Would Arsenal fans want Barcelona to join the Premier League? Hmm…

Now there is an interesting question! The events in Catalonia this week have brought about some violence as well as legitimate questions about whether an area should be able to decide to if they want to become an independent state separate from their surrounding neighbours. Sort of like Scotland and Wales, and even more so Ireland who are even on a different land mass to the UK.

Well we (the British Government) gave Scotland the chance to vote for independence, and Cataluña have decided they want to do the same thing in Spain, but the Madrid government decided to try and beat them into submission rather than begin a serious debate, which appears to have made the problem even worse!

So what has this got to do with Arsenal, you ask? Well, if Cataluña becomes independent, then the mighty Barcelona could be thrown out of La Liga, so what better League for them to join than the Premier League. Obviously Arsene Wenger was asked his opinion, and he thinks it would certainly make it harder for Arsenal to make the Top Four! “If Barcelona want to join the Premier League, it makes things even more difficult for everybody. But I don’t think they have gotten as far as that,” he said.

“It is interesting and there will be incidents on the sporting side as Barcelona are a highly political club.”

“I think it will be interesting to see how they respond in the championship,”

“We have enough clubs here with 20 but if you want to go up to 24, we have to invite the Scottish clubs before we go for the Spanish.”

If I’m not mistaken we already have two Welsh clubs in our leagues, and there has been debate for many years about whether Celtic and Rangers should be offered a place down South, but how would you feel if Barcelona joined us? Would you be happy to see them playing the top EPL clubs every week? Or would you worry about the effect on us making the Top Four? Or perhapd ypu prefer to see The Old Firm from Scotland down here because they are much more beatable!



  1. Sue says:

    Where would they play? Wembley? (Our second home) Show the spuds how to do it ?

    1. Admin says:

      Why? Surely they will play in Barcelona. Its only a 2 hour flight from London….
      And can you imagine Brighton playing in front of 100,000 fans!

      1. The flight is 2 hours but what about check in time? As far as I know check in time is an additional 2-3 hours…

        1. Admin says:

          You are joking! Arsenal have a private jet! Priority boarding lol. …

  2. mikki says:

    What a funny post,are you taunting arsenal fans we have a bad record against them but we can’t stop them from coming..nothing deprive us of becoming like Barcelona,if we buy the right players and get ridoff average players…i still love arsenal fc no matter what whether barca move to the EPL or not

  3. Tas says:

    Barca, that would be fantastic but it would mean the end of La Liga then Real would want to come then what’s to stop Bayern and PSG, Juventus and so on that would be the start of the new super Ligue which top teams have been tring to do for so many years and Arsenal will be just above the relegation zone most seasons ?

    It’s a good thing we have a new stadium with wheel chair facilities for Arsens chair In the future with Aaron or OG wheeling him out as his number two after finding out that Bould was just a stuffed dummy ?

  4. stubill says:

    Awful idea.

    I don’t even want the Welsh teams infiltrating our leagues, let alone the Jocks or Spanish.

    I I had my way, we’d have very strict numbers of foreign players per team as well, something like 5 foreigners per squad with a maximum of 2 or 3 in the matchday squads. Lets put the ENGLISH back in the English Premier League.

    1. Limiting foreign players would only make the league poorer in quality. Look at our british “core” for example…they are some of the most frustrating players we have on the team. Guys like Walcott and Ramsey …not very inspiring.

  5. Liam says:

    Imagine having to field that amount of British players, people like Jenkinson would be one of the best defenders in the league. Our squad would be dire if we could only field two foreigns

    Niles Chambers Holding Bellerin
    Wilshere Ramsey
    Walcott Welbeck Sanchez

  6. Big G says:

    Barcelona should not play in the premier league, why, because if Catalonia does acheive independence then they should form their own league (laugh if you want). Barca are not a team in the UK and should not even be considered. Would the other top teams want Barca to join knowing that their chances of winning trophies will be diminished along with less money for finishing lower in the league and less tv revenue. If that is not enough how about more competition for that 4th CL place in the CL. The only plus I can see in this happening is the quality of football that would be on view for the fans.

    1. Big G says:

      On another note, would Barca want to have the alotted amount of English players in their squad.

  7. Gunner4Life says:

    Would Love to have Barca in Epl for 3 simple things. . 1. A treat for the Fans all around the World.. 2. Now the Big European Teams would know how difficult it is to compete in the Epl.. N only then They would know why is it soo hard for Epl teams to Win the Champions League.. 3. Lionel Messi.

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