Would Arsenal really sell Lacazette for just 30 million?

There has been an ongoing rumour for some time now that Arsenal are set to allow either Aubameyang and Lacazette to leave this summer, and with the expected arrival of Willian from Chelsea it looks even more likely.

Lacazette has been linked with a move to La Liga with Atletico Madrid many times, and today’s Star is now saying that the Gunners have agreed to let the Frenchman move to Spain once the Aubameyang extension is confirmed. They report: Alexandre Lacazette will be on his way to Atletico Madrid – as soon as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signs a new Arsenal deal.

The Gunners believe they are close to persuading skipper Aubameyang to extend his stay at the Emirates – leaving strike partner Lacazette on course for a £30m switch to Spain.

I must admit that I wouldn’t be surprised if Lacazette moves on, he has always seemed like a Plan B under all three managers this season, and even under Arsene Wenger beforehand, but is he really only worth 30million GBP? It wasn’t very long ago that Arteta made it clear that he wanted the striker to stay. “Why would I want to lose a player like him? I’m really happy with him,” Arteta said on Arsenal.com.

“I really like Alex, I said that even before I joined here that he is the type of striker that I really like.

“I think he had periods where he was very unlucky because he was having the chances and not converting them which he is not used to.

“But the way he can link play, he’s a massive competitor he hates to lose. He goes for every ball, you see in every challenge how he’s ready to go.

“He works really hard and he’s a very intelligent player, I am really happy with him.”

So, could Arteta have changed his mind because he needs to raise funds for his own targets? And is Lacazette only worth the same as Maitland-Niles?


  1. Given past evidence of the actions of the Arsenal Board and senior executive, what Arteta thinks of Lacazette or wants, is immaterial.
    If Arteta wants Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid, Lacazette may have to be the sweetener to go the other way. A straight swap would be a great result, valuing Lacazette at €50 million (~£44 million).
    Does this mean the “bromance” between Aubameyang and Lacazette is over, or is Aubameyang on his way out as well, with Arsenal looking to replace its strike force?

    1. I don’t think even we would contemplate selling both Auba and Lacazette, if one has to go then I suppose Laca is the obvious choice as we have players coming through to cover.

      As for the “bromance”, it is merely a healthy and respected rivalry between two guys who like each other. It happens all the time in all clubs and I dismiss it as of no importance when considering if one of them moves.

      Players move for all sorts of reasons, family, money, silverware, prestige, new experiences in different cultures etc or any combination of those,. Friendships with other players are not a key factor, I’d suggest.!

      In all team sports, players quickly make new friends and very few regret moving because of old friendships now being distant in miles.

      1. I agree jon, I was being facetious, because of the big deal that was made about it by some people. 😁
        It should be remembered that the only reason Arsenal got Lacazette, after many of us had pushed his name forward, was that Atletico Madrid had a transfer embargo.

  2. Football journalism at its very worst.
    Laca at £30million is just ridiculous.
    WHO edits and passes this rubbish.??

  3. Laca was always likely to be one of those big name players with a half decent financial value, even in this pandemic, that would be a possible sale. He has hardly pulled up trees since arriving IMO and at 6 years older than AMN(28 -22) HAS to be a serious sale consideratoin, GIVEN THAT funds are very tight.
    Not saying I welcome it but then I remain, as ever, a realist and live in the world as it IS , not as I would like it to be.

    1. And jon, it could end up being a part payment, if not straight swap, for Thomas Partey, a player who has the potential to dramatically improve Arsenal.

  4. Laca at £30m sounds like he is “priced to sell” if you were to ask £40m plus there would be few takers in the current climate. Arsenal need to bring funds in to pay for new players and new contracts.

  5. when considering how much a player is worth in terms of selling we need to take account pf how much it will to replace with someone of the same quality and experience.We always under value our own players when we are selling and we do the same when we are trying to buy players. IMO thirty Mill is not enough for either Lacca,or AMN.just look arround and see prices being asked for and being paid for average players.

    1. Finally someone who makes sense. We at Arsenal seriously under value our players. Liverpool sold Solanke for 20M, Laca must be worth north of 50M going by that.
      Lots of examples from past where we sold our players for cheap, Gibbs for 4M, Coquelin 14M, Szczesny 12M, Ospina for less than 4M

      1. It gets back again to the quality of the Arsenal Board and senior executive. Arsenal continues to buy high for players, fails to spend funds to address deficient areas and imbalance in the squad, pays over the top wages for average players, sells low, fails to recognise quality Academy graduates, which it sells low, with no buy back or sell on clauses and people wonder why Arsenal is in the financial and player positions it is.

  6. Selling Lacazette who is getting old without much product and no room for forward improvements and getting a younger and dynamic striker like Edoardo Odsoune from Celtic with great room for improvements is good piece of business economically and football wise.

    1. Lawrx, I don’t disagree with you basic premise, but I believe you under value what Lacazette contributes to the team.

      1. he was poor most of the season. Giroud was superior easily. we cannot be afraid to let go of players when there are better options out there. this is a team that finished 8th, so his contributions couldnt have been that valuable when it was really just Auba and Leno carrying us most of this season.

  7. OT.. Willian has posted an open letter to Chelsea fans on his twitter page, about moving on…

    Will he be announced tomorrow??!!

  8. This is a downscale. His absence in terms of work rate, hold up play and experience will be felled for sure. However taken the board situation into account, this story sounds realistic to me and if it means that Auba is prolonging, I can sort of swallow it. Arteta has shown a lot of confidence in Nkitiah, thus I’m not really surprised. But can now act surprised that the club is cash-strapped. We bought this player 3 years ago for 53m and now wan to sell him for almost half of that. His is 29 years old and was moderately successful. Not exactly a great piece of business – probably we bought at to high a price.

  9. Off topic, I read Arsenal considering allowing Ozil to join another club n on subsidizing his wages.

  10. Torreria to alhletico likely swap deal for partey…. But I still feels better to keep lacazette although there was a time I wanted him to leave ,if he is sold we are only left with aubameyang as a striker…. Martinelli, nketiah are not that ready yet if auba is rule out for some time due to injury or suspension…. If he goes we need replacement

  11. He’s hardly worth 50mill anymore. And we are desperate to sell players. Cannot imagine he will be worth more than 30mill in the next season or two either. If we can pull off 35mill that would be very fitting, but reality is we have to let players go, our squad has too many players we do not need and we must bring in better. it’s a bit of a lowball at 30mill but i would be fine if we let him go for that much

  12. All good mangers, including MA, have to show their full support for all their players in public. I would not expect anything less. The key issue here is AL works hard, he leads the press well, but lately has struggled to find good form in front of goal.
    So now we are in the transfer window, trying to improve the team and create more value. And if we can find a younger and better replacement for 30-40M, with a good sell-on value in the future, then what’s the point of keeping LA. Liverpool took similar decisions acquiring Sala and Mane three years and today they have no regrets.
    However, I feel the best use for AL under the current circumstances is in a player exchange for Partey.

  13. I think it is an under value. In transfermarket, his market value is 48M euros, which is almost 43.38£.
    He has two years left and 29 already and scoring record is not very high this season, but bear in mind that team’s chances were few, and we had inconsistent season in general, plus his linkup play and pressure on defense is quality.

    If Auba will sign, I do not mind selling on higher price. May be we should then sign a free striker until we have Martenilli back and Eddie steps up. Ibra, Cavani and Mandzukic are all available as well as others.

    1. 👍 but Edouard from Glasgow Celtic instead of your high wage options with no development or sell on potential.

  14. I hope the highly rated Balogun can be convinced to stay if Lacazette is sold as with Martinelli injured this might open up an opportunity for him.

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