Would Arsenal legend be the right choice to take over from Unai Emery?

Would Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira be the right choice for Arsenal after Unai Emery?

This one came out of the blue a little bit and is definitely worthy of debate. Would Patrick Vieira be a good choice to take over from Unai Emery?

The former Gunner was asked by RMC Sport if he would like to take the Arsenal job and he responded,

‘Yes, like any player, when we do this job we want to touch the very highest level.

‘But the very high level I can touch with Nice from the moment we give ourselves the means to succeed and from the moment the way which we work is quite consistent.

‘But we do this job, and I do this job, to one day to be the coach of a team that participates in the Champions League.’

The 43-year-old has not set the management world alight but at the same time has not disgraced himself. He did an ok job with New York City and has brought stability to Nice in Ligue 1. He obviously has massive playing experience and is a well-respected figure in the game.

I personally would be fine with Vieira being given a chance. he would not be my first choice but would be acceptable.

He has some management experience but more importantly understands Arsenal, its fans and culture. Frank Lampard is doing just fine at Chelsea. So, former players can work out well, though there is a long list of failures.

So, in conclusion, yes, I would be fine with Vieira in the event a vacancy arises. But would prefer a bigger more proven name.


  1. If Emery was brought in to steady the ship, then I think we need a big name after him. I wouldn’t be against Vieira, but I love us to get in a manager who has won the big prizes, that can attract top level talent, and help us retain our star players.

    If anyone watches Nice regularly (full matches, not highlights), then it would be fantastic to hear what their opinion is on Vieira, his style, tactics, etc.

    I’ve said it many times, but first choice should be Simeone. Our defence has been pathetic for the best part of decade. It’s why we fail EVERY season. It’s not to say an attacking manager won’t be able to improve our defence either, but Simeone is more focused than most in that specific area. There needs to be a major cultural shift from our attacking philosophy, which has so far, cost us big time in the transfer window. We went big on an attacker, which we did need in fairness, but we were desperate for a world class CB, and we settled for Luiz instead…which has obviously proven to be a big mistake.

  2. I’d be more than happy to see a club legend back managing the team. A dream of mine was for Wrighty to do it, but there’s no chance of that happening.

  3. It’s time bomb,the wright time for our former captain Patrick vieira to take the head coach position,he as got ambitions and he knows the club very well,i am tired of this emery boring football,how many times do we loose possesion even if we were at home,despite the fact we’ve got good attacking team,poor team selection ie no need of xhaka while we have torreira and chambers for defensive midfilder

  4. A great choice for me, with freddie in tandem and Dennis Bergkamp training our youngsters..

    In the swipe of a pen, out would go the most boring style of football seen at our club in over fifty years…good riddance to it and then we will actually see a full Emirates stadium again.

    A legend returns home.

    1. I wouldn’t say our style has been good under Emery, but it’s definitely an improvement on the last 5/6, maybe 7 years of Wenger’s reign. Possession for possession sake, often not even having a shot in the first half of matches. Relentless backwards, and sideways passing, that eventually led to the lowest attendances we’ve ever seen at the Emirates. Wenger still gave us some unbelievable gifts during the years I have mentioned, but it overall, it was boring, and very very predictable.

      Good to have bums back on seats!

      1. TMJW, are you for real???

        The Emirates was nearly a quarter empty against Bournemouth, Villa and Burnley and there were hundreds of empty seats against the spuds…something I have never seen before when playing against them.
        There are banks of empty seats all around the ground, but the biggest concern is the regular empty seats in the upper level, where the really expensive seats are.
        At this rate, revenue will plummet to a disastrous level, as those on waiting lists won’t want to see this kind of c**p that you class as “definitely an improvement on the last 5/6 years” – are you being serious?!?!?

        Your assesment of relentless backward and sideways passing under Wenger…it is so obvious you never attend any matches, but critique from what is shown on TV.
        The football served up by UE is so Bl**dy defensive is twice as boring as anything I’ve ever seen from The Arsenal, the man is a total waste of space considering the talent of attacking players he has.

        How many sideways and backward passes have cost us goals under this ridiculous playing out from the back system – against Bournemouth we took fifteen passes to move backwards fifteen yards in one of UE’s classic tactical moves.

        If you want to see predictable, get your bum off your armchair and come to the Emirates to see and experience EXACTLY what the crowd think of this football and how they are reacting to the team selection and tactics – I’ll tell you what TMJW, what about meeting me at the ground, I’ll supply you with a season ticket in the north bank and you can witness it all yourself…a genuine offeras I really feel you need to see first hand what is happening at our club.

        Then we have the “often not even having a shot in the first half of matches” quote…how many shots did we have against cardiff, hull and city lasr season (for example) or pool and watford in the whole game this season…then you say that you deserve an apology from those who say UE got it wrong with Ozil – you should get down on your knees and apologise to those of us who go to games, only to witness the biggest sell out of the Arsenal football tradition by a clown who cannot tie Wengers shoelaces (even in his last woeful year) and never will…ready to come and see the rubbish for yourself then?

        1. @Ken1945

          Well it was a waste of money, and time, to attend to Arsenal matches under Wenger, especially as he was so predictable, so one would already know the outcome.

          In regards to watching from TV, you actually get a better angle (unless you have the perfect spot in the stadium) to get on overview of the action. Very snobby of you to dismiss fans opinions as inferior that cannot, or choose not to go to the stadium. That is effectively slagging off 99% of the fan base opinion.

          In regards to attendances, you’re lying yet again! We may have had the odd poor attendance under Emery, but the lowest ones were under Wenger and there were far more of them.

          I have been to the stadium many times under Wenger, and I doubt the atmosphere now, is anywhere near as bad as it was under him. It was toxic under Wenger. I saw many protesters getting attacked, tons of booing, flat, passionless football, and Wenger just sat there all game playing with his jacket.

          At the end of the end of the day, each to their own. I just prefer watching more direct football.

    2. I’m with you Ken ,I do not want to see another defensive coach at this club ,don’t know why any fan would tbh .
      Dennis for me as well ,if we could some how Get him into the club in so form of coaching would be great .
      We are starting g to lose our identity under Emery and that I turn will put supporters off new or old .

    3. Three invincibles back at our club. Can you imagine the respect they will get from the players, particularly the youngsters. And ‘non flying’ Dennis in charge of the Academy, perfect.

      How about Wrighty as our football ambassador? If only!!!

      1. One things for sure Andrew, the Ozil situation wouldn’t be public!!!

        I have said before that Arsene Wenger should become our Ambassador and Wrighty alongside him would be a great partnership…especially as they both admire each other and idolise the club as we do.

        1. Well said Ken, my remark about Wrighty was slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ because he is probably quite happy in his current role. His interview with Dennis, however, was superb and full of humour and wonderful anecdotes. I’ve never seen Bergkamp so relaxed. Seeing those two together brings back great memories of Highbury.

  5. No. The next manager should be someone like Allegri, Simione, Enrique, Conte, Ancelloti, Sarri

    Not a former player

    But after this season Emery has one more season on his contract so if we make Champions League Emery will still be here and rightfully so

    Kroenke won’t release Emery if we are improving

  6. Has the signing of David Luiz by Arsenal who scored a headed goal in our last home match against Bournemouth in the PL to give us the full 3 points in the match been a mistake?

    1. Yeah, the same luiz who gave away a penalty at Liverpool n has been directly involved in atleast 3 goals scored against us. Arsenal supporters have memory of gold fish..

  7. Should have followed Chelsea’s method. They hired a manager with strong philosophy like Sarri to get his experience and system, then replace him with a club legend to continue the foundation when necessary

    Man United did it wrongly by hiring pragmatic managers to get a major trophy as soon as possible, such as Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho. They got a Europa League trophy, but those pragmatic managers did not leave any established system to build upon

    Man City also did it wrongly with Mark Hughes, but they built their system gradually with Mancini, Pellegrini and Guardiola. The next candidate should be between Pellegrini and Guardiola, if the latter is fired at the end of this season

  8. I haven’t seen his team play and it’s Nice (no disrespect) so unless they become giant killers it’s hard to say how it might work out. Do they play at all like a Wenger team does anyone know.

    I think Vieira’s next move will be a higher move up in France, Monaco, Marseille or somewhere that will give him more funds to operate with. Then we’ll probably see him in Europe regularly and then will know more about his style of play. I’d like to see him at Arsenal of course (for a few different reasons) but he needs to be good enough for us.

    People are chipping away at Emery but they need to be aware of how difficult it can be when coming in to fill a void, one the size that Arsene left behind. It wasn’t just about filling a coaching role there was a lot of change allround and there probably still is when you think about the scouting network and maybe some coaching roles still to be looked at. Someone above touched on it, Emery was brought in to try and steady the ship, also they wanted to get the wage system lowered and they wanted time for our guys upstairs to settle in and get their feet under the table.

    Raul esp, he seems like the one with most of the power now, he has taken Arsene’s old job of being involved in all discussions moving forward, and he’s a smart guy. He laid out a line earlier when saying – We just want the coach to concentrate on coaching the players and taking care of that end, then after/before the windows gossip/congrats was just about to take off in summer – He said – responsibility for this window it wouldn’t be fair to say it is all on Edu, he only arrived, he’s had some input but he really only starts his job over the next etc etc.

    He’s clever in his maneuvering and molding. Wenger was happy to take the blame and the credit alike, but this guy uses a scalpel to differentiate, I like him. He arrived knowing the mistakes that Arsene had made, then he told us, this is our coach, he has the teams affairs belonging to match and training days. He then gets in a director of football, and thanks to Raul here I finally know what a director of football is or what he does, he’s the fall-guy for bad transfers.

  9. Rather give it to Freddie. He’s pragmatic, has shown how he can improve youngsters and prepare them for the big stuff, and he is much loved by gooners. Patrick was a great player (most yellow cards in a season?) but he has not got that pedigree yet. That all being said, bring on a Dutch coach that can bring back total football, not Simeone.

  10. The only ex player that can do a good job is no other person than Arteta,he has gain a lot of premier league experience under the tutelage of one of the best in the game Guardiola.He has work with some EPL finest and won’t find it difficult managing the team properly.more so he has been infected with winning mentality that’s what he can bring into this team which we lack at the moment.An most importantly he will bring back entertaining football and priorities winning.

  11. Viera is busy with a team and target to get Nice in top 5; continue another year with Eurpean football, gain more experience and exposure; then he will be ready.
    Allegri is free, we need him to straight things. He has been studying english for few past months.

    While Man U, Spurs or Chelsea suppely doing bad, even city losing 2 games. Can get that welose against Reds but every other game should have been a win, not struggle to do so with Villa or any game won, with one goal difference, having us shaking til last minute.

    To be third means nothing, we should have 20 points with 8 first games. We lose and de drop 8th, we draw next one we drop to 12 or 15 th with a second Lost or 2 draws.

    In other words, we are doing very bad, we finished , 5th lucky, because teams were doing bad as Man U. We have passion, hope watching a game, but no confidence, scared each EPL game.

    We should be confident and excited for every games, but we all stressed out and disapointed… They killing our identity and what everyone envied or loves; an entertaining team to watch, no matter if we finished 4th or even bellow with Wenger, we were enjoying and loved this team.

    Once Man U, Spurs are back on track as Chelsea; we will be behind. Would you be surprised teams as foxes infront of us? Everton, Wolves will get settled and who we fight for Europa League 6th spot.

    Man City
    Man U/Chelsea/Foxes

    Wont be surprise to see Auba fed up, gone by January. Real considers or actually Man U wont surprise me nor if they get Wenger who would do great there. They planning about over 200M budget for January window. Koulibaly will take half. Then that defense will be best in EPL. We want to get rid of Ozil, if Man U sign him; play and speed they have going forward & players, will have Oz make assists all day long.

    We have no identy at all, he is waisting time and money. On a top team, he will shine and get big endorsement as hé should.

  12. Wow. I am at a loss for words after reading your comments Mogunna. Third is nothing? Wow.

    How is it our fault that some of your highly respected teams are not doing well? When we don’t do well and they take advantage it’s okay. When they falter and we take advantage, it’s because they falter and we are still not good enough. Wow.

    I assure you that we didn’t get to be third by being gifted points. The boys worked hard for it. Yes, they could have been better placed and all that. But still, third is nothing to be sniffed at, and I have a problem with that attitude of denigrating that achievement at this time of the season.

    It is a mere academic exercise to debate who should take over from Emery because his post is not yet advertised to be vacant. We can never agree as fans who should step into Emery’s shoes should he be eased out of the job. I doubt if the fans will be asked to nominate options.

    But if you ask me, I will prefer Freddie Ljunberg, if Mikael Arteta is not available.

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