Would Arsenal fans take Roberto Mancini as new manager?

Mancini Admits Interest in Arsenal Job! by AT

Following Arsenal’s miserable start to the new season, the pressure is continuing to mount on the Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger. In fact, the level of dissatisfaction amongst the Arsenal fans is so high that it seems as though the vast majority are calling for the Frenchman’s head. While the Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp seems to be the fans’ preferred choice, another top European manager has today thrown his name into the hat.

Roberto Mancini, who had a very successful stint as manager of Manchester City, has hinted on his interest in taking over at the Emirates after Arsene Wenger. Speaking to Corriere dello Sport, the current Inter Milan boss said: “Ten years ago I would have chosen Serie A but now I would have to say the Premier League (on his favourite League to manage in.) The Italian added: “I would have loved to have managed Arsenal, a club with a special charm. But there is still time.”

Now it is no secret that Roberto Mancini thrives on the high competition of the Premier League and judging by what he said, the former City boss seems to be very open about the prospect of returning to England and has given us a strong hint about where he would like to manage. I’m pretty sure that Mancini is well aware of the pressure mounting on Arsene Wenger at the Emirates and he seems to have casually dropped his name into the mix of potential replacements should the Frenchman be asked to leave or if he chooses to step down himself.

Now let’s face it, the only reason why Jurgen Klopp is the favourite to be Wenger’s successor is because of his philosophy, which is strikingly similar to that of the legendary Arsenal boss. But in my opinion, I feel like the club could do with a philosophy change. Should Wenger be replaced, his successor should be someone who will come in with a winning mentality, someone who can guide the squad to win at all costs. Keeping that in mind and considering Mancini’s previous success in the English game, I think he will be a better choice to take over from Wenger and judging by what he said, the former Italian international seems to be very interested in the job.

Would we want him?

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      1. I have a lot of time for PG but there is no evidence that he has the ability or desire to take less easy jobs than Barca and Bayern. He is like Mourinho – his reputation is forged on taking the easier job options, choices that are most likely to preserve reputation and ego.

  1. Every manager would love to have this. Because of unparalleled support drom both board and fans. In my opinion diego simeone with his direct and a bit off physical game plan could succeed here in england. A legendery name like guardiola can be a great option too. Even though he managed two of the beat teams in world he is definitely a great coach who can achieve succes with arsenal. I doubt longevity of such an appoinment though! Anyway its crystal clear that wenger is going to stay here for 2 More seasons. So this kind of discussions is useless unless something drastically happens

    1. Mancini under achieved after spending hunderd of million,that worst than Wenger who under achieve by being cheap.
      My man would be Laudrup,why?
      Guardiola;3 years in a post and good bye
      Klopp;this season is traumatising for him,it place a sense of acceptable defeat in the mind.
      Ancelloti,as old as Wenger and has the most expensive team under him.
      Simeone;if he comes he will not stay
      Laudrup has class,is young and is not a big name,he would have hunger and could get a sense of loyalty given enough time to make his stuff as Wenger did in his time.

  2. wenger is tactically out of his depth, mancini has no tactics at all. Just look at how pellegrini took of the shackles of city. On paper this team is capable to go far in the CL and make a solid case for the top 2 spots in the league campaign but wenger is not the man to lead this team, i hope he proves me wrong though.

  3. I wouldn’t be too thrilled about Mancini at Arsenal. The press always make a story out of nothing much, but if he didn’t actually lose the city dressing room he certainly was divisive.

      1. @arselonia……… Boy! Managers are been changed Like clothes…. And yea i knew it’s inter milan now

  4. Nooooooooooo! If there is no coach left in Europ I will take AVB…the chorister above him….talking of Wenger inability to change his tactics…. Mancini NO tactics at all ….more so, when my Mrs. Read this article.. she laugh more than 5 munits tell to look atwhat my great and beloved team ad turned to……Mancini..never in this life if he become our next manager I will stop going to Emirates.

  5. No reason for this discussion, wenger will see out his contract unless we miss out on top 4 or a complete boycott by the fans (which won’t happen). All of a sudden because we beat a team in the relegation zone in the bundesliga everyone is so happy smh.
    Having said that, the only man IMO that would make AFC champions would be diego simeone. I think the man could build a team of winners and would drive us into the top 1 or 2 in his first season. Either way, we’re stuck with wenger until his contract runs out so no point in debating this topic atm.

  6. That would be the joke of the century. Wont happen tough. If Arsene goes, we need Diego Simeone. But i’ll bet after Wenger we will sign a relatively unknown manager. I wont say he would be bad, but i think Arsenal will never sign a top coach, because the board is planning for long term, and i mean very long term, like 20 years. They think the consistency is the most important and i also think so. We need a loyal manager in the future, just with fresh ideas.. with Wenger on the board with Thierry or Dennis in the assistant coach role. Oh Arsenal i love you so much..

      1. Sorry Admin.
        But to be fair to me there wasn’t any hyperlink in the article though. And I saw the (boring) Milan Derby, and when Inter came from 1-Nil down, the camera panned on Roberto, he looked at happy.

        Sorry again.

        1. Don’t be sorry Sumo.
          You make fair points.
          others ( like me ) lol
          deserve to be called out by
          admin much more than you.

  7. Mancini is good but I feel he is not
    commanding enough.
    de Boer.
    There are plenty more to choose from.
    I would be happy with any of these.
    Who wants it most?
    Who has the hunger to stay for at least ten years?
    Who wants to carve out a stella career at Arsenal?
    Right now for me its Martinez he has played in the EPL
    managed in the EPL is on the way upand is hungry to crack
    the big time. But I would take Klopp in a heartbeat too.
    deBoer is young and Laudrup was a brilliant player and is classy.
    The time is right to consider change.
    The board are now the key determinant of
    succession and continuity .
    They have the future of Arsenal in their hands.
    But what if the board IS Wenger?

  8. Totally classless comments by Mancini. Pimping for a role that isn’t vacant when one of his colleagues is under pressure. For that reason alone, it’s a big no from me.

  9. Would still take Klopp over all the other choices…

    Would never consider this joker or Moyes, Martinez, any English manager, Bend over like Ancelotti.

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