Would Arsenal fans still want Nico Williams despite his outageous wage demands?

Nico Williams, the speedster winger from Athletic Bilbao, has definitely been one of the standout players in the Euro 2024 group stages. During Spain’s second group game against Italy, Williams, the left winger, caused havoc for the Italian defence with his incredible speed and general game play.

Spain secured a 1-0 victory in that match to rise to the top of the Group. Most Arsenal fans who watched that game and remembered our previous links with him likely believed he was the versatile winger the team needed.

That said, is that one deal we can close?

So, it appears that a few obstacles have surfaced in relation to the potential deal to bring the winger on board. There’s been a lot of talk about Arsenal possibly activating the £47 million release clause.

However, according to HITC, it seems like Williams really wants to join Barcelona.

Therefore, convincing Williams to join Arsenal could pose a significant challenge, despite Arsenal’s ability to comfortably finance his transfer. In addition to the Barcelona preference by the player, it seems that the player’s salary demands were considered quite outrageous during the initial discussions. It appears that the Spaniard requested a wage package exceeding £300,000, which may be a bit high for Barca considering their financial woes.

But considering his release clause is only 43m, should Arsenal accept that Williams will be one of our highest earners at the club. Do you think he will be worth it?

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  1. Nico Williams is not exactly what the doctor ordered for Arsenal.

    Declan Rice needs another powerful midfielder to keep his company, that got to be on top of the cards as phase five take shape.

  2. Before the season we just concluded, I never heard of this bloke. Now he suddenly wants to earn about the same as Salah and De Bruyne. Let him go to Barca. Simple

    1. Havertz earns more than Salah and De Bruyne then. Does that fact still make it sound outrageous?

      1. Havertz doesn’t earn more than either of Salah or De Bruyne. De Bruyne is the highest paid player in the PL, on £400k per week, and Salah is on over £350k per week.

  3. He is not considered world class, but he wants world class wages. That tells me that he just wants a contract extension and is not bothered about other clubs not coming in for him by pricing them out the market.
    Any club willing to pay those wages should tell him to put his performance where his mouth is, and structure his high wages on performance related bonuses. That way you get what you pay for.

  4. Arteta has decided to give Ramsdale an extended contract with a £100 million release clause.
    That now makes Ramsdale worth £100 million.
    They have decided to also let Ramsdale go if he wishes not to stay, in a straight swap deal with Ramsdale now worth £100 million because his release clause says so, with Newcastles Guimaraes now that they are worth the same money, because their release clause says so.

  5. If his ego is as big as his wage demands I doubt Edu or Arteta would consider him anyway. They will want to avoid another Aubameyang situation where a player demands high wages without a guarantee of good return. Personally I prefer players who are willing to accept less (a reasonable wage and not a silly wage) until they prove their ability and justify thier price tag.

      1. So because we made a mistake with Havertz’s wages, we should let anyone come in and have a go just to act like we are fair to everyone? At least Havertz was an established international and a Champions League winner already. Williams is so far a one season wonder who in my opinion is not as good or better than Martinelli

  6. It’s all media speculations, and this is the season for those. Nobody has obliged us with quotations from the player or his camp.
    I am hoping that the circumstances surrounding Williams would be such as would convince he Arsenal hierarchy that he is worth investing in because my lay man’s eyes see him as a perfect fit for the club

  7. Hell no. Utterly ridiculous wage demand if true. Maybe he can get PSG to bite. Time for us to stop overpaying on salaries and getting stuck with players we can’t move along if they don’t work out become nobody else would be willing or able to pay their wages.

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