Would Arsenal fans take Wilfried Zaha on a free next summer?

If there is one Arsenal transfer rumour that has run and run for many years is the long-standing possibility of Wilfried Zaha crossing London to join up with the Gunners. The talented winger has always said that he is an Arsenal fan and has always pushed for a move to the Gunners, but Crystal Palace have always demanded extornionate transfar fees to stop him leaving.

But at last he has now come to the end of his long term contract at Selhurst Park, and he is now a free agent next summer and can choose who he plays for next without the hindrance of his employers trying to cash in.

Yes, he is now 30 years old, but could this be the time for him to fulfill his dream of playing for his favourite team? AS the transfer expert Graeme Bailey revealed when asked about Zaha’s future. “Wilfried Zaha can sign for another club within the next month, that is the reality facing Crystal Palace,” Bailey told TEAMtalk.

“Contract talks have taken place but a new deal for the 30-year-old does not look likely at this stage.

“Zaha still has a dream of playing in the Champions League in his career, but that only happens with a move.

“At this point the chances of staying in England look unlikely. Both Arsenal and Chelsea have shown a real interest in the past 12 months but he is not currently seen as a top priority.”

Well, to be honest, I would not object to a 30 year-old Zaha joining Arsenal, especially if we continue to stay near the top of the table, as he is still brilliant at carrying Crystal Palace and scoring goals on a regular basis, and I think we should bring him to the Emirates.

What do you think?

Darren N


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  1. He’s more of an LW than a CF and we’ve got plenty of attackers who can play on the left wing very well

    I’d prefer someone like Asensio, Moukoko, Adeyemi or Kudus. If they fail to lead the front-line as a CF, they can still play well on the right wing

  2. Love to see Wilfred zaha come to arsenal,got plenty to offer and for being 30 so what Oliver geroud is 36 and look at him arsenal should of never got rid of geroud great player and still scoring plenty of goals ,so bring the young zaha to the Emirates

  3. If the rep that surrounds him is true then a hard no full-stop. If the rep is exaggerated then still no because there are so many other options. Wouldn’t be upset if he did end up at the club though as I trust them to do their due diligence nowadays and he’s always been talented (Wenger/Fergie fought over him initially.) Just find it hard to believe his demands would = value in the current market.

  4. I live near PALACE and know a deal about how ZAHA LIVES HIS LIFE, HIS EGO AND HIGH SELF REGARD. I have good friends who are Palace fans and have a soft spot for Palace myself, as one of several teams I also like. I also am certain such a man would not attract MA, on a free or not.


    Zaha at one time did I believe interest Wenger, but that ship sailed many years since and even well before AW left us. Trust me , this rumour will not happen.

    That is not to say he is still not a very decent player but its a no, for certain.

  5. A season campaigner who could still do some damage for a top club, not much left in those legs and may have just miss the boat which is a shame for his talent.

  6. Would be a brilliant signing for something different and making things happen from the bench. Its a 16 man team these days and surely would be a clever signing

  7. If he is willing to be part of a 16 men team rotation and leave his ego at the door then yes. Having a player like zaha to bring on in the 2nd half will be a big plus, imagine getting run ragged by gabi or saka and seeing a fresh zaha come on🫣

    He can play both winger and striker which is also a big plus.

    1. Agreed. I think we get a little spoiled by going after the perfect player for a certain position with a certain age and a certain foot preference. Zaha would be a fantastic tool in the toolbox to be used for specific purposes. If he agrees to the role he would be a fantastic signing.
      Same comment for Giroud. I know that was a conversation is more for a different article but I would love to have him in the toolbox as well.

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