Would Arsenal fans swap Ramsey for Juan Mata?

The Man United midfielder Juan Mata is out of contract at the end of the season, just like Aaron Ramsey, and he has been saying nice things about the Arsenal boss Unai Emery lately. Now it is being reported that there could be another swap deal between Arsenal and United on the horizon…..

Odds drop on Arsenal & Man United swap deal
Aaron Ramsey and Juan Mata could be set for a sensational swap, according to Ladbrokes.

The bookies reported earlier this week that Man United had emerged as shock favourites to strike a deal for the Wales midfielder, but this morning odds have been slashed from 8/1 to just 7/4 that Mata swaps Old Trafford for the Emirates.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “No strangers to a swap deal, it looks as though Arsenal and United might do business again when the transfer window reopens.”

Latest betting odds
Aaron Ramsey’s next club to be Man United – 4/1
Juan Mata’s next club to be Arsenal – 7/4

That looks like an interesting possibility to me, but I wonder how many other Arsenal fans would agree with me?

Updated: November 2, 2018 — 8:48 am


  1. Most definitely Juan Mata’s crier has been ruined by Jose Mourinho first at Chelsea and now Man-U as he tried with De Bruyne, Mata could of been as good as De Bruyne sadly he might now be past his best and lacks confidence but his still a great player and has a lot to prove

    1. i also blame Mata for staying at Man-U for this long working under the ” Special One”

      1. Strange that none of you have mentioned this, but Mata was another player identified by our previous manager.
        It seemed that everything was signed sealed and delivered until Chelsea stepped in, offered him more money and the rest is history.
        Just another example of how the clubs financial set up hindered the signing of a top player.
        My view is, if we weren’t good enough then, why rescue the man’s career now?
        Just swapping one greedy player for another.

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  3. If Arsenal will get nothing from Ramsey’s departure, they might as well get Mata. Mata is old, but he is one of the CMs that is on a par with Cazorla, skills wise

    Unfortunately Arsenal already have too many players competing for the no 10 role, therefore I’d prefer another player type as Ramsey’s replacement

  4. I’d swap ramsey for smith-rowe and elneny for willock in January and grab whatever we can for the pair.
    Also coming out of contract and surplus are Cech and ospina, sell both a grab what we can.
    Jenkinson, lichsteiner, Monreal and bramall, sell all 4 buy two new full backs.
    Kos coming out of contract, mustafi and chambers not good enough grab what we can, sign a top centre back and promote pleggy.
    Finally in attack mkhitaryan and asano, shed both, buy a top drawer winger and officially promote nketiah and nelson, before we lose them both.

    1. agreed with most apart from Micki he has a lot of uses as a squad player he works hard at every game in attack and in defending and he don’t mind playing out of position i rather him then Ozil leaving

      1. you mean you would rather have ozil out of the club than miki… to me that would be a mistake as miki is not better than ozil and anyone who beleives that is saddly mistaken!!

    2. Of all those you’ve listed, only 3 have contracts that don’t expire next June.

      Jenkinson contract until June 2020, lucky to get £3 million for him

      Mustafi contract until June 2021, £15-20 million.

      Bramall contract until June 2020 I believe.

      I can’t see anyone buying any of those in the last year of their contract, and as for the other 3, who would pay them what we do?

      1. I may be one of a very few but I’d like Jenks to be given another chance, he is a hard worker and he did do very well when he covered Sagna when he was out for a prolonged period of time, he started to suffer after a few years being coached by Wenger along with being in and out of the team.

        I thought he done better at LB than either Lich or Xhaka has done, I would go as far as to say he done better than Sead has recently when played LB…

        What could he be like after 12 months of working hard for Emery? Getting the homework of watching his play and learning, being drilled in how to deal with situations…

        He is an Arsenal supporter like us and he is paid well, I would bet that Jenks would bust a gut to earn his place if he believed he could earn his place… Which I feel Emery would consider him if he earned it. I doubt Jenks would ever be considered WC but I do think he could become a bit like Monreal, a steady reliable player. Ideal backup for Bellerin (if he keeps improving and earns the right to be called a World Class RB).

  5. OT. Who would you choose in an Arsenal-Liverpool XI? I have chosen the following in a 4-2-3-1 formation:
    Bellerin Sokratis Van Dijk Monreal
    Torrrira Keita
    Salah Ozil Mane

    1. So you think 6 of our players will get into liverpool’s first team? That’s interesting.

      1. Sincerely, I agree with that lineup, monreal isn’t that top notch but he’s way better than Moreno, bellerin has been okay defending and great attacking, he’s second only to mendy(yes, I know some might not believe that but it’s true)
        And torreira, of course, we know, ozil(when he decides to play) is better than all Liverpool midfielders, possibly combined and aubameyang, do we need to question that?
        The only one I might not want to agree with is sokratis and lovren

  6. I don’t want either of them. We don’t need anymore luxury players who can only pass the ball and wait for others to do the defensive work. This was Wenger’s metho and it failed. Mikky is this kind of player, Ozil. How many more do we need. We need gritty midfielders who are ready to work extremely hard both offensive and defensive.

    1. Pat Mikky works had in offence and deffence

  7. Not needed… better we sell him in January even if its for 15m

  8. I don’t like Mata… so I’m sorry but I don’t want him… and Ramsey has done nothing to make me think we’re making a mistake in letting him go

    1. I totally agree with you Sue. I was supprised to see he doesn’t affect the team a lot whenever Ozil doesn’t play through last season. His passes are either to short or too long. I think maybe he could improve under Emery but it is too late now. They all got lazy under Arsene Wenger. I love our players though so am always sad to see anyone go but Ramsey hasn’t done a lot to prove his case.

  9. Mata is too old now, besides we can’t be signing utd cast offs all the time.

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      1. My phone had an update… ever since then thinking about it

  11. Why Mata??, Ozil and Mikhi are of is caliber, Still praying we get rid of them, We need combative midfielders not another passer like Mikhi, I guess Arsenal should do a cash deal and use the money to buy a proper winger, unless Man U can include Martial as part of the deal

  12. I heard rabiot too is holding his own contract and it’s expiring at the end of the season, isn’t that a better option than signing a player who’s not as good as our own players that play that position?
    Rabiot is a very good passer, ball winner, has good composure and can hold possession too. He also happens to gave a higher beast rating than all our current midfielders
    We’re not linked though, I’m just hoping

    1. I mentioned Rabiot ages ago in an article talking about Ramsey.
      The lad has talent and would offer us a future as well.

      Torreira: 22 years old. (Backup: Guendouzi: 19 years old.)
      AMN: 21 years old. (Backup: Xhaka: 26 years old)

      I can see that becoming our CM in a few years time, Rabiot would be replacing Xhaka in this lineup and I feel would offer more competition to AMN (if he grabs his chances and forces his way into the team).

      Funnily enough, as young as Rabiot is, he would be the oldest in that CM at 23, assuming Xhaka is replaced.

      1. attitude the guy has loads of it, i don’t want another french player who might influence a young matteo who has attitude problems of his own, i think the trifecta of laca, auba, matteo will keep each other happy no need to add a rotten apple to the cart. Team harmony comes first as fans we should always want players who will respect our values as a club.

        the only reason we should ever go for him is if spuds want him, we pull a chelsea on them other than that would rather we went for someone else as talented as he is i don’t want a PSG dressing room at our club!!

        1. Didn’t Rabiot have a good working relationship with Emery though?
          I may be mistaken… If I am and he is a troubling influence then it would be worth double thinking it but I wasn’t aware his attitude was a problem for Emery.

          1. Midkemma, I like you have been a fan of Rabiot for ages. His attitude will not be a problem for Emery.
            Mata is not what Arsenal need at this stage of his career.

          2. I have only ever read good about Emery and Rabiot, I like to see the lad play as he can move forward with the ball and add to an attack while also being secure in defending, ideal partner for Torreira in some games.

            Can you imagine Guendouzi and Rabiot in CM, Arsenal should get some kinda hair discount for them XD

          3. he’s got attitude problems as with the national team, and him demanding playing time to the owner bypassing management, don’t forget the number of stand offs he had with his club contract wise, if he plays well for us 1-2 seasons he would be glad to jump ship to barca to Real or man city, i want players that will be commited to the club and he was a handful for emery who managed him as well as he could, nasri in the making but with a worse attitude at that age, that’s what i know of him and what fellow fans from ligue 1 say the same. but as a player he might surpass verratti and that says alot!!

  13. I would bite their arm off for this rumoured swap. A top and mature player, in attitude rather than merely in years in Mata, for the unreliable and middling Ramsey. Bring it on. I do however think we should think seriously of moving Mhki on , esp if Mata was to come. I see Mhki as Ozil light, with the same problem of not trying hard enough in games but without as much of Ozils sublime talent. I DO think Mhki is talented but does not show it nearly often enough and like Ozil can totally disappear in games. We need creative players who are BOTH talented and committed. MATA FITS THAT BILL NICELY FOR ME.

    1. Ozil does appear to be improving his pressing game, he will never be a master at the press but I don’t think any of us want him to become a DM 😛
      Just press more and press smarter.

      Emery is happy to bring Ozil off when he doesn’t and I think this has helped Ozil to try more.

      Mkhi… I like him and I like his relationship with Auba but I really do feel like he was only signed to entice Auba into coming to us when we had next to anything to offer him, I never truely understood what his role was going to be.

      He isn’t a winger or inside forward, he can score but not enough, he can create but not as good as Ozil in doing so… He isn’t a complete player like Cazorla was… Why is he getting the wage he is while offering the squad very little other than a big(ish) name on the bench?

      I don’t mean to moan about Mkhi, I like seeing him on the ball and running at players, he is an exciting player to watch. I just do not feel he was an improvement on anyone we had yet we are paying him a big wage… Which hurts the total finances of the club.

      1. i agree fully with what you said about miki midkemma!! was personally livid about the swap, we could have pressed for martial or rashford two players in and out of the team at united. but they always seem to get over on the field and off of it, the stuck us with welbeck for the length of his contract we made the most of it but still well played them, Silvestre anyone?? now that was a blind side!!

        if i do recall i refer to it as the worst piece of business since Zlatan got swapped with etoo, the only reason i haven’t mentioned since sanchez left is that he has been Shite at United and that’s always pleasing 🙂

  14. My personal preference would be to go all in for Martial from UTD and aim to swoop in on Mata at the end of his contract, get Emery talking about how special he is and how he liked working with him and if he got the chance he would again blah blah… Paper talk.

    Go for Martial though, the lad knows how to score and would offer depth for the left, freeing up Welbeck to focus on the right hand side. Welbecks hard work will aid in Bellerin def side and not many players can keep up with Bellerin on a sprint but Welbz could… Welbz hard work along with Martial knowing the Jose def nature will be able to contribute def on the left and cover our flanks which has been our weakest area under Emery.

    Left Forwards: Martial and Iwobi
    Central Forwards: Laca and Auba
    Right Forwards: Welbz and bring back Nelson from loan.

    1. The way he is playing let’s give iwobi a run in the team this year he sure does deserve it….work rate you got him no need for welbeck and he can beat a defender aswell which welbeck lacks, basically: movement iwobi is better, keeping the ball iwobi is better, passing iwobi is better, tracking runners iwobi is better, finishing they are about the same the difference is one is an actual striker. he is our best wingers can’t think of anyone we have that should displace him from the team.

      1. I agree that Iwobi has stepped up, he looks exciting on the ball and I think Emery is good for the young lad, I never rated him before but I have since eaten my own words 😛 and it was/is good to feel like I was proven wrong about him.

        I feel competition for him though would still be good, someone like Auba doesn’t take players on as well as Iwobi has been and Martial does, moving Auba specifically to compete with Laca for CF would give them both rests to help avoid injuries.

        We have 38 EPL games a season along with domestic cup comps and the UEL, with the quality we have, we should be able to give them both at least 20+ games a season, more if subbed. That is for each attacking pos.

        Do we not want two top players for each pos as well?


    2. Agree about Martial ?

  15. No I don’t want Mata. I’m intriqued by the answer Ramsey got about his contract withdrawal, about him not fitting in with the plans we have. Mata is not the answer, very skillful player but he is not the type that Arsenal fans have been calling out for, he’s getting on, and he’s the sort we went for when we had more pressing needs. I think Arsenal are going to go heavily on youth over the next seasons. I hope it’s not just about wages, if we do, I hope we are going for younger players because we want to shape them properly this time and they give everything for the shirt. We should bring in a CM player after Ramsey leaves, and we should go for players totally as a best option rather than saving grace.

  16. don’t need mata as we got miki it would make no sense whatesoever, we don’t need creators are team has loads we need finishers on the wing a la martial, sanchez, , even rashford …would take martial in a heart beat if they offered! mata should head to italy where players are at their peak at 30 plus!!

    1. i would trade him for eric bailly if they offered as well, we do need a defender with pace to replace kos. so maybe cheap option?

  17. Spot on Sal.A swap involving Bailly would give us the upgrade on Mustafi we desperately need.I accept that Bailly has made some elementary mistakes this season and is rumoured to have a flakey relationship with Mourino , but he has the presence, speed and composure which we need at the back and is well known to Emery from his time in La Liga. Mata is a player i have admired for some time and nobody could ever accuse him of not working hard for the cause.He gives 100% every game, but as we are locked into Ozil for a number of seasons i very much doubt if he is in Emery’s future plans.

  18. Ramsey -Baily swap

  19. Iam really happy first was Wenger and now Ramsey we need all his dead wood who kept for long period of time gone
    At somepoint Wenger tried to convince us a bunch of average skilled players were “English Core” and I am not against English players in the past Steve Gerald was awesome he would single handed and give you results on pitch but unlike what we have thery were all useless and I am really happy our new director of football is more open minded and pretty sure we all be happy coming next summer

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