Would Arsenal really sell Bellerin to Man United or Ramsey to Chelsea?

You may call me cynical (most people do!) but I have found through experience that the most ridiculous Arsenal transfer rumours appear when there is very little else to write about, like during the summer close season or especially during the no-mans-land of the international break, when there isn’t even a transfer window to use as an excuse.

And so it proves going by today’s papers, with a host of ridiculous links for our players. It was reported not long ago that the Gunners have ‘decided’ to sell Bellerin to increase their war chest this summer, and now they reckon that Jose Mourinho is very interested in taking the Spaniard to Old Trafford and is willing to pay the £50m valuation.

Given that Bellerin himself has admitted that he is missing his family, who have all moved en masse back to the Barcelona region, I would think it extremely unlikely that the 22 year-old would want to move further North instead, and who would Arsenal even considering one of our biggest rivals even further?

The other ridiculous rumour is concerning Aaron Ramsey. As I said earlier, we all know that he is close to the end of his contract at Arsenal, but the suggestion that Chelsea could prise Ramsey away from Arsenal is basically preposterous, and Man United are also reported to be keen too!

With Man City’s billions, they are surely going to dominate the Premier League for years to come, and with Chelsea and Man United being the next richest kids on the block, for us to even consider selling to them would mean that we have given up on challenging for even second or third place. So where would that leave us? In a dogfight for 4th place with Liverpool and Tottenham every season?

These rumours are simply never going to happen!


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  1. If we could get £70-£80 million for them then I would say yes, give to “Diamond Eye” to use on new players. Anyway we owe Man Utd for dumping Sylvestre and Welbeck on us

    1. Swap Bellerin with Luke Shaw, shift maitland Niles to RB/RWB…potential all English back line of Niles, Chambers, Holding, Shaw and Butland. But hope they dont go the way of that last batch of “English core”.

  2. Ramsey i would sell in case of him asking for a pay rise. He is typical Wenger love child who is gaining much playing for the club while actually not understanding that he is not that great how he thinks of him self he is. With a manager who has more ambition he would be long gone and today playing for Southupton or the likes of Everton. A bench player at best in a big team.

    Same goes with Bellerin. They all represents Wengers policies in the club. Overconfident, overrated, over payed to comfortable.

  3. I’d like to say no but you can’t be to sure, Bellerin you would think would eventually go to Barca but I don’t think they would pay 50 mill knowing he wants to join them, as for Ramsy if he doesn’t sign a new contract we could be forced to sell him to the highest bidder. 2 or even last year would you of thought Giroud would be a Chelsea player.

  4. First decent offer anyone gives for the defender who has never learned how defend, aka Bellerin, MUST be grabbed and used to buy a proper defender instead. Ramsey, being close to end of contract is a different case and his reducing contract is again the clubs fault. Personally, i don’t think him good enough for a proper manager who we will soon have installed. But we need to get a decent fee for him or keep him. So a dilemma then! RAMSEY IS HALF A GOOD PLAYER; GOOD AT LATE RUNS BUT WILL NOT TAKE ON THE OTHER ESSENTIAL TEAM PLAY, TRACKING PLAYERS, DEFENSIVE DUTIES. Obstinacy and selfishness I think, rather than actual inability . But either way, unless he does these things , he is NOT A REAL TEAM PLAYER.

  5. If I am the club I am willing to do neither off. Firstly because I firmly believe that those 2 players when healthy and at the top of there game are among our top 6 best players at the club with Özil, Mhiki, Wilshere and Aubameyang.
    Secondly, I believe that under a different manager they can progress and blossom even more in there main role. That is even more true for Bellerin who has youth and potential growth on his side.
    We should be looking to revamp our defense with Luke Shaw and Alderweird. Reports have been coming out that those 2 players aren’t happy at there respective club for various reasons. Bringing 2 premier league proven players will reduce adaptation time . Our wings would be flying fast and our defense will get a clear upgrade.

  6. Bellerin was really good at a very young age, but has not developed, or may even have gone backwards under Wenger. I believe a new manager could really do him well, so keep him, as he is also playing a position, where we would have to buy a replacement, if he is sold.
    Ramsey on the other hand is playing a position, where we have plenty, so I don’t really think he would be missed. Sell, if we can get decent money, but I doubt the big clubs would be competing for him.

  7. On the contrary ,I suspect many top class European sides, including Man Utd would be interested in Ramsay.When match fit he is a very effective player who running off the ball makes him very difficult to pick up.I hope he extends his contract with Arsenal.I prefer him to Xhaka and Wilshere any day.

  8. There are better players out there than Ramsey and Bellerin so I would not be too sad seeing them leave IF we had an ambitious board and manager that would re-invest.

    This being Arsenal we will more than likely sell them and bring in Eboue and Kim Kallstrom on frees with Kroenke pocketing the difference.

  9. If a club offers £35m for Ramsey,we must sell.
    I’ve being saying this for a long time, Ramsey is a bench player and he is still in the club now because he is Wenger’s pet.
    No proper Manager will keep Ramsey for all these years
    As for Bellerin, he might still come good only if he is coached by a proper manager.
    All in all, the most important thing is to oust wenger.

  10. Trust agent arsene, just see how he weakened united with sanchez and Chelsea with giroud.belerin to United would further weaken them if we get martial in return, ramsey to chelsea would fund nebil from Lyon. Campbell. Perez, whilshere to fund a solid right back, chek. Ospina to fund a new keeper, exciting times ahead for Wenger.

  11. Of course we would.
    Arsenal were a selling club when we were competing at the top and now that we are a club in a seemingly terminal decline I don’t see why not.
    Just don’t expect world class or even top class replacements – especially with Gazidis and Wenger at the helm.
    What a terminal diagnosis that is…

    1. Raul, Sven and Huss and the new look Gazidis make all decisions on recruitment, contracts and football relations since January, so that must mean terminal diagnosis is already happening doesn’t it?
      Any contractual problems will be sorted out(Ramsey and Wilshere) and new players are being lined up to ensure next season is as good as the Invincibles period.
      Wenger out May 18th is confidently being predicted
      So what are you all getting your knickers in a twist for?

  12. Although Bellerin has received a lot of stick lately on Just Arsenal, I actually think he’s put in some good performances and is a decent player. With a better manager & defensive coach he could still be excellent. As for Ramsey, I wouldn’t miss him, just like I don’t miss Theo Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    No doubt Ramsey’s energy and athleticism can be valuable on it’s day, but he’s not a top-quality player, and never will be. If he goes it would be an opportunity to replace him with somebody much better, and it would be a good thing for AFC in the long-run, especially with Sven doing some good transfer business for us.

  13. Wenger needs to go. Selling more players to our rivals. NOOOO! Under a new manager I bet we see it were Wenger holding them bk. I’d keep both.

  14. Only Arsenal would offer Ramsey a more lucrative
    weekly package than every player listed below sans
    Eden Hazard. Let that soak in while your skim over the best of the best in the EPL.

    Emre Can—$55K
    D Silva—$160K

      1. Thank you Adam; puts everything into perspective regarding how well off some Arsenal players are. They may be disappointed in what’s on offer elsewhere.

        1. Very hard to digest this Adam and not feel as though the club are OVERPAYING some players.What I would say in the clubs defence is that we had a decade of being told the Stadium debt was holding us back.Like it or not this was the reason we either could not keep hold of players due to their wage demands or could not compete to buy the quality players when up against the bigger clubs not restricted by finances.
          Of course now things are different and the purse strings seem to have opened in terms of transfer fees paid and the wages offered.
          What can we expect for the future? We are still a club with no benefactor to bankroll us so the books have to be balanced.That is a way of life that we must live with and accept.But from now on there can be little or no excuses in the players we buy.Wengers control in these matters have been taken from him so the emphasis and accountability lies with Ivan Gazidis and his new teams.We can’t get things wrong.Big and better players cost more in fees and wages so it’s certainlg going to be interesting.
          As an aside to this it will be very interesting to see what happens at the Spuds this year.A new ground to pay for.Players on wages that are very low (even Kane only on £100k per week apparently) so they will no doubt go through exactly what we went through and let’s see how they come out of it.
          Chelski are the same.The new ground apparently will cost close to £1b.Even with their owner they will have a huge strain on their Transfer and Wage budgets.
          Some interesting times ahead

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