UCL. It can often go down to the luck on the night, the referee’s decisions, just as any knockout competition can throw at you.

So I reckon I am going to come down on the same side as Arteta. I would want the Gunners to take the Premier League first, then once we have that in the trophy room, then concentrate on the Champions League the following year…

What about you?

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    1. eh why has this got a thumbs down?
      kings of england or kings of europe
      europe is larger- its not rocket science lads

      the question should have been: would arsenal fans prefer we go all out for both an risk title challenge with injuries or go all out for pl only

      1. @muffdiver
        Exactly…We should be going for both.
        The ECL gives you carte blanche in Europe, especially over new signings…The BPL only gives you bragging rights in Britain.

        1. Bpl?

          Sorry have I missed something? But surely winning your 38 match league is more of an achievement than winning a 15 match cup tournament.

          Let’s face it you can actually win the champions league by only having to win 2 matches. You can qualify from your group by winning only 2 matches and taking 3 more points from the other 4 matches. You can then draw 0-0 at home and 1-1 away in the knockout matches then draw the final and win it on penalties, that is not a message to the rest of europe

          1. @atid
            BPL=British Premier League. Remember there is a Welsh involved in it also. And the difference between the ECL and the BPL is massive. In one you’re up against the top flight sides of Europe. The other is simply the top flight domestic competition…

            1. Barcleys premier league Not British

              It’s the English league the only reason Welsh teams play in it is its the only way they can qualify for Europe

        1. That is what makes it so difficult, players literally playing for the sake of their careers, for to save fans from torture and cruelty, and the club itself fighting possible extinction ..Accrington Stanley, who are they ..ask Wimbledon and Portsmouth.

            1. Go below and read RoberttheGooner comment and see if you agree with him ..I do. Both of them are very tough things to win, but the truth is the best teams don’t always win a knock out comp ..whereas best team always wins league. That was my point ..just to say it’s extremely tough.

  1. There is no right answer. Preference only. Europe is bigger. Watching Josey the Snake wriggle and squirm as Arsenal win the league is sweeter. Flip a coin.

  2. On the smaller scale, I personally preferred Arsenal win both the BPL & UCL this season and not just win 1 out of the 2. And on the larger scale, Arsenal are all out to unfailingly win all the fifthruple trophies this season. Man has conquered the Land, the Sea, the space and even the Moon. So, it is no longer an optical illusion if Arsenal win the fifthruple, is it?

  3. The worl recorgnizes the Cl way more. Winning it means more glory, more respect, more fans. How else do you understand manures reputation in the world.

    1. Manus reputation is merchandise!! Liverpool are the ones with the European reputation ..along with Madrid and AC Milan got to keep one of the cups for good ..a way of saying they own it.

  4. I don’t know it’s difficult. Id like to get our first CL trophy struck off but can also see how not every team that wins this comp is taken seriously. The Greeks have shown how a very average team can get massively lucky among other things, Porto too compared with giants. Liv won it but where a nothing force in PL challenging terms. If it wasn’t for the fact we never won it before I would say it’s an easy decision because I would much prefer the fear and respect that one earns when winning the league title. With the CL am going to be honest here and admit that we would be lucky to be a top eight team up until now, definitely not a top four, so us winning this comp won’t automatically demand fear and respect from rest of Europe.

    My answer ..the Premier League. I just miss so much that feeling of being better than everyone else and having no arguments about it.

  5. The team needs a result in the champions league real fast and I mean immediately. Ospina looks to show Wenger his back as he is replaced by a more imposing goalkeeper. I feel that Arsene will use every confidence from league wins to play subs in the champions league. Olivier Giroud is very much going to be begging for a start espcially with Bayern next.

  6. Would go for d champions league any day, cause chelsea fans bring it up anytime there is an argument!

  7. EPL. Liverpool has won the CL in the last decade but not the EPL, because EPL is more difficult

    CL is just a knockout competition. One bad performance and your out. In EPL it’s about who plays well during the course of a season. In CL an a non- favourite can win like Liverpool, AC Milan, Chelsea’s last win, Porto etc. In EPL any team can’t win only one of two or three.

    If CL was in a League format and not a knockout tournament THEN I would say CL was the toughest tournament and the best

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