Would Arsenal fans want Olivier Giroud back as a Plan B?

It seems like years ago now that Arsenal cashed in on Olivier Giroud and allowed him to join our local rivals Chelsea but it was only two years ago this month.

The French international was much maligned by Arsenal fans, but the fact is that he scored over 100 goals in 250 appearances for the club and was very rarely injured.

Now Oli has just 6 months left on his Chelsea contract and will be available for a nominal fee this time around, and has been told that he can leave Stamford Bridge in January if a suitable offer comes in, so would it be worth Mikel Arteta bringing him back to Arsenal as a Plan B if our main strikers are injured or misfiring?

The Chelsea coach Frank Lampard has made it clear that he is on the market, after making just 5 appearances for the Blues this season. “There’s no update on Ollie, but I’ve spoken with him,” Lampard told SkySports. “If the conditions are that it’s something he really wants to do and it works for the club, for me and the squad then it’s something that could happen.

“But only when all of those bases are covered. So we’ll see if we’re there.”

There are many reasons why I think Giroud would be happy to come back to Arsenal and one of course would be to be reunited with his old captain Mikel Arteta, but the main reason is because Giroud’s wife Jennifer does not want to move away from London, so would be more than happy if her hubby returned to Chelsea in January so she would not have to relocate.

Right now we may have Aubameyang and Lacazette, but there is not much cover if they need a rest, and with all the Europa League and our Cup games ahead Giroud could be decent back up. We cannot forget that Giroud was Chelsea’s top scorer with 11 goals in the Europa League win last season, including netting in the Final against Arsenal. Perhaps he could win another medal with us?

What do you think?

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  1. I will be super excited if we can resign him again, he can give another dimension coming from the bench…
    One of my favourite Arsenal players, it’s a pity he is always underrated.

    1. I would be equalled glad to have Giroud back. He gives us something which none of our current players has, and that is aerial power. His hold up play is also unmatched by any of our current 0layers.

      1. I second that..but I think at the moment we are spoiled for choices in attack a CM or defender is more of a priority.

      2. He’s also a beast defensively during set-pieces.
        But since neither Auba nor Laca are leaving and we also have Martinelli, this isn’t going to happen (and Martinelli does give us aerial power to an extent).

        Would be interesting, though – Giroud inevitably winning the long ball and immediately playing Auba or Pepe on the wings (Giroud is also an excellent passer).

  2. I have always liked Giroud. Never complained even if he was blamed for all our troubles and why some players were underperforming season after season.

    I just think that we need to move on. No more looking back.

  3. OT: So I watched the Arsenal Chelsea game again yesternight and all i can say is What the actual H*ll MUSTAFI? Tammy had his back on the goal, why not simply step up and give him something to think about? Instead this clown of a defender chose the harder option, gave Tammy all the time and lost miserably! I noticed Gendouzi shouting the same to him just before he made that stupid decision to sprint back to his box. Mustafi’s judgement must be the worst ever.

  4. No thanks to Giroud returning. We need to and WILL move forward, NOT back. This will not be happening and for the precise reason I state. Yes he did do fairly well over his time with us. The emphasis though is on the “DID” not the “will again”. Some fans never seem to realise that players, esp forwards, swiftly lose their former effectiveness when ageing. Move on and look FORWARDS. ARTETA WILL ANYWAY!

  5. dear god , nooooooooooo !!!!!, to giroud returning to us . he would bring nothing to our team presently. please resign lord bentener before we even consider bringing this absolute slow coach to the emirates. yes, he won the world cup, but , how many goals did he score . please dont start about his hold up play, in my opinion he surely does hold up the entire team from playing . i have seen faster sloths in my time, lol.

  6. Giroud will definitely be looking for more game time from any club he chooses to sign for, as he has his eyes set on the Euros tournament.
    And i’m not sure that’s something Arsenal can provide with Aubameyang and Lacazette ahead.
    He could do with an Aston Villa who just lost Wesley for the rest of the season and can’t rely solely on Kodjia

  7. During his first 2 seasons at Arsenal, Giroud scored more goals than Laca did in his first 2 seasons. Giroud is also better at holding the ball up, bringing others into play, creating space for others and attacking or defending corners and free kicks. Laca is better at running around a lot. Giroud plays regularly for his country and won a world cup. Laca puts his feet up during internationals. Some fans considered Giroud to be a donkey whilst he was with us and Laca is said by some to be world class. It’s a strange world at times.

  8. At moment he can be our temporary solution for 1 season. Remember he is a first choice starter for France not Lacazete.

  9. Soooo glad to see Giroud supporters in the minority. Even if he is better than Lacazette, which he probably is at the moment, I still would not take him.

  10. Didn’t we go back for Martin Keown and wasn’t we criticized for not re-signing Cesc Fabrigas?
    Would we be saying the same if Gnarby was to come up for transfer?
    Before age is mentioned, he is still the French No/1 choice forward, so his ability overides that, surely?
    To get a current international for a minimum fee, who, furthermore has only ever spoken with great regard about the club, might just be a crafty buy.

    Let’s not also forget, that Auba and Lacs have had, reportedly, contract extensions on the table for months and if we are going to spend the kitty on the recognised defensive area, a ready made forward would be good business.

    I certainly wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand, but I trust MA’s judgement in who he has planned for January’s incoming and outgoing deals.

    1. As always spot on Ken. I wish we had many rational fans like you. It is not a question of forward and backward or new and old but what we require is the quality of the player. Giroud fits very well.

    2. Ken, This won’t be happening and you and I both SHOULD know that well, I DO know. You omitted to mention that Giroud will soon be 32 and forwards fall away badly at that age, unless thay are whippet like and built as Vardy and Auba are. Giroud is not and Arteta won’t be going for him. A moments thought about how Arteta ball moving philosophy works should show you that surely, however cheap or even free, as he may be. Your Gnabry analogy is a false one, as he is still young and Keown was not old when he returned either. Giroud WAS a faithful servant and no doubt is still fond of our club but that is irrelevant.

      1. Jon, I did mention age, because I knew it would be brought up…and the analogy that we should never go back is a false one – it depends simply on the player and the coach/manager’s plans.
        I have no idea what MA will do, but I agree with your point about his “moving philosophy”.

        The trouble is Jon, if auba and lacs decide not to sign their new, improved contracts and with the cost of buying strikers of their capabilities, seemingly out of the reach of kronkies wallet, it still might be a clever move to buy a 32 year old, current first choice french international as a proven stop gap, loyal and ex Arsenal player…a different way of looking at things Jon, but being a fan of the club does trump your view of players as mercenaries, as was shown when, the greatest “come back kid” of all time, Thiery Henry, proved that his love of our club drove him on once again.

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