Would Arsenal fans swap Gabriel Martinelli for Kylian Mbappe?

There will be lots of weird and wonderful Arsenal transfer rumours popping up in the next month, as the big build up to the January transfer window takes shape, so I thought I’d start with this one that caught my eye this morning.

The ever-fruitful CalcioMercato issued a (very short) report siimply saying that PSG are interested in our young Brazilian Gabriel Martinelli, which is not notable in itself, but this was then taken up by Football.London, who expanded it into a long wildish hypothesis. Here is an excerpt from that article….

Mbappe recently signed a new deal with the Parisians but there still seems to be some unrest regarding his state of mind at PSG and with his current employers eyeing up a possible deal for Martinelli, Edu could mark his new role with the transfer deal of the decade by bringing Mbappe to north London as Arteta continues to build an exciting, young and hungry squad.”

I presume from that that they are suggesting that Arsenal could take PSG’s reported interest, and possibly suggest a swap deal with PSG that could see the French superstar Kylian Mbappe move to London in his place.

Now I am not suggesting that this is likely to happen, in any shape or form, but just as a matter of debate I thought it might be interesting to ask Arsenal fans if they would like a swap deal like that to happen next summer if Martinelli doesn’t sign his contract extension?


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  1. Direct swap without his huge salary? Yes.. Other than that no, Mbappe’s transfer fee and salary can get multiple good players

  2. The dude has too much ego. He loves him self more than the club. I dunno how well he would do away from PSG to be honest

  3. Mbappe is a great player but with his attitude I’m not sure I’m willing to destroy the harmony we enjoy in Emirates dressing room, besides, I feel Martinelli would be a huge players for us, he just need to add more maturity to his game so no thank you.

  4. For me it’s a NO. Mbape would likely be another C.Ronaldo with his problem in Arsenal. No doubting he will be a big game changer. except if Arteta says YES. then a disciplinary clause should be inserted in his contract.

  5. The people above have said it all really. Good to see so much common sense. 🙂

    So far, a unanimous no then.

    1. What attitude? from what I see and hear he is very humble, do you have any examples, it is a pointless question just like who would win in a fight between Arnie and Sly?

  6. I would take it honestly, subject to conditions.
    Said conditions
    – Max wage we offer is 250kpw take it or leave it
    – Incorporating performance initiatives so that he doesnt sulk and performs
    – Somehow psychologically motivating him to compete against Haaland it he isnt motivated already

    All other things I think will be taken care of on their own. Afterall we are talking about a World cup winning Superstar with already crazy numbers for his age. Although his ego seems unnecessary and unwanted, If MA can channel that ego into performance we would reap handsome rewards.

    Ps- anyway all this is fantasy only. If there was ever a chance of it happening in real life, I would be so shocked I would refuse. And after the initial shock I wouldn’t be sad with the refusal as well lol…

  7. The swap is not going to happen, because Mbappe is a homegrown player in France and way more popular for PSG’s commercial purposes. Aside from that, Martinelli is a homegrown player in England and more of a team player for Arsenal

    Arsenal had one-man teams before, when Sanchez, Ozil and Aubameyang were dominant at the club. They have surely learned not to repeat the same mistake when rebuilding their squad, especially after watching how Cristiano Ronaldo’s influence badly affected Man United’s consistency

  8. I’d rather have Martinelli any day of the week. Martinelli is a more rounded player offensively as well as defensively in my opinion…Just sayin. 😁

  9. Talking about French nationals, it would be easier and make more sense for Oliver Giroud to make a sensational return as opposed to hiring the young Frenchman.

    The gaffer has struggled with players who has huge egos in recent pass, it would require too much things to happen here, but there is no doubt the kid got talent.

    Just being practical.

    1. It wouldn’t be an insult to say that you do not see beyond your nose. But I won’t say it. I will take Mbappe on only one condition…that he comes for free (no signing on bonus also) and that we will sell him for good money before he kicks a ball.

      That guy’s ego will destroy the harmony needed to play as a team, which we currently have. So while he’s talented, our results will nosedive because talent of one man alone is not enough to win football matches.

      He shouldn’t even be allowed to buy a ticket to watch a game at the Emirates because his ego is so overflowing that it could be very infectious like COVID

  10. …………..Mbappe…………………………………….Jesus

  11. NO JUST NO

    Mbappe is a phenomenal talent but it wouldn’t end well with how this team is built-up.

    1. He would want to be the top dog and ain’t happening here with arteta.

    2. He has a non-existent workrate which would hurt the system we play.

    3. His attitude is disgusting and will harm the superb dressing room harmony we have.

    4. The financial logistic just wont work,the transfer fee and the contract he would command will wreck our wage structure.

  12. Martinelli is one of the most loyal and humble player at arsenal, so No.
    Mbape is probably going to leave after just a year or two anyway, while martineli is ready to retire at arsenal

  13. Would never come to us
    But would I swap Martinelli for one of the best players in the world …..
    In a heartbeat


    I ALWAYS FIND IMPOSSIBLE FANTASY TO BE IRRITATING. Realists such as I don’t indulge in fantasy, as we consider it a waste of our valuable time and of our intellect.

  15. Mr wise, allow people who want to enjoy an impossible fantasy to enjoy it. When there is possible fantasy you can come and enjoy it.

    1. Ciko, Please point out exactly where you saw me write that others are not allowed to enjoy fantasy!! You will not find it , AS I DID NOT WRITE IT!

      I will be grateful if you sdo not try toput your own incorrect interpretations in my mouth. I said nothing about what others maychoose to like like, simply about what I DO NOT LIKE.

      Two entirely different matters, sonny!

  16. Y’all must be huffing glue behind the Safeway. I’d take mbappe ANY day over martinelli. I LOVE Martinelli. He’s awesome. But we are talking about MBAPPE, he is world class absolutely.

  17. In footbal, they say anything can happen. Yes, it’s true anything can happen and things do happened in footbal a times. But I don’t see Kyle Mapped transferring from PSG to Arsenal next January transfer window happening at all. Because financially rightnow, Arsenal are not in the position to spend such a colossal amount of money that goes with the transferring of the current high profile Mbappe’s stature.
    So therefore, to me, Mbappe to Arsenal next January window is a none starter. That’s dead in the water. Rather, I think us Gooners should be thinking of the possibility of seeing one or both next January Arsenal transfer rumours of Danilo at Palmeiras and Mykhayio Mudryk at Shakhata Donetsk and the next to be named poven at the top level regular League goals scoring striker transferring to the Gunners this soon coming next Jan Transfer window happening.
    But I thinly Arsenal will sign only 2 new senior team players next Jan window. Of which Danilo could be one of the two. Mudryk too could also happen but if Arsenal will not sign a new highly top rated striker next Jan. Because I don’t think Arsenal will sign a new striker and a winger in one next Jan transfer window. .

  18. In a World Cup of old men Mbappe has been one of the few young players to shine, possibly making him the hottest property at the moment. In the two games I’ve seen him playing so far he has been all around the ground, helping with defense, making runs down the middle and scoring goals. He is the complete footballer, whereas with Martinellii it’s about the promise to come. Still, hypothetically I would stick with our man and spend the available money elsewhere.

  19. 1. No way Arsenal can pay Mbappé’s wages
    2. Mbappé wants to join Real Madrid and would not consider Arsenal as an option
    3. Mbappé would not fit in Arteta’s Arsenal playing style. It just wouldn’t be a good match.

    Pointless debate really.

  20. for a start we are never going to pay him the wages he is getting right now nor is he going to take a pay cut. Now IF he did agree to a reasonable wage structure i would take him in a heartbeat but i would just sign him outright and keep all our current players. PSG have the money to replace him without us giving up one of ours. instead of buying Mudryk in january go buy MBappe instead as he and Jesus can both play wide. The reason id sign him is i think a striker needs that bit of ego about him as well a real hunger to score. having two players up front in him and jesus you can see they are disappointed when they dont score is what i want to see from my team. i think if we want to be competing for titles and champions league then Arteta needs to leran how to massage egos because with this young team as it develops they will get inflated egos jsut like most players do when they hit the top of ther sport…nothing wrong with that if you have good people in place to deal with it.

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