Would Arsenal fans take Begovic to replace Szczesny?

Despite Arsene Wenger’s assertation that he is happy with both of Arsenal’s goalkeepers there is a lingering doubt over whether Wojciech Szczesny will still be at the Emirates next season, which is probably why we have been constantly linked with Chelsea’s Petr Cech since he announced he is leaving the new Champions this summer.

If we are honest with ourselves, we will know that Mourinho will never sell Cech to Arsenal, and ex-Chelsea star Ray Wilkins agrees, but how many other top keepers are there available in the coming transfer window?

One that looks certain to be moving to a bigger club is the Stoke City stopper Asmir Begovic, and his team-mate Charlie Adam seems to think he will be leaving the Brittania Stadium, but doubts whether he would go anywhere that would leave him as a permanent bench-warmer. The Bosnian international has been linked with Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United recently, but Adam said: “Yeah. He’s a top goalkeeper. All of those clubs have goalkeepers though.

“Wherever he goes, he has to make the right decision.

“He had the opportunity to go to Chelsea a number two a couple of years ago, and he refused that because he wants to play. It’s a big decision on where he goes.”

Begovic in undoubtedly very talented, but nowhere in the same bracket as Petr Cech, but could he possibly be a threat to David Ospina if he was persuaded to come to Arsenal?

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  1. galen says:

    Players to look at in the transfer window.
    I think its now generally acceptable that we need a Defensive midfielder that can rotate with Coq and part ner him in tough away games. Its also noted that we need more goals in the team so another Attaking player will be needed. lets analyse them.
    1) Morgan Schiniderlin. (Southampton Age 25 height 5ft 11) He is on the lips of every Arsenal fan and pundit.Schiniderling has made 629 tackles and interception combine which is the most in the premier league by any other player. he is a terrific tackler of the ball and very compose in his distribution 89.4 passing accuracy. Thus he fits the Arsenal model. he has a good height and will be good at set pieces be it defensively or offensively.

    2)Geoffery Knongdobia.(Monaco Age 22) He gave us and audition at the emirates on how how to play as a defensive midfielder. he is tall and very athletic. breaks play with ease and passes it to those ahead of him.

    3) Victor wanyama. (Southampton Age 23 Height 6 ft 2) talk of arsenal been bullied. This guy will bully a bully. The way he takes the ball from the likes of Ozil cazorla jack rambo with so much ease. This guy is a tank. he understands his role. he wins the ball he gives it and retrives into position. easy football really.

    4) Gianelli Imbula (Marseille Age 22 Height 6 ft 1) Am surprised he has been liked to everyone like Chelsea madrid bayern and city but for Arsenal. This guy is terrific and with Anchelotti saying that madrid are looking may be its too late. But he is a brilliant left footed midfielder who can do everything. You need to watch some of marseille games to know how good he is.


    1) Alexandre Lacazette (Lyon 31 goals. 5ft8 23years old) Well he is the 3rd heighest goal scorer in the top 5 european league behind messi and ronaldo. Not a bad record. Everybody wants him. he is completely differnt from giroud and that will vary our tactics. Great signing for the club.

    2) paulo Dybala ( Palermo 13 league goals. 21 years old 5 FT 10) They say his similar to messi. But i see him like a Tevez or Aguero. Typical Argentine striker with a small body frame very paceful and skillful. he is not a finish material and he loves to come to the ball. he will never be in the box.

    3) Luciano Vietto ( Villarreal 12 league goals 21 years old 5 FT 8) Another argine under 21 Striker. Vietto’s finisging is one of the best i have seen for a 21 years old. He is differnt from Dyubala as he like to run to the end things. This kid is a terrific finisher and If we could swap him for campbell that will be good business. But Barcelona Seem to be all over the deal.

    4) mauro Icardi. (Inter Milan 22 years. 22 goals all competition 5 FT 11) Again another yound Argentine striker making his name in Italy. In 2008 there were club dispute about a certain 16 year old with Madrid barce bayern Arsenal Liverpool all over him. i was like who is this wonder kid. He is 22 now and he is finally showing what the fuse was all about. Rumours is that Chelsea has done the deal. As Costa cannot play 2 games in a week.
    5) benteke (Aston Villa 24 years old 12 league goals 6 FT 3) The inform striker in the league. he blows hot and cold over the season but a he is powerful target man. too similar to Giroud though.

    6) jackson martinez ( Porto. 28 goals all competition. 28 years old 6 FT 1) he is experienced in europe and champions league. powerful columbia striker and at 28 years he he is just getting to his peak.

    7) Gonzalo Higuain ( Napoli 26 goals all competition. 27 years old 6 FT 1) El pipita the one that got away from Arsenal. let me put it this way. HE IS WORLDCLASS AND PROVEN.


    1. fred cowardly says:

      If we got one of those DM and one of those strikers I would be very excited. I think those two positions are the only ones we really NEED to challenge for the title.

      My preference would be Lacazette. Awesome player and young.
      I’m not sure who I prefer between Schneiderlin, Kondogbia and Wyanama though

      Thanks for analysis

  2. galen says:

    iSN’T BEGOVISH THE very guy that gifted chelsea the goal? How many blunders has this guy made this season? How many mistakes has he made leading to goals? How is begovish and improvement on Ospina?
    Soon there will be a new article saying we should pay 40£ million to sign LLoris. Mental just mental. We don’t need a new keeper. our problem was that we defended poorly as a team. When u defend that poorly not even Neur will safe you.

    I have images of our game vs swansea. U have Per at RB you have callum Chambers at RW you have Flamini at AM and the LB at LW. The players were all over the place evn when we had a 1 nil lead. That was just crazy from the entire team. The problem was not the keeper it was the team. Not ust the CB but from the striker to to the defence we use to be terrible.

    The opposition will make 1 pass and about 6 Arsenal players are taken out of the game and you have a 3 Vs 2 situation. Yet all the blame goes to the keeper. I don’t agree on our keepers been poor. They are all good and that includes Szseney and Martinez

    1. true goon says:

      What a short memory you have,hes been a top keeper for years.Ur typical,type of fan who only remembers the last match

      1. galen says:

        So whats wrong with Ospina? How is begovish better? U are like a kid in a sweet shop. U just want to buy players for the sake of it. Its about what we need and not what we want.

  3. FFFanatic says:

    Begovic is a great keeper with a few issues in his game. If he wants to step up to being a top goalkeeper he’ll probably have to take a risk at Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs (if they sell Lloris) or United (if they sell De Gea). He has to take a risk on possibly being second place but winning his right to be first choice. Unlike Cech who can demand to be first choice or stay at Chelsea, Begovic needs to risk it to step up and he may be willing to do that. I honestly don’t know if he’d be a huge improvement on Ospina but he’s way more consistent then Szces so that’s not all bad. I just don’t see him making that leap.

  4. Disturbance says:

    Begovic really is treated as one of the star goalkeepers of the premier league, but he’s still playing for well… Stoke. When you play for a mid-tabled team making more saves comes from the fact you have more shots against your target. We need a keeper that will save the 1 chance the opposition has against us. I’d go for Petr Cech or Hugo Lloris. I really think Lloris would be a Wenger signing. After all he is french 😛 Jokes aside, those are top keepers and we ‘ve really missed one for years.

  5. Invincibles49 says:

    Why is there even debate for the need of a GK i dont know. I dont think Schez will leave, not t least this summer. And get it in your thick skulls you stupid pundits: Ospina is World class. Period!

    1. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

      how do you know Ospina is a world class or not ? not really tested

  6. fred cowardly says:

    I think we should wait for Szczesny to decide whether he wants to leave before we think about replacing him. Also, we should wait for Walcott to sign a contract. If he doesn’t by his deadline then we can consider it.

    I want both Szczesny and Walcott to stay.

    Szczesny is good enough to keep Ospina on his toes. Szczesny just needs to regain confidence.

  7. ButtFlaps says:

    Scnidederlin, Laccarzzetti = JOBS DONE

    1. fred cowardly says:

      That’s true. If we got those two I’d be sooo happy. That’s all we need

  8. No mediocre players need apply for any position at the. Emerates in future. Where trying to win the league next season for christ sake.

  9. Wilshegz says:

    We don’t need another Goalie.. And Szczesny dip in form is why he is 2nd choice now.

    Focus on what the clubs NEEDS.

    Considering the fact that Chelsea will also reinforce an alrdy strong squad with maybe even better players,I’m talking Chelsea adding d likes of Greizmann,Koke or/and Pogba
    Chelsea will without a doubt have a team like
    Courtois;Ivanovic,Terry,Cahill,Azpilicueta; Matic,Pogba ;Greizmann,Fabregas,Hazard; Costa
    With better back-ups added to the ones they have like Clynne,Felipe,Ramires,Willian,Oscar,Cuadrado,Remy,Drogba
    Also; I expect Cuadrado to be the player they bought him for next cson.
    The question is do we want decent team, decent striker or a crazy team and spectacular striker?..
    Do we want to match this Chelsea or better them?
    Because next cson they ll be going for the UCL n league with full force and we should have a squad that would be ahead of them in both fronts else it ll just be an FAcup or C1C win again for us.
    Wenger needs to be ruthless in this summer’s transfer market.
    If we have
    Subs: szcz,Bellerin,Per,Chambers,Paulista,Gibbs,Monreal;Coquelin,Arteta,Rosicky,Jack,Ramsey;Walcott,Giroud,Welbz,Ox.
    Loan out the rest: Gnabry,Campbell,Akpom,sanogo,hayden etc.
    This squad^^ won’t challenge for the EPL title; they ll win it and be clear favourites even before the start of the season.
    They ll also challenge for the UCL.
    WENGER needs to be ruthless! enough of these jibes from Muniru

    1. ButtFlaps says:

      No chances!!

  10. gooner100 says:

    Gents its all been said before. All we need to make the squad depth truly world class and to give us options in every position is Lacazette and probably of all the cdm’s out there schneiderlin.

    That would mean:





    Still with Gnabry, Poldolski, Campbell, Rosicky, Jenkinson, Arteta, Silva, Flamini etc plus quality kids coming through like Zelalem, Hayden etc all as squad players or in many cases, sold. The sales can finance a reasonable part of what we want.

    We just need two players to be a complete squad that is as good as anything in the premier league and has the depth to play with two different and complimentary strikers when needed, has quality cover in every position and can play with two holding mids when necessary.

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