Would Arsenal fans want to take Antonio Valencia on a free transfer?

The Arsenal heirarchy have made it clear that Arsenal need to be clever in the transfer market, and have no qualms about bringing in older and experienced players that are out of contract at big clubs in the hope they can continue for a few more years.

One such possibility this summer is Man United’s Antonio Valencia, whose contract is not being renewed by Ole Gunnar Solksjaer after playing only 8 times this season. Valencia’s father (and agent) Luis has made it clear that he is going to leave Old Trafford after a decade with the Devils, and Arsenal is a possible destination. He told El Universo: “He definitely will not continue in Manchester,”

“He wants a change in the air and the club is not going to renew him either. Like everything in life, everything comes to an end.

“Arsenal, West Ham, Inter Milan and one club from China are options, but in football everything is changing.

“He wants to choose the best option, but above all he wants to sign a contract for two years. Not for the money, but for peace and hopefully, he told me, be signed by a team that fights for important things.”

It is a fact that we will probably need a new right-back early next season with Bellerin still recovering, but would you take the 33 year-old Valencia as cover on a two-year contract?



  1. Out of contract players always demand high wages especially the aged one, i see no point, if we are trying to free wage bills by releasing lots if players this summer,there is no sense in signing another liability, Lich is an example.
    There are lots of cheap options we can find, south America leagues, less european leagues, even championship,we just need to make effective use of scout network.
    Lets make Suarez loan permanent at end of the season, sort out defence and add get a quality winger.
    OT: We all complain about our defence but i dont see big diference in utd and chelsea defence , only city and l’pool defence has good defenders that are worth mentioning, this show good defenders this days are hard to come by, or rather footbal has evolved and pattern of play isnt comfortable for defenders. Am not trying to justify mediocrity or justify the amount of goals our defence leaked per game, but its good to note that instability caused by injury is a major factor, we can all see the improvement now that we have less injury and a good partnership build up btwn boss and papa, ill be interested in the marque cb specialist that we can get at the summer but i wouldnt be surprised if no one is bought for that position

    1. Agree on your thought about the old players with expiring contracts. But Suarez still doesn’t get a longer time in the field, hence I’d expect Arsenal to wait until he proves he can offer something new to the team

      Most defenders need the other players in front of them to form a good team defense, so I agree that there is no big difference between Arsenal’s defense with Man United’s and Chelsea’s

      The difference is Arsenal’s main defenders are relatively smaller than those two clubs’, which I expect to be resolved before the next season or by promoting Mavropanos

    2. @Adajim
      I do agree we should avoid these old players well into their 30s. If Valencia is not good enough for 5th placed Man utd, he should not be good enough for us.

      On D.Suarez I disagree. Zero shots, zero goals, zero assists, zero chances created, zero crosses, zero through balls. Sure he has had limited appearances but he should have shown some talent by now. Am afraid he has done nothing to suggest we should keep him beyond this season. He is not good enough and should go back to Barcelona once his very expensive loan stint is over with us.

      1. Spot on Quantic Dream. No need to tie up wages on Valencia.

        If we are worried about transfer fees, we should should just sign Enock Kwateng from Nantes on a bosman. I don’t think that he is the best rb, but he is a France u21 international, tall for rb, and FREE. Train him up and if he doesn’t work out in a season or two, send him packing. More upside and probably half the wages of Valencia.

      2. ZERO THIS, ZERO THAT AND ALSO VIRTUALLY ZERO CHANCE AS YET TO SHOW WHAT HE CAN DO . HARDLY PLAYED AND YET YOU DISS HIM ALREADY. Do you judge everything in life after a few minutes only? Hardly fair, is it?

  2. Valencia was great, but Arsenal should learn from signing an old player like Lichtsteiner

    Aging players are decorated with trophies/ stats and have plenty of experience, but Emery’s high pressing strategy requires young, hungry and high stamina players

    I think Arsenal have young RBs waiting to be promoted and maybe Maitland-Niles can improve his game

    1. Valencia is a scrapper who gives 100%. Why he can’t get game time under Ole is another story. Wouldn’t hurt to sign him for a couple years to help blood in the youngsters with his experience. IJS…

  3. FFS. Why is it that it’s mostly us that always have to take over the hill used up players from around the world? We have such an old run down squad with most players in their late 20’s and early 30’s. An inconsistent squad with many freebies and discounted journeymen.

    We are going to have a big problem building a new squad as these players will mostly be finished in close time to each other.

    Go for younger players for the future. I am tired of these short-term over the hill or nearly over the hill purchases.

  4. No! Taking 33 year old Valencia is NOT being clever in the transfer market. It’s just a newspaper made up rumour and won’t happen. We got our fingers burnt with another old has been Lichsteiner.

  5. Come on guys, what should be our main concern is what he can brings to the team, not just his age. Lets not forget the quality that Valencia possesses. He is arguably one on the fastest players in the epl, can be deployed as a winger or become competition for Bellerin. He is an upgrade to both Jenkins and Litch who are leaving at the end of the season. 2 months ago we all wanted Perisic at Arsenal, why not Valencia for FREE who I think is better.


  7. …what messages are we sending if found (haplessly) foraging in the manu recycle bin? Let’s move on and find the quality players we deserve.

  8. We are not a retirement home, hence a big no to him and all others who dream to retire here.Use the reserves to make up the numbers.And good that flop Monchi is not comming here, excited about Marc Overmars.Was class as a player and is brilliant at Ajax.
    Hope Emery will be able to adapt and work with him

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