Should Arsenal make a bid for Edin Dzeko?

The Arsenal side is busy finishing off their engagements in Singapore after winning the Barclays Asia Trophy. At the same time, the rumour mill is busy churning stories and link ups on the activity at the Emirates Stadium.

The latest speculation ties the towering Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko with a bid to sign him for Arsenal. There are reports that the Manchester City striker is wanted by Arsene Wenger as he targets improving his forward line.

There is no denying the fact that Wenger thinks that Olivier Giroud is a little overburdened. Also, there is constant criticism that Giroud does not shoulder responsibility consistently to lift the team on his own. Wenger has made no secret of his desire to sign a goal scoring forward to add a new dimension to his squad.

Theo Walcott was used at various times as a striker as well as Alexis Sanchez. And of course there is the talented English striker Danny Welbeck. But, Wenger knows very well that these options are not long term. He would love to have more firepower up front to cover all his bases.

The 29-year-old striker is also reportedly wanted by Italian side Roma. He has seen his opportunities diminish at City last year itself. Wilfried Bony was signed from Swansea City to provide cover for Sergio Aguero. But, the arrival of Raheem Sterling from Liverpool pushed Dzeko further down the pecking order.

Dzeko joined City in 2011 from Wolfsburg and has played more than 180 games for them. After a consistent 2013-14 season, Dzeko was expected to build up on his performances. But, he played around 30 matches only scoring a mere 6 goals. He made 22 appearances in the Premier League but only started 11 of those matches.

It is slightly disappointing that Dzeko is being looked as a potential signing by Wenger. There are enough indications during the last season that Dzeko may not be able to step up his performances. Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain can work as additional strikers while Welbeck is recovering from an injury he sustained close to the end of last season.

Wenger has always loved a big striker who can be a natural scorer. Right now he is too over reliant on Giroud. Signing Dzeko looks good on paper for Arsenal although he may be a little old for Wenger’s liking. Will Wenger bite the bullet and sign Dzeko? It is a question that looks highly unlikely of coming to fruition, and I doubt if it would be supported by the fans either…..

Would he do for a couple of season?


Check out Chuba Akpoms silky skills!!

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  1. If we can get him for 12 or under an hes willing to knock his wage down…I say yes…but if hes our only attackin choice of course I say aim for better.

    Ive always rated dzeko..he destroyed his career at city…im sure u can relate to that samir

    1. I like Dzeko. Mandzukic, Dzeko, Giroud. They’re big strikers who have a lot of great qualities. I do want to give Akpom a chance, but I feel that Dzeko would be great if Giroud was injured or not playing and we needed a big striker up top.

  2. No. Keep Giroud, forget Dzeko, Get either Benz or Lewandoski (can’t I dream freely?).

    1. Usual boring window for us, no idea what Wenger has planned, just hope it’s like Christmas or Honika or whatever.

    2. no u cannot….dreams are forbidden.

      if u refer to article 134 of the gazidis act it states that clearly…

      dammit kickass youve not been the same since kallstrom-gate…

      1. Guys, u should know I love Kim (I mean the real Kim), u can imagine how excited I was when I learnt Wenger had signed Kim, only for me to sadly find out it was the wrong Kim, a certain imposter by name Kallstrom.

        Muff, I tot that article has been amended. Dammit!!! Oh, how I dream of resting my head on the pompously protruding posterior chambers of my darling Kim Kardashian, that will soothe my weary soul and take away all the worries of the transfer window.

    1. Whatever slices their potatoes. I don’t mean to say they are strippers, but good luck with the Pole.

  3. noooooooooooooooooooooo if we can’t get Ben then get an extraordinary winger or a DM…not Dzeko…prefer Akpom over him

  4. i would prefer jovotic from city much younger and could still save his career at the emirates would be worth a better punt of of the two of them he probably has a more likely skill set profile he is very technical and pacy and can play all across the front 3 probably the most closest to rvp styled player we could probably find for his age and skills i would go for him.

    1. thissss, has good long range shooting, not bad positional sense as well as being mobile enough to play the channels, strong enough to play alone but most of all he can pass and play combinations which is quintessential for our style of play.

      Reminds me slightly of tevez but less aggressive and at 6 foot he should bring our average height up a bit and I doubt he could have got much worse training with aguero yaya silva and kompany.

      Only problem is I see dzeko at 29 being let go before him as he’s still 25, his injuries are also of concern, I’m just annoyed he didn’t fancy coming to us in the first place. But he’d be worth a punt as he wouldn’t have to acclimatize as much and knows the league.

      1. yeah its one of wengers little mistakes i think letting jovetic slip the net first time around. he would have been the natural heir to rvp leaving, its a shame he could be wash out at city and back to italy. and not really showing the p/l his major talents wenger could be the man to save his career with a bit of tlc and wengerball skills. lol

        1. yeah but I can’t really blame wenger for that in all honesty as he tabled a fair bid at 16 mill but man city offered a higher wage and transfer fee. If he really wanted to come, he could have taken the lower offer as he would have been guaranteed more regular game time considering our striker options compared to city’s at the time, shame really.

  5. Dzeko is too much like giroud, whats the point in signing him is wenger wants another dimension….plenty of other strikers out there, utd are planning a bid for muller, id push the bank out of him! Hes world class and still only 25

  6. Rumours rumours rumours all I can say is that we will have a better team than last season. We have added top quality players slowly but surely. I can’t see that changing be prepared for a shock. GOYG

  7. Lol! Wonder would love to sign a striker? Has made no secret of it? Where are getting this from and does this place sell beds made of fairy tales and rainbows because I’ve been dying to get one!

    1. Talking about rainbows and dreams.

      Somewhere over the rainbow
      Blue birds fly
      And the dreams that you dreamed of
      Dreams really do come true

      We will win the EPL next season.

      The reason why is that we have a stable squad and we will not buy 4/5 players that need time to settle into the team. GOYG and do it for us and the club.

  8. Whilst we ponder on our striker options Skybet have Man United favourites for Bale, Ronaldo, Lewandoski, Pedro, Kane, Muller, Cavani, Huntelaar and 2nd favourites for Benzema, Ibrahimovic, Berahino. That narrows it down a bit! LOL.

  9. Schalke sporting director has verified that information to German newspaper Bild: “Juventus sent us a written request asking for permission to speak with Draxler’s agent. We have agreed to that request.”

    1. Don’t get why gooners want Draxler. He’s been in the medical room for 2 seasons now. I honestly think we dodged a bullet. DO Arsenal really need more injury prone young players? Schalke have better youngsters now anyways, haha. Draxler should’ve come to Arsenal last winter when he had the chance. He would’ve been a starter, now he has to get into a tough Juventus side.

  10. I think we are going to buy another Greman player it will be Draxler or Reus. Which will turn Theo or Sanchez into a striker.

  11. can draxler top strike and bang in 25 goals a season?

    can draxler pull a hatrick against Chelsea?

    can he offer 15 assists dis season?

    if no..,…forget him

    1. fans just want Draxler now that Juve wants him. He offers nothing to the team. Would pick Ox over Draxler any day of the week. I honestly think Ox has more potential as well too.

  12. No we dont need Dzeko because his form is poor currently and there is no guarantee that he will find form.However he can still find form.He may be better than Giroud but i still think we should consider other options first before him.If i all fails then its not a bad idea to sign him though.

  13. Forget Dzeko – he’s no improvement on what we already have. Wenger should give Akpom a chance, and also keep Wellington Silva. With any 3 of Sanchez, Giroud, Akpom, Walcott, Ox, Silva (and supported by Welbeck) we have enough up front. Of more concern is backup for
    LeCoq – a Patrick Vieira-like hard midfielder would complete the side nicely.

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