Would Arsenal fans welcome back unwanted Ramsey from Juventus?

Aaron Ramsey quit Arsenal to join Juventus on a free transfer only 12 months ago, but is claimed to be out of new manager Andrea Pirlo’s plans for the new season.

The Welshman was frozen out at the Emirates in his final season after revealing that he had no intention to extend his stay beyond his contract, only for Emery to be forced into reconsidering his position amidst a number of injuries.

Ramsey then proved his worth to the team, and despite the contract situation, Emery had no option but to do what was best for the team and continue to include him in his starting line-up, which made saying goodbye all the worst.

Arsenal have since struggled for consistency in the middle throughout the current season, despite the arrival of Dani Ceballos on loan from Real Madrid, and you would think that a return of Ramsey would be a huge boost to our options.

The issue may come from the fans however, after the 29 year-old decided to run down his contract and leave for Juve, while another big issue could well be the monster contract that the Italian side agreed to sign him.

Ramsey is believed to be on a whopping £250,000 per week according to the Mirror, which may also hamper his options of finding a new club, although if he prioritises playing football then he may well be willing to take a reduction in salary for the right club.

I’m personally not one to hold grudges, and completely understand why Rambo decided to quit the club, with former manager Arsene Wenger no longer in charge, and the club having refused to make any major decisions which would intimate that we were looking to seriously challenge our rivals for the Premier League title.

This summer however, we have a new and exciting manager in Mikel Arteta, look to be convincing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to sign a new contract, which is believed to be based on the ambition being shown at present, and a similar showing for Ramsey could well convince him to rejoin our new regime.

It remains to be seen whether Juve weould try to claim a transfer fee, or whether they would simply be happy to have his huge wages from their budget, but I can tell you now, if Arsenal brought Ramsey back, our team would benefit hugely, but am I amongst a limited amount of fans who would welcome him back with open arms?


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  1. Lovely bloke, no problem with him and added something different, but seemed to have a lot of injuries and goals / game ratio wasn’t that exceptional. So yes, but certainly not on those wages so I think highly unlikely he’d come back

  2. That is a “No thank you sir” from me. He didn’t exactly set the serie a alight did he? If he was as good as we think, he would be unplayable, don’t you think. He’s an Arsenal man through and through and I was sad to see him leave but he’s a squad player at the very best. In about 10 years playing for arsenal, he has never been consistent. When he plays poor, he’s super poor and when he plays well, he can be magical but those games in which he plays well are too few to count. I’ll remember him for his FA Cup goals, that one season he was really good and scored alot plus his work rate but aside that he has never been really spectacular not to talk of how very injury prone he is. I just blame the board for not selling him sooner to fetch more money. But going back to buy him now would be one of the dumbest things the Arsenal board would ever do. Good luck to Rambo in Italy or wherever he ends up next, not just Arsenal

  3. Way too expensive for what you get. I think everyone remembers the form before the awful injury and is just waiting for that to return. After this much time it won’t – he had some good game for us after injury, but a lot of mediocre ones as well.

    Like other posters I was sad to see him go, but if I am being honest, I was really frustrated with him a lot.

  4. Patrick on what basis, do you make the claim that Ramsey “was frozen out by Emery”?
    The dragged out contract negotiations began while Arsene Wenger was manager, well before Unai Emery arrived at Arsenal. Aaron Ramsey ran down his contract to gain a free transfer, a big sign on fee and reportedly £400k a week at Juventus. Due to the quality of the Juventus midfield and his poor injury record, Ramsey played only 35 games in all competitions, starting only 13, scoring 4 goals with 1 assist.
    Aaron Ramsey made his bed, the ship has sailed and Arsenal should move on.

    1. “Aaron Ramsey made his bed, the ship has sailed and Arsenal should move on.”
      Well said I completely concur with you on that.

  5. As predicted by most reasonable observers Ramsey was never good enough to break in to juve midfield … He was ridiculously overrated by fans in wenger’s lost decade and one of the reasons it was lost … We need upgrades not retreads to move ahead

    1. People who thought that Ramsey would be a star at Juve or that Oxlade would be a first-choice midfielder at Liverpool know nothing about football…

  6. He had what 1 decent season for us in those 11 years.
    the rest were hampered with multiple injuries and in that lies the problem with Rambo – Injuries.
    Now that he is on a stupid amount of money he may find himself the same situation as Ozil and many other players, priced out of any move to to wages.
    Juve will probably want between 25 and 35m for him and i highly doubt many teams would want to splash that much money on a player that is only fit for 30% of the season and pay that kind of salary 400k per week? yea right lmao

  7. Of course bring hem back. A rangy midfielder who defends well and scores beautiful goals. what’s not to like? Better than Dani Ceballos who plays in narrow area of the field and has no vision.

      1. you talk like somebody who has better options like Chelsea, MU or MC. Those days are gone when Kronke bought Arsenal. From now on when we finish 8 or 7, take it and be happy. You can’t build a good team with old players or without money unless you get lucky.

  8. If RAMBO will be back, he will give us another dimension. He has what we lacked for several previous years . He is a man who defends well and scores goal. WELCOME BACK RAMBO! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Radjabu, didn’t you read the info I provided on his injury riddled “exploits” for Juventus in an easier league than the EPL?
        Yet you want him back at Arsenal?

  9. I’ve never ratee Ramsey whatsoever.
    Never understood the hype.
    But that’s my personal opinion

  10. I like him, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a no from me.
    Shame it hasn’t worked out for him in Turin.. I hope his next venture does, wherever that may be….

  11. We need reinforcement at the back , our academy also produces many Ramsey type Midfielders , also he is injury prone. Not a priority unless he is available for less than 150K a week

    1. HG, £150k per week is over 3 times what he would be currently worth! And people wonder why Arsenal is a financial mess if supporters would think that was good business.

        1. SueP, that’s the problem. Arsenal has the tenth largest wage bill in Europe, yet is no where near the tenth best team. Overpaying for average players has Arsenal finishing eighth in the EPL in 2019/20.

  12. Maybe if he would accept a pay-as-you-play contract, otherwise no. He is injured a lot and doesn’t add much, apart from goals. But goals from midfield is one of the things we have been lacking, though.

    But I still think it’s more important to have creativity in midfield at the moment, something he doesn’t have and none of our other midfielders have.

    1. No! We have moved on from Ramsey, i dont think we would be a better team with him. I dont think he is Artetas style of player either.

  13. The RAMSEY SHIP SAILED AWAY FOREVER, THE DAY HE REFUSED TO SIGN THE OVER GENEROUS CONTRACT THAT GAZIDIS AND Wenger offered him and then left us. There is no room in the port for that ship to ever return. No intention to buy, no possibility to pay his wages if we even did try(which we won’t ) and no need to write an article about an impossible happening.

  14. Okay Patrick, I believe you must have heard the Jurists(the Gooners) verdict on if Aaron Ramsey will be welcome back to Arsenal as a player again question that you’ve asked. The Jurists verdict is emphatically NO! Ramsey will not be welcome back to Arsenal by the Gooner this summer window.

  15. Could have been an incredible box to box midfielder. Had a season and a half where he was fantastic offensively and defensively but I think it went to his head. He’d have been world class if he’d focused more on the basics as he’s got a great engine to go with a lot of technical ability.
    Would be a risky signing but I do think Arteta would figure him out and manage to get the best out of him. Never going to happen with his wages anyway.

  16. He wanted new challenges, he should keep on searching for those challenges somewhere else, not in Emirates

    1. “Improve the team 100%”, just like Ramsey did at Juventus? At least he would lead to more employment for medical staff.

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