Would Arsenal players be too rusty for the restart of the season?

The Premier League season is just about to be restarted. There has been much opposition no doubt. However, one thing that I have not seen being talked about enough is players’ fitness levels.

The players are still worried about returning to training and despite earning enormous sums of money they still need to be pampered and assured that all is well before they return to training.

Thankfully, Arsenal has become one of the first teams to start outdoor training at London Colney as Mikel Arteta looks to get an excellent start when the campaign resumes.

I can’t help but worry about the fitness levels of our players, even though I understand that they have tried to be fit. One thing I have told myself and I expect all Arsenal fans to expect is that our players would be rusty when they take to the field.

It doesn’t matter how much they have been training even as a group, this restart would be like the start of a new season, and that could be a good thing for us.

The reason why it could be good for us is that other teams would also struggle with the fitness level of their players after returning to their training grounds later than us, and we could be in luck and play better which would give us the points to move up the league table.

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  1. So in about 6 hours time major league European football will be back!!

    I am excited. This good news should starts the end of corona.

    Which matches will be fixed today? Million dollar question

    1. Germany is being stupid starting football so early and they will likely pay for it when something bad inevitably happens. Hope other countries don’t get encouraged to do the same.

  2. WATCH THE VIRUS CONTINUE ITS CURRENT SPIKE IN GERMANY WHEN FOOTBALL RESUMES TODAY. The eyes of decision makers across the world will look soberly and without rather absurd, overexcitable “oh goody, we have started again” attitudes that so many unthinking fans have – even on this very thread in fact!

    When the sobering reality becomes apparent, EVEN to those who are not overly worried about the lives of others, watch our own Prem and its inhumane and hasty plans, shudder to its certain sudden halt.

  3. 480plus died today of Covid. Meanwhile non caring football folk still plan to resume contact training within a fortnight or less. BARMY AND HEARTLESS! Fortunately the doomed plan will not proceed to completion.

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