Would Arsenal fans welcome a takeover bid by Roman Abramovich? (Opinion)

There is some clickbait around Roman Abramovich’s previous enquiry into taking over at Arsenal, but would that be welcomed now?

The Kroenke family has come under scrutiny previously, but the club really looks to be on the up at present.

The owners and Mikel Arteta really look to be building something special at present, but how far we can go still remains to be seen.

Roman Abramovich would bring a vast level of investment, and a proven knowledge in how to build the club into a winning one.

Should he bring Marina Granovskaia with him, I would be massively overexcited,

The question is, would fans give up the upward trajectory for what the Blues had?

I know the current stipulations wouldn’t allow a Russian investor, nor would he likely want to go up against Chelsea so soon after selling up, but that isnt the question.

I don’t think I could be against Abramovich coming in, but I’d much prefer to continue in the direction we are headed.

Arteta and the current owners have done astounding work in recent seasons, and I definitely don’t want to give up on that before it has run the course.

Would you be happy to replace the Kroenke family with Roman Abramovich and his advisors?


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  1. I love it at arsenal, who wouldn’t want as a fan arsenal picking up the champions league trophy, the prem year in year out.
    But I hated Chelsea as a club buying there way to success. To he’ll.with it. If they can do it so can we. So I’m a yes

  2. You must be bored to come out with a pointless question like that, it will never happened, you would have been better off asking would we be happy to buy our success like Chelsea, rip up the FFP rules and get away with it, have some of the most despised racist fans in England, have a change of management nearly every season. Buy trophies instead of earning them

  3. I don’t know about taking over but one thing for sure is you can’t deny he made Chelsea the most successful club in England in the last 12 years.
    4 Europeans titles and some leagues trophies along with cups.
    You also can’t question is love and passion for the team he represent.
    Present at most games if not all and as reported he donated billions worth of money to the club charity campaign. That extremely huge for any club owners to do.
    He’s also a serial winner. however ,you might wants to question is source of wealth.
    But as an Arsenal fan, we are known for class, and I would want it to remain so.
    Just like klopp wouldn’t take up a manager role at there nor city.

  4. Daft question. Abramovic wouldn’t be allowed to take over a pub team now, you may as well ask if people would be happy with Jack the Ripper buying the club.

    And in the past it would be a loud “No!”. C’mon guys, show some moral compass? Some things are more important than football.

    I suspect a lot of people don’t really know what an oligarch is and how the crop of them in the former USSR states actually got their money. But at least, right now, people can easily see what it costs in Ukrainian blood.

    And anyway… buying success… what’s the point? It’s like cheating: you never feel like you really won.

    For me, *real* football stopped some time around 2005.

      1. KEN and IDKWIC, I’D SAY FOOTBALl,WAS IN INTENSIVE CARE FROM 1992 TO AROUND 2005 AND THEN DIED! As a sport , anyway. It then, meaning in 1992, became a corrupt business.

        When huge money dominates, very little in life is ever worthwhile or wholesome. I have always thought that and I AM CONSTANTLY ASHAMED , YES ASHAMED, that I support and love football.

        At least football at Prem level , which apart from the actual game, stinks to high HEAVEN with EVERYTHING that surrounds it.
        And administers it!!

  5. This question from PATRICK, HAS to be the most stupid question ever!

    I cant believe he has actuially insulted our collective intelligence in this way. What decent person on EARTH would agree or wish to be in any way whatsover , associated with a scumbag like Abramovitch, friend and supporter of that creature Putin???

    I tell you this; if it ever happened that this creature who once ran Chelsea, EVER took control of the club I have adored for all my life, I would stop supporting Arsenal in an instant and hope they went out of business.
    I am massively relieved that it is no more than a silly fantasy by this silly article writer.
    God, what a sickening thought!!! UGH!

      1. But PAT some questions, like this one, are so offensive to decent peoples sensibilities, that if thought by Patrick they should remain in his head and not written openly to us all. Look closely at all th posts replying and will see general hostility to the oidea and why! Not because it would harm our teams success honours wise, but because it is offensive. And you who run this fine site should NOT be in the business of offending your own customers and hopefully also friends.

        Just my take, but as you see, I am far from being alone in this. Please do not repeat this tactic. It is unworthy of you and of JA.

    1. You have been properly brainwashed by western media and politicians haven’t you? You actually believe that Russian billionaires are scumbags but western ones aren’t

  6. No dirty Russian money.
    No dirty oil money.
    No one from anywhere that has no regard to human rights.
    I’m with Jon on this and would cease being a Gooner if it ever happened and am slightly uneasy with our sponsor links to Rwanda.

    1. Personally Stan Kroenke made his fortune from real estate development, but his wife is an heiress to the Walmart dynasty ie employ people on wages putting them below the poverty line.

  7. Well that’s never going to happen any time in the near and far future now that Putin has ordered a partial mobilization for his war on Ukraine , the economic squeeze will get ever more tighter and the sanctions broaden up a notch. With that said , I’d say no, I wouldn’t want arsenal taken over by abrahamovich

  8. So if he took over he makes Arsenal one of the clubs buying trophies whatever they are?

    MA etc Al are doing a great job the Arsenal way …… where we make stars rather than buying them

    1. You do realise that MA as spent 350+ million in his time here ,you’re statement is the complete reverse there buddy .
      Only one Arsenal manager was able to do that and it definitely isn’t our current one .

      1. Spending money on unearthed gems is not equal to buying stars…we are still making superstars ,not buying them…the Arsenal way is always why I support Arsenal…if Abrahomovic takes over we would be Chelsea in Arsenal colors…scumbags.

  9. My own comment thoughts posting that I posted on this topic looked to have been suppressed from seeing the light of the day by Admini as it wasn’t published. But Admini, please tell me if my very last comment posting on the topic that is currently trending that I posted violates something am unaware of which made it inappropriate for publishing by JustArsenal? If not, publish it now please for all the and sundry on JA to see it.
    Okay, let me move to a different topic. Arsenal’s LFB, K Tierney started the nations Cup match for Scotland at hone against Ukraine today. With Scotland winning the match 3 nil. But Tierney’s Arsenal LFB team mate, Oleksandr Zinchenko did not participate in the match for Ukraine his country. However, his fellow Ukrainian the wide player, Mykhayio Mudryk who was linked with Arsenal for signing last summer transfer window started the match but he didn’t score.

  10. It’s a totally hypothetical argument so doesn’t mean much. Weighing up the pros and cons his team were serial winners, would chase only the best available talent and loves football. The cons are his shady business dealings and associates, lack of a moral compass, (although I doubt if the Kroenkes have a better one) and a winning is everything mentality. In the end I would say no, mainly because I have come to partly trust the current process and also because there are better options besides the Kroenkes or the Russian gangster.

  11. I do believe that 70 percent of billionaires have a few cases of crime linked to their successes and vast wealth.

    So we should not be too judgemental on one because you do not know the crime and sins of another person.

    This world and current system is filled with lots of lies and deceit that was created and still being created mostly by the elites of this world.
    We have a lot of things to unlearn, even down to the Bible story of creation.

    Well, right now, I would not want Abramovich to take over Arsenal because Stan Kroenke, most especially via the supervision of Josh Kroenke has been improving with their steady investment in the team each year.

    Long may it continue to happen until we see the results good and steady investments bring by winning major titles.

  12. If it was a simple choice between Abracadabra and Wooly Booly (the new Chelsea owner)

    I would take Abracadabra EVERY time!!!!!!!

    Otherwise, I would not want him any where near the Emirates.

  13. I am absolutely loving what is happening at my beloved Arsenal at the moment. The excitement of building a team with breathtaking young talent and watch them grow into superstars is worth it’s weight in gold for me. Imagine the feeling when we win a major title with this team. I know it will take some time and am prepared to wait. So Kroenke and Arteta for me at the moment. No one else.

  14. So some mentioned no because of moral compass here. Well I vote yes. If morality is truly observed in football, many countries, millionaires, billionaires will not be part of it. Unless FIFA starts having a moral compass now, there is no issue with Roman taking over Arsenal. Too bad the common perception here is based on selective truths.

    1. You are very right.
      I also choose no because I only selected the narrative that suit me.
      How I wish Many knows the crime rwanda government are commiting in the neighborhood country, but here we are having a deal with them. Which many turned a blind eye to.
      Nobody seems to see that as an issue, since it’s not happening in Europe.

  15. This would be a great opportunity for me to see my beloved Arsenal team win everything in the world of football. Thank you

  16. But if the American Kroenke did not refuse to sell his shares, All the trophies Chelsea won were going to be for Arsenal some thing we might not get or reach in. Especially the world club championship, the Champions league etc for me although its impossible i would rather go with Abramovich who picked them from midtable team to where they are right now, secondly look at Man city, from nowhere to perenial league winners. with money you have any thing you want and most of the players we are losing is bcz of too much restriction on money which is not Abramovichs case.

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