Would Arsenal really buy this wantaway Everton star?

There are so many Arsenal transfer rumours popping up every single day that it is difficult to have any real idea of who our real transfer targets are, and everything just looks like smoke and mirrors to me at the moment as we try and sift our way through the chaff.

Just now there is a story from an ex-Everton legend Alan Stubbs, saying that the Toffees midfielder Ross Barkley would not be going to Tottenham because they have Dele Ali, so he is more likely to be going to Arsenal. How does thinking like that come about? Does he have insider information or is it pure conjecture? Stubbs’ actual words were: ‘The fact that Ross still hasn’t signed, I think that’s the biggest indicator that his future lies elsewhere,’

‘With Tottenham you have got Dele Alli in a similar position and, looking at Dele, he is ahead of Ross at this moment in time.

‘Looking at those teams I think Arsenal are probably a team that he could go to.’

There is little doubt that Barkley will be leaving Goodison Park, as the Englishman has refused the new contract and even Ronald Koeman agreed it was unlikely he will be there next season, but why on Earth would Arsenal buy yet another overpriced Englishman?

The Gunners already have Francis Coquelin, Granit Xhaka, Elneny (who hardly plays already because of the competition) and Aaron Ramsey occupying the middle ground. Why would we buy yet another midfielder unless he is a superstar? Barkley may be pretty good for an English player, but a world superstar he certainly is NOT!



    1. ?? Wrong position Son, but then again ?? you can never tell with Wenger ??

  1. Tottenham are ??? I think they will struggle next season at Wembley and the year after Ali is gone

    1. 1st Manu
      2nd Ars & EL win
      3rd Che & FA cup
      4th Manc & EFL cup
      5th Liv
      6th Tott
      7th Eve
      8th Sou

      My prediction for next season.

  2. Well, there could be some truth in this, considering Barkley was named as being one of Wenger’s targets ? over 2 & a half months ago.
    We all know what he is capable of and you can Ignore his performance for last season, it seemed as if he already mentally left the club.
    I’m not saying that I’m overwhelmed with this rumour but he wouldn’t be a bad purchase either. He Can score goals from distance, ask Cech ??

  3. Agree, Arsenal should not buy an overrated player anymore, especially if he is an injury prone player. If Arsenal does get him, he will likely play at Sanchez’s or Ozil’s position.

    Rather than getting Barkley, Arsenal can also use Chamberlain at Sanchez’s or Ozil’s position, which I consider more talented and energetic than Barkley. Otherwise, there are many more talented players in Spain and Brazil that can play in that position, such as Pablo Fornals, Jese Rodriguez, James Rodriguez, Lucas Vazquez and Asensio.

  4. The Bull? Sun are reporting that Arsenal are offering 114 million Euros plus Giroud for Mbappe. They are also claiming that Mbappe’s family asked for an emergency meeting with Monaco’s president regarding the offer made from Real Madrid ?? Well that says it all really. Wenger best start looking elsewhere, before it’s toooo late.

  5. Well if King Henry and Prince Anelka are willing to support the move to Arsenal they would have speak up…..

    Mbappe decision could be sway by the two former players

    not forgetting Anelka was totally destroyed at 22yo when he moved to Real

  6. I personally think Wenger is pi**ing about as usual in signing players this time too.I really think he does it on purpose.
    Get ready for riots and massive Wenger out protests for the new season(should be fun).
    WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  7. Arsenal need to start moving away from British players, they’re overpriced, and overrated.

  8. I wouldn’t mind if we tried for Ben Gibson, I like what a good English defender can bring. But no more Brits in the technical areas, they just don’t stack up against their foreign counterparts. Look at what England lacks compared to other nations, even Croatia Bosnia Chile work a ball better than the Brits. That’s not even counting what the biggest nations have to offer.

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