Would Arsenal really let Ramsey go to Chelsea?

Chelsea ready to take unsettled Ramsey to Stamford Bridge Guest post by Iomie from icFootball

Chelsea are reportedly eyeing up a shock summer move for Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey in the summer transfer window.

Ramsey is about to enter the final year of his contract and Chelsea are monitoring the situation with a view to a possible deal if a new contract is not signed.

Ramsey has even admitted that he is well down the pecking order at Arsenal when it comes to resolving contract situations.

And that has alerted a number of clubs to a possible summer transfer deal.

‘Nothing to comment on at the moment,’ he told BT Sport ahead of Arsenal’s win over AC Milan.

‘I think they’ve been busy to tie up other contracts at the moment.’

And now the Daily Mirror website have claimed Chelsea are lining up a surprise move for the Welshman, as they look to overhaul their squad this summer.

Chelsea have been knocked out the Champions League and are fifth in the Premier League, with a very slim chance of closing the gap on the likes of Tottenham and Liverpool for a top four spot.

Chelsea also tried to sign Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain last summer, before the England midfielder rejected them to join Liverpool in August.

Arsenal do not want a repeat of this season, as the likes of Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere and Alexis Sanchez all were coming to the end of their contracts, with the latter deciding to join Manchester United.

But would Wenger let another one of Arsenal’s stars join a main rival?



  1. muffdiver says:

    honestly an i include ox in this
    dont let none of the man dem leave until another manager gets a go
    ramsey jack -none
    watch ox become a baller after many of us swore he was pony

    i was buzzing about our 3-0 against a decent watford
    liverpool are winning 5-0
    salah scoring 4 and 1 assist in one game

    this is bulls###

    if aubameyang did that id menstruate

  2. Grandad says:

    Like Wilshere, Ramsay is injury prone, but when match fit he is one of the top attacking midfielders in the EPL.His running off the ball makes him very difficult to pick up and he is a good creator and finisher.He is a very important cog in the Arsenal team and hopefully he will extend his contract before too long.

  3. Ken 1945 says:

    This is my point about Wenger baiting exactly:
    Wenger has stated he wants Ramsey and Wilshere to stay.
    However, he has no say in this, as we have now bought in Huss Fahhy in to take over ALL contract negotiations.
    Therefore, if either go it will NOT be down to Wenger will it?
    Or will it?
    Or won’t it?

    1. jon fox says:

      No , never his fault, eh? Now the new backroom people are responsible for all our ills of the last decade too, in your view. Huss’s fault perhaps that we have not had even an adequate DCM sincde Gilberto. Rauls fault that the team is half hearted and easily bullied and Svens fault we have no adequate CB’s. One man whose fault it NEVER is, is Saint Arsene the humble! All us fans, who want him gone, know nothing and have a vindictive agenda against a man we all loved a decade since . I can’t imagine why we changed our attitude to this poor, undeserving ( of criticism) man! Perhaps we are all spiteful nasty humans who care nothing for our club? Wouldn’t you say, eh KEN?

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        Jon Fox,
        Still awaiting your reply to the accusation that I called you s**m.
        Perhaps you could have the decency to reply?
        If you make accusations like that please have the decency to reply.

        Meanwhile and yet again, i am addressing the topic.
        The topic ended with “Would Wenger let another one of Arsenals stars join a main rival”.
        I have pointed out that this is not his decision anymore and one I thought you would find more than acceptable.
        Please point out where I stated Hussey was responsible for anything other than that?
        You are trying very hard to make this a personal thing Jon, but I will not rise to the bait anymore. Instead, I will just try and explain my thoughts in a sensible way, even if you and others disagree.
        You are not a nasty human being, after all you support Arsenal Football Club just like me and everyone else on this site.

        1. jon fox says:


          1. Ken 1945 says:

            Jon Fox,
            I love this site because it lets you check back on things.
            Your note above is timed at 9.49.
            I looked at you reply I requested and it was 9.45. so just 4 minutes elapsed between one and the other.
            I had been checking since your first response to me at 6.46.
            In this post you say I think of you as scum.
            In my reply I say” I do not regard you as scum and why should I?”
            This word scum was used by you as part of a tirade against another supporter of our club. I am insulted by it, just as you have been on many occassions when questioned about your loyalty to the club. Remember “HOW DARE YOU YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME”?
            I fully explained my stance regarding Wenger, the owner and players to you yet again. But still you try to belittle me.
            If you had REALLY read my previous posts then you would have noted from the beginning that I have defended Wenger when I feel his history within the club is being misrepresented. I also said that his ideal time to have stood down was after the FA cup win against Chelsea. He didn’t and signed a new 2year contract. That means he is our manager. I will support him until he goes because of that. You see things completely differently to me and that is your perogative.
            I will not enter into any more slanging matches with you, because it is pointless and futile to both of us and the rest of the “justarsenal” followers.
            However I will,( unless admin ban me) comment on things that are not correct. The last sentence of the above item is not factual and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    One good season in 8/9 years, injury-prone, yes Chelsea can him for a decent price.

  5. waal2waal says:

    Ramsey has his moments but they are ifrequent – should he stay at arsenal? i doubt venger would let him go to cfc. We are so far behind several other teams it matters not an iota. the difficulf part for ramsey is gonna be celebrating a decade here and not winning the prem and trying his best to keep a straight face.

  6. Counsel says:

    salah bags a hatrick today will be EPL top scorer,debryune,Sanchez,pogba,dimaria,lukaku etc all these are not good enough according mourhino

    1. Sue says:

      Actually he scored 4!!!

  7. Counsel says:

    Some fickle fans were saying how players are regressing under what of mourhino benching players like pogba and Sanchez who’re 400m and 350m on club wages that is criminal he wanted club to buy them now he is busy ruining them

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Careful now, you are talking about the chosen one.

  8. Counsel says:

    salah bags a hatrick today will be EPL top scorer,debryune,Sanchez,pogba,dimaria,lukaku etc all these are not good enough according mourhino.

  9. Innit says:

    I hope we upgrade in Central Midfield BUT Ramsey is a useful player to have. So was Oxlade and Giroud. I didn’t want any of them to go to our rivals. I hope Ramsey will stay but that’s up to him. I just would rather he not be sold to the top teams like Alexis, Giroud, Oxlade, Toure, Sagna, Nasri, RVP were

  10. John0711 says:

    Amazing how new AKB are popping up, won one have council ? Lol
    With a new manager any could become WC

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      You keep being amazed about new AKB’s popping up.
      Wonder why that is?

      1. John0711 says:

        Nice of you to answer for once ken, it’s because you don’t see these names on here such as Council
        And many others disappear until we win “one”
        And the fact that people still settle for mediocrity and support a has been such as wenger for 8 mill a year

        Anytime you wish to debate him with me feel free

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Thanks for the reply.
          Not sure what you mean about answering for once.
          The last time you and I corresponded was about the amount of times different trophies had been won in the last 20 years.
          I gave you a full reply, but didn’t get a response.
          Be glad to have your response on that one and then talk about the mediocrity of the best twenty years in Arsenals history and the 8mill ayear?
          Look forward to it and thanks for the offer.

          1. John0711 says:

            Check back ken my response is there. The fact wenger has been a manager longer should equate to trophies year how many (top awards) CL or PL have we won ?

            And is that figure enough I don’t think so but then again I’m not on 8 m a year

            And then how many top awards did wenger win without gorge greyhams defence

          2. jon fox says:

            JOHN, I am a Wenger out , TODAY, fan . But to answer your question to KEN, Wenger has won just one title, 2003-4, without any of GG’s defence. Not much in 21 years. And that team was full of men, as opposed to boys and injured dwarfs who have been bought and played for the last fourteen years. By WENGER. And STILL some people think he should stay, to continue reducing us to a mid table team. Good grief! Real teams are packed through with leaders. Wenger hates the word “leader”, as he fears that leaders will challenge his idiocy in (mis) running our club. And they would. So they dont appear. Not since Gilberto left, around a decade ago.

          3. John0711 says:

            At lest Ken is back Jon just a coincidence that we’ve won a game ??

          4. jon fox says:

            Not a coincidence but the reason he is back. He has been hiding for a month previously, not surprisingly and now has finally seen the sense and wants Wenger out. Though he still doesn’t blame only Wenger but others as well. ODD THAT, AS I THOUGHT THE MANAGER MAKES ALL KEY DECISIONS. Not in Kens eyes though!

          5. Ken 1945 says:

            Can you give me details of the post in question, because I would like to read your response in full before responding to your questions?
            Food for thought though, how many other managers in the history of the premier league has built a complete defence that became part of the Invincibles?
            What a shame, thought I might be having a sensible debateJohn, but then I Just read your little conversation with Jon Fox, two glaring errors there I’m afraid.
            *We have won three in a row ( suggest you follow your team more closely)
            *If I’ve been hiding for a month, how comes we are having conversations regarding posts from this week and last week (check you facts)?
            FACT FACTS FACTS FACTS…All the bull, sarcasm, hypocracy and disrespect one utters will never win when you can actually prove the point you are making with FACTS
            Made both of these statements* and yourselves look rather childish and immature by using the FACTS, but if thats how you get your kicks then enjoy.

          6. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

            Jon, my strongest concern over the last 10 years under Arsene Wenger has been the dilution of the physicality of the team. Arsenal in too many matches are bullied off the park, due in my opinion to a lack of size, intestinal fortitude, mongrel and on field leadership.
            On the upside, I am always impressed when Arsenal recover from a goal down to win, as they did against AC Milan. To his credit I noticed Aaron Ramsey geeing the side up, after AC Milan scored last Thursday night.

          7. John0711 says:

            Ken I know reading big words is difficult but the statement was his w many Pl & CL titles wenger won without GG defence and it’s 1 not 3 in over 29 years

  11. Sue says:

    I hope not…
    On sky earlier was the best north London derby goals… loved Ramsey’s little back heel flick goal at shite hart lane… brilliant!
    Fed up with seeing our players being sold to rivals….

  12. jon fox says:

    I am ambivalent on Ramsey staying WITH WENGER. The facts tell us he has been here eight years with only one top half season but many useful short spells , none of which last long , before he is either injured(the usual thing) or loses form. However, for Wales he is clearly a regularly effective player. Since Wenger manages us but not Wales what does that tell you about getting the best from Ramsey? To summarise., I am convinced Wenger will leave within a few weeks and so , given that we will then have a proper man in charge , we should give RAMSEY ANOTHER SEASON, UNDER THE PROPER MANAGER, TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

  13. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I would definitely let Ramsey go especially if we get either good money or someone like Willian in part exchange. I’ve never rated him, his only got in the side in the ten years because his a Wenger pet. Be honest, we all know we’ve one decent season since his been here. I’m now going to be told “he scores in Cup Finals”. Talking about Cup Finals, the semi final draw will be Tottenham v Chelsea / Leicester and Man Utd v Wigan / Saints. Worth a bet.

  14. Phil says:

    I believe his wage demands will determine IF he goes and WHERE he goes to.If he is expecting wage parity with Ozil he will be laughed out of the club.If he wants the same or close to Mikki and Auba then realistically the club would understand this.Whether he is offered this elsewhere is a different story.I can’t believe Chelsea would want him.
    In regards his form and injuries over the last few years it is easy to understand the clubs and fans frustrations with Ramsey.But he is the ONLY midfielder we have who hits the box and makes runs ahead of the ball.There are very few players in this country with the ability to do this.I have not been his greatest fan over the years but he is a player that NEVER hides and ALWAYS gives his maximum (which is not always apparent with some of his team mates).
    Wenger obviously loves him and if he is fit he plays.Simple as that.If he is retained over Jack I would understand the reasoning.
    To get the best from the player and play to his strengths it would be so beneficial to both the team and Ramsey if he had the protection of a top class CDM.He does his fair share of defensive work but it’s not his natural game.He has never had the luxury of a top CDM in all his time at the club for the simple reason Wenger thought players of the calibre like Song Denilson Flamini Coquelin And now Xhaka were the answer and has been continually proved wrong.
    We are an attacking team full of gifted attacking players. Wenger has in this last decade failed to recognise the team would get more from a CDM with proven ability.They were out there.His stubbornness refused to sign what everyone saw was a weak link.
    How much more Ramsey could have given is with defensive security behind hi,.

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