Would Arsenal fans swap Balogun for a top ready-made midfielder?

Folarin Balogun has been stupendous on loan at Stade de Reims in France. The Arsenal youngster is developing into a fine and lethal striker, as he’s already making headlines.

In 26 league games this term, he has managed 16 goals, a tally that sees him 4th in the Ligue 1 top scorers charts behind Kylian Mbappe, Jonathan David, and, surprisingly, Alexander Lacazette.

Looking at the 21-year-old’s form, one might argue he is ripe to break into this Arsenal team, but is that so? No, it isn’t. There are no guarantees Balogun will return and bench the likes of Jesus and Nketiah. If Arteta sees him as not being ready to break into his team, he may loan him out next season or cash in on him with the striker’s value soaring.

If he is to sell him, he may not struggle to do so. In fact, there’s an interesting piece by CMW suggesting that Arsenal have their eyes on AC Milan midfielder Ismael Bennacer in their quest to add much-needed reinforcements to their midfield this summer.

Apparently, to re-sign the Algerian international, the Gunners will be willing to include Balogun in their offer to the Italian side. There are doubts about this claim, but it is no doubt a win-win deal.

Bennacer has really turned into a fine midfielder in Serie A; even Liverpool dreamed of signing him in the last few months. He could bring stability to Arsenal’s midfield while Balogun refreshes AC Milan’s aging strike force. So, would you like a Bennacer-Balogun swap deal?

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  1. We brought pepe for 75 million because he was joint 3rd top scorer and in his mid twenties in age. Balogan has the same record but has more playing years ahead of him being only 21. So why does he not carry a better valuation than what we paid for Pepe. He should be 75mil plus?

  2. Balogen worth more than we paid for Pepe. Please compare both records and age in the French league?

    1. Daveg, the trouble is,due to the incompetence of certain people who were employed by Arsenal, we effectively paid 50m over the odds for Pepe who will have difficulty unloading.Balogun is worth what some Club is prepared to cough up for him and in my estimation, that would be anywhere between 10m and 30m.As for a swap for Bennacer, a guy who did not make the grade with Arsenal, forget it.Lots of midfielders have been linked with Arsenal but one of the most interesting to me is the young left footed Carlos Baleba of Lille.Unfortunately I have only seen him once in a full match, and while he certainly looked the part,you simply cannot judge on one game.I believe a number of English Clubs are watching him including Arsenal.

      1. How on earth did you not feel it would be criminal to mention Balogun and £10m in one sentence? While I agree that he’s worth what another club is willing to pay, I also know that if he wasn’t our player, we would be linked with a £50m bid for him. So, I’ll say between £35m and £50m. Although I strongly believe that we won’t sell him at all this summer. He will either go on loan again or return to us and fight Jesus and Nketiah. HE WILL NOT BE SOLD

  3. Balogun is way worth more than Bennacer. Bennacer has a release clause of £45 million.

    Victor Osimhen, aged 21, scored 18 goals in 38 appearances for Lille few years back. Napoli paid 75 million for him. Now he’s worth +100 million for them.

    Our own 21-year old Flo has 18 goals in 29 appearances for Reims this season.

    So tell me, why should we not ask 50, 60, 70 million for him..?

    1. If bennacer’s release clause really is 45m, we shouldn’t even be thinking about rice or caicedo. He’s one I could see replacing partey over the next couple of years

    2. Yes indeed GB.As for transfer values and release clauses, they are a form of protectionism which at the end of the day means little in the real World.As I said earlier a player only has value when a firm offer is tabled for him.Football is not like the retail industry where price tags are the mainstay of the business and are generally observed until discounted sales are on from time to time.The wealthier Clubs feed off the less affluent ,who ,as Brighton have proved, are no longer soft touches when it comes to dealing.At the end of the day, if any Club came in with an offer of around 35m for Balogun, I suspect Arsenal would take it, Time will tell of course but I do not see Balogun as integral cog of this Arsenal side.

    3. Why should Arsenal sell Balogun at all, given how much would it cost to replace Balogun with a striker with similar statistics?

  4. The Milan clubs was reportedly interested in the winter, it is believed AC Milan wanted to replace the old lamp post with Balogun, a reported £35;mil was rumored.

    Something tells me the gaffer likes the kid and the fact he’s from the academy he won’t be rush out of the club.

    In my opinion the kid needs a next year on loan to hone is skills.

  5. It’s not a deal I would make personally. I don’t like the principle of buying back players we let go, we should leave that sort of behaviour to Chelsea and Man Utd. Also, you are always going to pay a premium for someone who can get you goals, so a decent striker will always cost you more than a good midfielder. I’m sure Bennacer is a fine young player, but I wouldn’t buy him back and I certainly wouldn’t trade Balogun to do it.

  6. Why is it a surprise that Lacazette is in the top goal scorers, given he is back in a system that better suits his style of play?
    Balogun is an Arsenal player, why should he be sold given his age, his current form and potential for improvement?

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