Would Arsenal fans sell Xhaka to make room for Tielemans?

Arsenal have been closely linked to signing the Leicester City midfielder Youri Tielemans since the transfer window opened, and with just 12 months left on his contract it would appear that the Gunners could secure the Belgian international at a good price.

But it seems the deal was put on the backburner, but many pundits seemed certain that Tielemans will move to the Emirates before the end of the transfer window.

But now David Ornstein is reporting that Arsenal may not be able to finalise the deal unless one of our existing midfielder is sold first to make room for the Belgian.

This is what Ornstein said: “One question I’m asked most, by Arsenal fans in particular, is what is the latest with Youri Tielemans. He has 12 months left on his Leicester contract and they would be open to selling if they get a suitable offer,” Ornstein said in the Athletic Podcast.

“We’ve reported that Arsenal have a firm interest in him. The decision makers at the club are all-in on him but it’s more complicated than that because when you speak to people around this situation they make it clear that there may need to be a departure first for Tielemans to come in, be that Granit Xhaka or someone else in that area of the field to free up the space and the finance.”

So could Arsenal seriously be thinking of selling Granit Xhaka? Or even Thomas Partey? Only one of those would raise the amount needed to buy Tielemans…

I would have though we would have needed all three of them with our injury concerns and the increased amount of games to be played this season….

What do you think?


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  1. Now that is a silly question. 🤣 I would pay xhaka to go. Not related, i dont think but something is going on Tielemans wants the move and apparently so do we.

    1. Reggie
      I have had the car running for a year waiting to give him a lift to the airport.. cost me a fortune
      Good Bench warmer but never a starter

    2. Could not agree more. He should have gone when Emery took over. Was shocked when emery played him. Ditto with Arteta. Some players defined by their strengths, others by their weaknesses. Xhaka is the latter.

  2. We’ve got too many left-footed CMs, such as Odegaard, Vieira, Zinchenko and Patino. So if Arsenal have to sell one CM, it would likely be Xhaka

    I don’t think we’d sign Tielemans though, unless Partey, Elneny, Lokonga or Smith-Rowe leaves

    1. Smith-Rowe would fetch us around 30-35m, I suspect he’ll be sold alongside Xhaka/Partey,

        1. DANGER DANGER!!!All comments above are from people who dont know the shape of a football.Dont read

    1. sooner the better that xhaha leaves all he does when he gets the ball is pass it sideways or backwards all the time and that is not good enough in my opinion

        1. Tielemans has more goals, assists, shots, tackles, chances created and less red cards (and less mistakes leading to concede). I didn’t go further than the past 3 seasons.

          It’s safe to say Tielemans is better advancing forward but also a tad better defending as well.

        2. ..and Xhaka is the only Arsenal player capable of bullying and kicking the opponents into submission. We need at least two such players in our team.

      1. Is there really any need for this question?
        Whether Xhaka goes or not Tielemans is a priority to him. So, the club should buy Tielemans NOW!

    2. Good evening all I don’t think Tellisman is as good as xhaka the only person I can sell Xhaka for is Kante and Ndidi Cos if not for Xhaka when Partey and Tierney injured arsenal would have ended in 8 position or more

  3. Its a shame that Partey would always be playing so deep. I’ve watched him for club and country and have seen his best and worst. If only we got a dominant DM our midfield would have serious quality because Partey would be higher up the pitch. As for Xhaka he needs to replaced by the right profile. I don’t want Tielemans but will still sell Xhaka.

    1. Agree with you completely. I’d rather see a dominant DM and Partey pushed into CM.

      I think that will change the midfield while also improving the defense.

      A 2 for 1 if you will for Arsenal.

    2. Count me in as well Kev, Partey
      has always played his best futbol
      for club and country as a CM or
      hybrid B2B. Pair him with a
      specialist DM like ONANA or
      SANGARE and watch the Arsenal
      midfield shine.

      Xhaka should be sold regardless,
      IMWO he has been a dependable,
      SOLID player @ Arsenal during
      one of the clubs worst spells. If
      Edu and MA are serious about
      rebuilding this team into a CL
      contender than its way past time
      to move him on and upgrade the

  4. Sell Xhaka ASAP and let’s get Tielemanns done

    Xhaka I think is the last remaining piece from Arsenals mediocre era, it’s time we move on from him, he’s long overdue a replacement, surely MA should know this by now.

    Signing Tielemanns would give me butterflies all day.

  5. Would be happy to buy a slap up meal for Maureen if he’s willing to take him off our hands … lokonga out on loan to a top championship side to see his worth and bring in a quality DM/B2B and would consider this a first rate window … even though I’d have liked to see another attacking option

    1. Wow
      Expected better for you
      Party has more sway on how the game goes for us when he is on his game in his small tie then xhaka will ever have
      He is to deep at times and he does make mistakes at times but he can pick a pass , go past players and create space
      Xhaka has been good at times but has a big mistake in him at critical times, slow to react to situations and ambles around like a slug
      Sell xhaka
      Keep.party wages and all

    2. HH, Partey has been unlucky with injury after his exemplary run with Atletico Madrid. He has shown his ability and power in creditable contributions, when he has been available to play. Thomas Partey is an essential component of building a competetive midfield for Arsenal, provided he can put this bad luck behind him.

  6. Xhaka stays or leave? Either outcome is fine by me.what i won’t like is if he maintains an undroppable status whenever he does his occassional BS stuff again…competition for places should be in place so everyone maintain quality,COYG.

    1. OMG 😮, what has Xhaka done to Arsenal fans,
      IMO, xhaka is okay but we need an upgrade, a more aggressive, fast and tall CM, loftus-cheek/ Callegher fits the profile.

  7. There’s a cloud on the horizon. We don’t know if (and I stress the “if”) TP is the player involved in the police matter, but if he is then some kind of contingency planning would be in order.

    Presumably if a pro footballer were convicted of such an offence their contract would be terminated – no choice at all if a custodial sentence is handed down – so allowing for that possibility seems sensible.

    The only way to do that is to sign versatile players or have one extra in his role.

    I’m not saying that it is him, nor am l commenting on guilt or innocence… only that it may be something that a club needs to take into account in its transfer dealings (while it has the chance, in the window) – and that club’s supporters will not be aware of the reasons for it until/unless the worst happens.

    Not a great situation for any club.

    1. Which is the reason I think we passed on Bissoma – he has a lot of luggage that needs sorting out I do believe.

      This thing with Xhaka though!!!

      Mikel, just last year, talked him out of leaving the club (according to the player he had his bags packed!!) and gave him a new contract.

      He is an automatic selection for the boss, who sees him as a leader within the group of players.

      With all the above in mind, why would he then turn 360 degrees and sell him?

      I would like to see Tiels at the club and, as I dontknowsays, there may be some questions regarding Partey…. if only for his injury record.

      Still, I’m trusting Mikel on this and if he does decide to let Xhaka go, then so be it.

      I do wish, however, that fans would actually study the stats when talking about Xhaka, they are so easy to find on Wikipedia and blow away this false belief that he always passes backwards and / or sideways.

      1. “Mikel, just last year, talked him out of leaving the club (according to the player he had his bags packed!!) and gave him a new contract”
        But what was the true reason for that? It was strange that it got to the point where everything was almost agreed, until we changed our minds. Could it be that we thought we had a replacement lined up, only for the transfer to fall through? Or maybe roma weren’t willing to pay what we wanted for him? Then there was all this talk of protecting his value with the contract. It just seems to me that the arsenal management value xhaka a lot more than other clubs seem to.
        I’m a fan of xhakas forward passing ability, to be honest – he does play some beautiful passes at times, I just don’t think he does it often enough to make him worth his place in the side. I think we can do much better than him.

      2. I also saw the Bissouma option the same way – most clubs would see it as being too risky, rightly in my view. It’s not just about cost, there’s also the potential loss of a key squad member and the distraction factor / effect on morale if one of their group is banged up mid-season.

        I’m neutral on Xhaka and didn’t express a view because I don’t really know enough to comment. My only point was that what may look like an either/or between 2 midfielders may have special circumstances surrounding it (in view of “the cloud”) which may make it a good idea to have both.

        That said, I’m not clear what the rules of the various competitions say about adding to your squad if one of them is no longer available for this kind of reason. I imagine there must be some kind of force majeure provision.

        1. P.S. Whatever Bissouma’s situation may be now, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t resolved when Spurs signed him, which means it was a risk.

          1. It wasn’t a risk all parties would have known the situation before he signed and was announced. There was a rumour anyway, that he was clear.

  8. I do not think Tieleman will be coming, irrespective of XHAKA, WHOM OF COURSE WE SHOULD GET RID OF. Six long, depressingly hotheaded and leaden footed years ago, would have been FAR preferable!!

    IF a single GOONER expects us to make significant progres with this useless oaf in the team, then they must live on Planet Zob!

  9. Why is everyone against Xhaka so much.Give him a break. Yes he does a couple of stupid things ,but people tend to focus on that, because that is what newspaper shows you.He is not that bad. If he was he would not have been given a chance by ruthless Arteta,apparently he sees something in him. And Tielemans,how can you be so sure if he will do so greatly.Everytime we want to sign a player,you guys get over excited and want him at all costs and the same people call for his head when he does a couple of mistakes. Hope Tielemans doesn’t sign so that he can evade this negativity from one of the popular football clubs…great club,but poor fan base.

    1. He is not that bad. He is no good so let’s give him away this guy is the last piece of the anti champions league era.

      1. Xhaka and Tielemens both in. Lokonga out on loan. Partey…? Hardly ever fit. Xhaka has experience, leadership qualities, is as hard as nails, and a good footballer too. I know he divides opinion, but for me, it’d be a sad day if he left.

    2. Vinod, for the whole period in the history of football people have had opinions on players from all clubs, good and bad. I think it is your bad for trying to call fans bad for having an opinion on a player, good or bad. Just because some of us think Xhaka is holding us back, i dont see why that supposedly makes us a bad fans. Im sorry, i wont change my mind on someone i think, its .y perogative and i am a great fan by the way.

  10. so strange so many of you want Xhaka out…i for one want him to stay…unlike other typical Arsenal players who are soft in style, he is as hard as a wall, a complete diehard Swiss Armyman for me….i like that! I’d rather have someone like Lakonga loaned out to develop and mature instead of warming the bench, as well as freeing up a space for Tielemans to sign. Xhaka will leave eventually but we need his experience this coming season.

  11. What we need now is to address the DM position, I don’t think Tielemans would improve that position. So, No from me. Xhaka does a better job than Tielemans defensively.

    1. I think you’re right. Unless arteta still trusts lokonga who I think has a long ways to go. And still has figures out where to play him to get the best out of him. Wasn’t impressive as a 6 or 8 last season. Hopefully is gonna adapt better this season

  12. My money is on Arsenal sticking with Xhaka and Partey this year. Think Zinchenko and Odegaard will be given the opportunity to show what they can do on the left side in a more attacking role than Xhaka takes up (saw him in a bit more forward at the back end of last season)

    I still think they’ll add one more CM this season and my gut tells me it’ll be (don’t kill the messenger) Arthur Melo on loan rather than Tielemans.

  13. I think only Arteta’s managed Arsenal can answer the article posting headline question.
    But nevertheless, I think Arteta’s Arsenal in my own view will anyway keep Xhaka this summer but not sell him.
    Save of course, if a top club side comes to Arsenal with a tempting offer to price him away which they can’t refuse but collect it, and Xhaka agrees to join the club will I think Arsenal will sell him to go this summer. Or if he forces a move away from Arsenal this summer and Arsenal yielded to his request, then, he’ll leave.
    In my own take on Arsenal signing a out and out top quality anchor man this summer. I am not a football player signing expert. But from what I’ve read and digested. After a careful thought that I’ve had on Arsenal possible signing of a new top quality holding midfielder this summer. If Amaduo Onana who clones former Man City’s top midfielder, Yaya Toure is a top young top quality DM,
    Then, I will like it if Arsenal will gazump West Ham to sign this player this summer. The giant Amaduo Onana will be an imposing midfielder in the Gunners midfield taunting the opponent’s players and dominate them in the Arsenal midfield in the EPL and the rest of the lots I suppose:. But if Arsenal who know about him better than I do sign him this summer window before West Ham or another club gets hold of him will what I think for Arsenal in their midfield happen.

  14. I’d be very happy if Arsenal sold Granit Xhaka to anyone who wants him. For me he is one of the poorest players in recent times to wear our shirt. His commitment to the club has, at times, also been suspect. He talks about the hate for him when the crowd booed him off when he was subbed a couple seasons ago. I was there. It wasn’t hate, it was contempt for his body language and his attitude as slowly meandered off the field of play. Pity he wasn’t unloaded to Roma when we had the chance.

    I think Thomas Partley could be a great player for us (when he isn’t injured) and i hope he stays and gets fit enough for a long run in the team.

  15. Even if we sold xhaka, we still couldn’t cover the amount Leicester would charge for tielemans, even with 1 year on his contract (expect this to be 30m at least).
    No one will pay even 20m for xhaka – this says everything need to know about how good he actually is.
    Wouldn’t sell partey for tielemans at this point – our only defensive mids are TP and elneny, whereas tielemans strengths are more on the offensive.

  16. Tielemans has more goals, assists, shots, tackles, chances created and less red cards (and less mistakes leading to concede). I didn’t go further than the past 3 seasons.

    It’s safe to say Tielemans is better advancing forward but also a tad better defending as well.

    1. Tielemans is a big player in a small club and they come to big clubs the pressure on them increases and they began to perform below expectation

      1. Arsenal is living on past glory. Vardy rightly recognised you’re going nowhere fast. I would be sad for him if he went to Arsenal his trophy winning days would be over which is a waste of a good career.

  17. In a heart beat! I would even consider using Arteta’s preferred process – for one time only – allowing Xhaka to leave for free, in order to sign Tielemans.

  18. Is this a serious question? If so it’s a no brainier;)

    Answer; YES with bells on!

    Xhaka bless his little cotton socks is a trier but a proper footballer he ain’t! Kudos though for getting away with it! 🙏🤲

  19. No. Don’t think he’s that much better. Would rather keep xhaka and buy someone who is better than tielemans. He can’t fill in as DM either. I dont think we are gonna buy him after getting zinchenko. Zincheko is gonna be starting a lot of games next to partey and we are gonna try to buy a RW to take pressure off Saka.

  20. Torreira + AMN + Nelson + Leno transfer fees = a brand new DM. I prefer Onana or Ndidi. T is lazy tracking back as a DM

  21. Xhaka to leave for Tielemans? The Bank most likely drives this thinking. For me, Xhaka is the Achilles for Arsenal. I look at him like Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid. A captain motivator quality.
    I would vote for him over Kieran Tierney. Tierney unfortunately is not challenging for the defense.
    I still like Arsenal to get Tielemans in. When a player desires to come to Arsenal that should not be looked at as being cheap. Consider the way we handled Riyad Mahrez whose family and self waited to get on board for $24M- $35M and we blew it.

  22. Thomas Partey for Full Centre Back. Tielemans will do much better for us as Midfielder with an advantage for getting goals. I have watched helplessly and am now disappointed for TP for his inability to get shots within the goal post frame, let alone make goals. If Arsenal wants to grab the opportunity of more players that score goals and put us up the league table I would get Youri Tielemans on board pronto.

  23. try to loose smith rowe & lukonga to raise financial stability & get in yuri telem.it may look hard for smith rowe.he is not doing well atall when it comes for deffending & esealy to loose ball

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