Would Arsenal fans swap The Ox for Eden Hazard!

I know it sounds a bit farfetched, and I am certain that any Arsenal fan would snap Roman Abramovich’s hand off if he offered to sell us Eden Hazard as long as Wenger gave him Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in return, but is it such an impossible deal to believe?

According to the latest rumours, Eden Hazard has made his mind up to leave Stamford Bridge at the end of the season and the likelihood is that he will probably go to one of the superstar moneybag teams like Real Madrid or PSG, but there are also whispers that Abramovich is keen to take the Ox to Chelsea as a replacement for the future….

We all know that the English youngster has showed lots of promise in the past, but in his current form he is having enough trouble trying to convince Wenger to give him a starting place in the first team, although he should by rights be an automatic choice by now. He seems to be lacking the confidence of his youth, and although Wenger has kept faith in the ex-Saints winger for some time I am sure he would allow him to move to Chelsea if the right offer came in.

Hazard has been an Arsenal target since he was about 16 years old and Wenger admitted that he came close to buying him before Chelsea decided to outbid Le Prof over and above the Arsenal limit, but would Wenger now go the extra mile if the Belgian came back on to the market.

Wenger has already done some business with Petr Cech last summer, and with Mourinho out of the way perhaps Arsene could go and have another chat with Abramovich over Eden Hazard, and gently suggest that the Blues could have the Ox as a sweetener for the deal?

Who would say no to that?

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    1. Why do you label him a scum bag?….do you know him personally or know anyone who does who told you he is deserving of been called a scum bag?….football fans like yourself is what is wrong with the game and the world in general, quick to label people and make unreasonable assumptions…i doubt if you have a job but if you do will you be driven to give your utmost best when you have a boss that wnjoya belittling you in public, a boss who says one thing to you in private and does something different in public?….am.surprised you are on this website because you read and sound like a Chelsea fan…..knt

  1. 1. We don’t need him, we have Sanchez who is better than him.
    2. He would warrant a big price which we would not pay (rather should not pay).
    3. Even if we do sign him, in 2 years he would want to move to RM

    Lets go all out for Aubameyang (which has 1% chance). That would keep us in pole position to win the league and even the CL. Imagine us playing Sanchez Auba Walcott with Ozil behind. I would not be surprised if these develop into another MSN.

  2. Hazard to Arsenal????
    Another funny rumour
    Hazard will cost a lot of money ranging from 60m upwards,if we are gonna spend that kind of money then it has to be on an out and out striker that will guarantee goals..if u like include the Ox,its not gonna happen

  3. I think Hazard will go to Madrid. And to raise money they’d have to sell to us James Rodrigues. Another 42.5 mill should do the trick.

    1. i won’t in my right frame of mind spend £42+ mill on “James Rodriguez” …..what has he really sensationally contributed? And his price only went up cuz of his world cup outing for colombia!

  4. No,won’t trade OX for Hazard though when the latter is willing to play he is a massive player.Hazard’s attitude is questionable plus he will demand a lot of money.OX however needs to step up as he has not developed to a player most of us expected him to be.

    If available please Wenger go and get us Aubemyang…the trio of Sanchez,Aub and Walcot with Mesut assisting them would terrorise any defence in the world especially with Le Coq anchoring and disciplined Ramsey roaming in that box to box role.

  5. Those saying they wouldn’t are really dumb. I would do it in the blink of an eye.Ox is the player who registered 0 goals and 0 assists in the whole of 2015 in all competitive fixtures. To make it worse,he is so injury prone. Hazard went the whole of last season without a single injury.

    1. Ox is still 22, our players don’t bloom until the age of 24 nd Hazard has registered 0 goals and less than 5 assists this season so your argument is invalid. Paying more than 60m for a player who plays like one that costs 15m is dumb and wouldn’t even be a thought in the manager’s head.

  6. Probably yeah, I’d trade him. He’s clearly at a higher level than the Ox. But there are too many variables for this to happen, let alone it even happens which it definitely won’t. We also have Sanchez who imo, is a better player and more or less prefers to operate the same position. Then there’s the whole Arsenal tight wage structure. So meh, not happening.

  7. To me its a no brainer…..Hazard for Ox all day long…when you look at the likes of Kane, Dier,Alli, Carrol from Spuds and Barkley, Stone etc from Everton you begin to wonder what we are doing wrong at Arsenal with youthful English internationals…..when a player is a prospect foe more than 2 years without taking the steps up to been the real deal then alarm bells bells should Start ringing…Ox came through way before all these afore mentioned players and now they are fully established regulars in their team whilst Ox is still carrying the tah prospect at the ripe age of 20 something…not to forget Walcott and of course Mr Injury himself Wilshere…watching Ox play is as painful as having your eyes poked with a needle and for one so naturally talented it begat believe watching him make silly amateurish mistakes over and over and for someone that has been in a top team like Arsenal for more than 3 years you begin to wonder if he is going to be able to hack it after all

    1. He’s 22.. Getting slight déjà vu in regards to the way people spoke about ramsey for some reason!
      Players develop differently, and hit different hurdles as they go on. The knee-jerky fans who endlessly berate our players when short on form it absolutely ridiculous! Look at our entire first-team at the moment and every single one of them has been severely slated at some point in time. Koscielny literally played a part in costing us a trophy and was the most error prone CB in the league at one point… That was at an age far more upward than ox currently.

    2. Because the pressure for playing for the Arsenal first team is on a whole other level compared to the likes of Everton and Spuds and do you think any youngster can displace Ozil or Cazorla in midfield ? That’s the type of quality we want. Not to mention Arsenal’s playing style is as hard to adapt to as Barcelona.

  8. Wenger the circusmaster has got you all jumping through hoop, AGAIN!
    We’re all wasting productive time wishing and hoping and praying for that team of the gods and players that are world beaters. Same old same old every transfer window.
    Oh me of little faith.

  9. the ox wouldn’t be part of an exchange, he would be a replacement, sorry, i don’t see hazard good enough, at least not on the forefront we haven’t already got covered, besides i believe the ox has more pace and can play central and will stay on his feet.

  10. You could put Alex Ox Chamberlain in any team; e.g., so-called top teams. Regardless of weather he is starting for arsenal or not you will see an improvement. Chelsea are not going to put this young gunner on loan, therefore; I see know reason to exchange, or sell him, he must be good.

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