Would Arsenal fans swap Bukayo Saka for Jack Grealish?

Would you replace Jack Grealish with Bukayo Saka? by Darren

That is a question you should think about carefully, as a report by Give Me Sport suggests that a deal could happen soon. Bukayo Saka has long been a target for Manchester City. Back on December 15th, 2022, 90Min wrote in a piece linking Saka to a move to Manchester City, “City have held an interest in Saka for a long time and are taking an active interest in his contract talks with Arsenal, which have been dragging on for well over 12 months.”

Manchester City is probably aware that convincing Arsenal to sell Saka to them will be difficult; their only hope is to sign him when his current contract expires. But there is a feeling that Saka will eventually sign a new contract. Who doubts he will extend his Arsenal contract?

If Saka extends his contract with Arsenal, as expected, City will have to spend big to get him. The Guardiola-led team does not want to do that, so they are considering submitting a future swap deal in which Saka and Jack Grealish will switch clubs.

“Rafael Leao is a player they like, but so too is Bukayo Saka. Neither are attainable in this moment but that may change later in the year, depending on contract talks,”

Give Me Sport who have brought to light this potential swap deal writes. “One idea being mooted is that Grealish could even end up going in the opposite direction to either of those players.” So as a Gunner, would you consider having Grealish for Saka?

What is Arteta’s Arsenal project without Bukayo Saka?

Darren N


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      1. We already hav martineli and incoming mudryk on grealish position……
        And please people should stop talking like mancity are a bigger club than arsenal that our players will be running to. D Different between us is dat they compete for tittle every year, if we can be doing that, we are bigger than them in everything.

      2. Definitely no.
        1. Saka is from Arsenal youth, he know Arsenal well and also Arsenal know him well.
        2. Based on injury record, Saka is much strength than Grealish a lot.
        3. Rebuilding momentum is good, don’t break it.
        4. MC don’t want Grealish, why shall we downgrade to take it and give up Saka?

    1. We can make a swap if Saka is not signing contract extension. At present our most important member is Arteta, not Saka. As long as Arteta has players to fit in his plan, they will play good. What’s good about this Arsenal is they play as a team, not as individual performance. So, we have 4 or 5 players contributing similar number of goals. When Nelson played in place of injured Saka actually he did better. So, we need not worry as if Saka is driving our team. If he signs, yes he is probably the most important player of our squad, otherwise we just move on and continue our beautiful game.

  1. Why on earth should we “think seriously” about one of the most idiotic suggestions I’ve ever read?!?!

    The only way The Arsenal would ever think about Saka leaving the club, is if the player himself wanted such a move.

    Grealish? Not worth the money that City, reportedly, signed him for… but would be a welcome squad player at, say, £65,000,000…that’s how good our squad will /should be.

  2. Would you swap BS7 for Jack grealish?
    That’s probably the dumbest question in football today… Next please!!!

  3. the Lokonga project is just stalling…..its simply not working. He is not good enough both as a 6 or 8. just like Tavares, he will thrive in another league. i dont see how he is any netter than AMN, despite AMN providing a lot of versatility.

  4. Heck no on the swap.

    I thought it was interesting hearing Grealish speak about his problems, he mentioned how at Villa he had space to work in but at city, teams sit back against you. He was very honest, usually, players aren’t so clear about what is going wrong. I hope he turns things around because he is a fabulous player

  5. I won’t swap Saka for any city player not even Halland. Reasons, he is very young so has long career ahead of him, his maturity is world class at such young age, he not only scores but is a creator as well for us, he takes charge or demands the ball when we are struggling and last he is Arsenal through out. The passion n love he has for club can not be bought. He represents our club culture n values. Saka all the way…they can keep grealish n his mates.

  6. I know I’m taking a slightly different tack, but I do wonder how long Pep will be at the helm. His contract expires in 2025 so would he renew or leave if he wins the CL at City?
    Saka is developing as a player at Arsenal and has had the benefit of working with Arteta for 3 years The grass is not always greener.

  7. Hopefully Saka extends his contract, otherwise the club will have to consider options. It would be difficult for a club to stump up the 100 million plus it would take to sell Saka, so a cash plus player deal does seem more likely.

    I believe Saka will extend, but if not Grealish plus cash would be an option to consider, but absolutely not a straight swap between players.

  8. Saka holds all the cards, MA and Edu handed them to him. He dictates what his future holds now, not Arsenal. Same for Saliba.

  9. What a disgustingly dumb question. Why Darren? Why would you sit down to put out such? You knew how ridiculous this would sound but still wrote the article! Come on man.

  10. Saka plays as an inverted winger for Arsenal. Man City have Mahrez, Foden and Bernardo Silva who play similar roles for them. So why would they want Saka?

  11. There isn’t a player in the Premier league I would do a straight swap for Saka. The only two players that would get me interested are Vincuis Junior and Mbappe and maybe Bellingham.

  12. Manure started Elanga, Garnacho and Maihoo tonight but just maquinhos couldn’t start against Oxford despite the fact that the front 3 played the last 270mins. MA need to learn to reduce their workload. I remember unknown Macheda, Rashford scoring us in those. Saka on the deck gave me goosebumps yesterday

  13. Grelish is world class

    he control and dictate games

    if we can sign him up for 100m it would be a bargain

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