Would Arsenal fans take £80m for Sanchez and buy Aubameyang?

These ongoing rumours of Alexis Sanchez considering leaving Arsenal if his wage demands are not met simply seem to go on and on, no matter how much Arsene Wenger tries to brush them off. This certainly hasn’t been helped by the news that a top Chinese team, Hebei China, who are coached by former Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini, are supposedly preparing an offer that would see Sanchez earn around £500,000-a-week.

There is absolutely no way that Arsenal would pay even half of that, and if Alexis is intent on earning as much as possible before he retires then an offer like that would be extremely hard to turn down for the Chilean.

Those sort of wages would play havoc with Arsenal’s ‘prudent’ management, and would probably not even be possible under the new FFP rules, but the TV Pundit Ray Wilkins reckons that if Arsenal were forced to sell, there would be one silver lining. He told talkSPORT: “If Arsenal are looking and the Chinese are coming in with those kind of offers, I reckon that’s £80m for Sanchez.

“That’s Arsenal’s get out.”

But Wilkins does agree that Alexis should certainly get a big enough pay rise to keep him happy. ‘Alexis and Ozil deserve bonkers money’

“He epitomises what a footballer should be. His work ethic, his ability is superb.

“He’s almost become irreplaceable for Arsenal. Wenger plays him when he just gets back from Chile.

“He’s now become so important. I think he’s brilliant, the guy’s great.”

I agree he is important, but is he really irreplaceable? With £80m in their pockets, Arsenal could finally go out and buy that superstriker we have all been calling for for years. Yes, Sanchez scores goals and works hard, but is he as clinical and instinctive as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who would probably be worth about the same amount of money?

The Gabon international is a machine. After scoring an incredible 39 goals in 49 games for Dortmund last season, he has started this season in even better form with 19 goals in just 20 matches.

So what do you think? Would you sell Alexis if we could get Aubameyang in exchange?



  1. Trudeau says:

    I know he’d have 500,000 reasons to disappear into obscurity in China but I’d be ‘surprised if Sanchez took that rather than say half that from Arsenal. But a man needs to put food on the table. If he wants to go, 80m is a pretty sweet return whether it bags Aubameyang or not. But that should be plan b

  2. LegendaryArnold says:

    Can’t a Chinese club just big a combined £200m for Walcott, Chamberlain, Wilshere, and Ramsey, so we can replace them with Isco, Draxler, Ross Barkley and Dybala Lol…

    1. Krish says:

      so let me begin: -draxler is a talented dude but right now i care muuuuuch more about the efficiency and return and walcott i statswise (only goals/assists) about x times more proficient than draxler
      -barkley is a worse player than wilshere, dont know why you would want him over wilshere
      -okay i give you that isco over ramsey
      -why are you including dybala, he isnt not even a similar player to the others or a fair comparison (not the same position, price class etc.)

      1. LegendaryArnold says:

        Draxler hasn’t been prolific simply cos he isn’t happy at the club. And don’t just judge on this season’s stats. When last did Walcott score a double figure before this season and how long did it take him to hit the 100 goal mark? At what age? Do you know how much time Wenger has given Walcott? And still he doesn’t look like a finished product. Draxler has better technical abilities than Walcott and can Improve around the crop of players in Arsenal. Even Ozil attested to his abilities. He’s still 23 and got years ahead of him.
        How will you say Wilshere is better than Barkley? In my opinion, they’re pretty much the same but what Barkley offers that Wilshere doesn’t is the physical presence and eye for goal. Just watch him against Arsenal and see how he bullied our players off and on the ball. His work rate is something to consider too.

        And talking about Dybala, he offers you what an Aguero will offer. A worldclass player in the making. Juve will obviously not allow him go on a cheap but will sure accept around what Dortmund will accept for Aubameyang. Dybala can play from the wings and can top strike so why would you say he isn’t comparable? Walcott does exactly that until he got confused about his positioning and had to settle for the wings. He will give that extra energy Sanchez gives on the pitch and is also a pretty good goal scorer. And not forgetting, he is just 23. Sometimes, I just wonder why Wenger didn’t grab such players like Griezzman, and Dybala when they could be bought on a cheap?

  3. stubill says:

    I don’t think Sanchez will go to China, not yet, he’s too young. If he did my usual doubts over African players come to the fore, namely the Africa Cup of Nations, which falls in January, just when we need a full and firing team.

    Plus, if Whatsitbang is available, there will be other big clubs in for him who will pay close to what Sanchez is looking for, so we’d be in a worse position than now, no Sanchez and no Whatsitbang.

    My biggest worry is if Sanchez goes to another Premier League team, as well as strengthening a rival, can you imagine the stick we’d get from other clubs supporters!

    Just get rid of Ramsey, Per and Debuchy to free up the salaries, which could go towards Sanchez and Ozil salaries, and gain some income t re-invest in players, and bring Wilshere back next season.

  4. NY_Gunner says:

    “Whatsitbang” promised his dad, the only team he’s going to after BVB is RealMadrid…

    1. stubill says:

      I was responding to the original article, and giving reasons why he wouldn’t come to Arsenal, I’ll admit I had forgotten about his rather presumptuous statement regarding RM.

      In regard to Sanchez, the other options are to give him a large signing on fee and keep his salary at the reported £180k per week which is on the table according to the press. The signing on fee would have to be paid in yearly increments in case he leaves mid contract, or half the fee upfront, and the other half on completion of his contract as a loyalty bonus.

      If Arsenal want to keep him, they’ll have to pay the ridiculous going rate one way or another.

  5. Gunning4glory says:

    What Sanchez offers us and the transfer fee we paid to get him is simply genius in todays transfer market. I dont like the idea that players are bigger than the club and for me no player is irreplaceable but I think we all notice that Sanchez is different than your typical star player as he really works his ass off for team, down to earth guy and is really humble, not to mention what he offers on pitch.

    He gives a lot for the team and players like him and you simply cant value on money. I know a lot off Arsenal fans would go crazy after Aubameyang but and some even think he is better than Sanchez but I doubt he can give this team half what Sanchez does.
    Give the man what he deserves and it will not be long before even the biggest players wants to join us to play with Sanchez and the rest of the boys.

  6. Alexis the Great says:

    I love sanchez but no one scores goals like pierre

  7. ButtFlaps says:

    Why we no purchase aubumobung and keep Sanches

  8. muda says:

    Keep Sanchez and get aubameyang. MSN who? When you have MAS?? Mesut_Auba_Sanchez.

    1. Dennis10Bergkamp says:

      Mesut goes missing.
      Sell him for 70M and buy James or Isco, especially Isco will be cheap around 50M.
      Then buy a good LB like Ricardo Rodriguez who has a buy out clause of 20M.

  9. vinie2000 says:

    Why selling a player who inspire others not to give up? It is a role model for everyone around him and who watch him. CLASS, STAMINA, NEVER GIVE UP AND CARES..THIS MONEY CAN NOT BUY. I just saw an article in germany that Draxler is up for sale for at least e30 millions ( 25 million pounds ) he’s 23 years old. typical winger – striker role as Alexis and can strengthen our squad for the last part of the EPL and UCL. gere is the link

    Get rid of the dead wood still inthere to free money to keep Alexis . I will dream with xhaka-Caz and Theo / Iwobi then Ozil-Alexis Draxler a attacking trio the ODA against the MSN and BBC . what do you think? scary attack , isn’t ?

  10. Jimbeam says:

    Draxler and Aboumeyang would be a fair replacement to Sanchez.

  11. Daymee says:

    Look around and show me a player who works as hard and has the discipline and focus like Alexis Sanchez in world football today? I mean, have you seen this guys going to parties flanked by some girl??? I would never sell Alexis for 80M to get someone who very obviously dreams of playing for Real Madrid. A mercenary who would agitate for a move to a bigger club.

    Alexis has been there and done it. He’s been at Barcelona. He’s won things that Aubameyang can only dream of. What has Aubameyang won in Europe? Not saying he is not a damn good player but he is not someone that can stand toe to toe with Alexis Sanchez in terms of their work rate, discipline and impact both on and off the pitch.

    A lot of our squad look up to him and I’m not sure we can say the same that our players would look up to Aubameyang on and off the pitch. He scores goals, yes. But then what??

  12. Chima says:

    So Pogba goes for 89m and Alexis 80m. Now I can join to ask what those who the price are smoking.

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