Would Arsenal really sell Lacazette?

I find it very strange that there is rumour going around that Unai Emery in thinking of selling the Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette after just one year at the club, and I am at a loss to understand any reasoning behind it. The Frenchman is (and always has been) a prolific goalscorer, and once he found his form and fitness last season he proved it very clearly.

It must have been a tremendous blow to see Aubameyang come in and take his place in January, but he at least knows that his team-mate is also a great striker, and all big teams need at least two quality strikers to be successful. And as for the suggestion that Emery doesn’t rate him I find that preposterous when our new boss was managing in France while Lacca was banging goals in for fun.

I am simply not buying it. Surely we all know that it is the defence that needs sorting and we don’t need to interfere with our strike force (maybe a winger would be handy) so why change a winning combination?

If it was me I would probably get rid of Danny Welbeck, who is just a glorified non-goalscoring winger, but only if he doesn’t sign a cheap contract extension.

What do you think? Could there be the slightest bit of truth in Emery wanting to get rid of Lacazette?



  1. Eric Ogbe says:

    Hell No ?

  2. Sue says:

    I hope not. He’s been really good for us & has shown he can link up really well with Auba… it’d be crazy to get rid of him. We all know what needs sorting in the team & it sure as hell isn’t selling Laca

    1. Kings says:

      He’s a good player and this is just one season with arsenal with time he will prove he’s still the lacazette we know

    2. Roofer Rob says:

      Sell Ramsey and buy Verratti

  3. Juhi McLovin says:

    Selling him would be a step backwards.

    Sell Welbeck if we need funds.

    Nketiah can already offer more than him.

  4. gotanidea says:

    If there is no place in the wings or behind Aubameyang, I think Lacazette would be sold. Unless Arsenal sell some of their attacking midfielders or other attackers

    I feel Lacazette would be a good false nine, supplying the ball to the wide attackers like Aubameyang, Nelson, Welbeck and Perez

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      gotanidea, I agree as he certainly has the ball playing skills.
      Arsenal have taken so long to get 2 very competent strikers that to sell Lacazette would be criminal negligence. Arsenal have to play EPL, Europa League and the too cups. If Aubameyang is injured, where do the goals come from?
      The thought that Lacazette would go to Turkey is laughable, as a club like Chelsea or French, German, Italian or Spanish club would be after him in a blink of an eye.
      If this happens I would be questioning the thought processes of the “trinity.”

      1. Omar Khadine says:

        “Ozziegunner” The only op[nions worth of any note are those of informed and with a degree of gravitas. “to sell Lacazette would be criminal negligence” ; Yes a coherent case for negligence,recklessness, harm and proximity (in the legal sense) can be made in the vacuous pub talk of those who fail to inform themselves adequately with all the pertinent information.

        Lacazzette is a top end striker is not in question, but, Emery will not use 2 strikers at the same time and as Auba is far superior striker with more acceleration and sprint speed than Laca (faster than “Bolt” to 30 meters!), Emery will not compromise by playing Auba out of position. Emery is constrained with a meagre transfer budget but must enrich and enhance the team to challenge for top honours. Emery wants to sell Laca and buy “Rodrigo” from Valencia, who is equally with Laca as a striker but with a much higher acceleration and sprint speed and stamina who can also play as a “winger” !

        These are the considerations that point towards the deal to sell Laca and not as a sub on the bench !
        Omar. K.

  5. PWESH DYBALA says:


  6. Paul says:

    I agree re lacca but not with the Welbeck comments, a team needs a diverse mixture and Welbeck adds to the team, keep him fit!

    Yaya would be worth a punt for a season or two and Arsenal should think Pickford it Butland – sorting out the keeper should be top priority now.

  7. Karl Norman says:

    Very dumb if they do, he is a goal scorer and if we have a injury who leads the like …. Welbeck lol… that would be a joke

  8. Laca is a pure striker…
    If the rumour is real I would be shocked.
    Beyond understanding

  9. AndersS says:

    Laccazette is good, and it can seem strange to sell him already.
    But we do have a problem. Laccazette and Aubameyang are too similar and we can only play both against very weak opposition, or if we need to chase a goal with high risk towards the end of a game.
    So, if Aubameyang stays injury fee, there will only be room for Lacazette in cup games, and that will not be be satisfactory for him, and it really is not clever to have our second most expensive player as a second choice.
    So in a way it could actually make sense to sell, if we can get a good price and use the money from the sale +his salary for a new player, who is a better fit.
    It would also give Nketiah a better chance. But if Aubameyang gets injured, then we wouldn’t like to be without Lacazette. So it is a 50/50 IMO

    1. So why not use a system to play both?
      I am not a football specialist…

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Arsenal is coming back,
        Absolutely correct regarding a system.
        That system should also include the world class talent of Ozil.
        You don’t have to be a football specialist, just have common sense, which you have shown in two simple sentences.

        1. Ali denis says:

          Lakazette is still has a very big roles along side Abu in the future of the club and he is firm enough to score so i don’t see any reason of selling him

  10. Dudu says:

    Gelson Martins,did any one really know about him?

  11. barryglik says:

    In a perfect world we would
    have bought Auba not Laca.
    But the Sanchez debacle meant
    we lost 60m on sanchez’s loss for free
    then splashed another 60m on Auba to placate the furious fans.
    The club should have just absorbed the fan anger and saved 60m
    especially as Auba was ineligible for Europa.
    Losing 3 CB’s needing a RB new GK DM and winger
    has contributed to this colossal financial challenge leading to
    the club buying veterans, cheapies 17 year olds and avoiding buying a DM.
    Thus talk of old man Perez returning.
    Wellbeck should never have been bought and should go ASAP.
    But with the recent departures of Walcott Chamberlain and Gibbs
    probably Jenkinson and maybe Wilshere home grown numbers is now an issue.
    We are stuck with these under achievers like Holding Chambers
    Wellbeck even Ramsey and his wage demands so Laca Mustafi
    and Ozil may just have to be traded to balance the finances and meet the quota.
    I do however expect Laca to stay but would understand if he was traded out.
    The new gaffer has quite the clean up job so he will need
    at least 2 seasons to build his squad.
    Patience is a virtue and in this regard Arsenal fans
    are becoming more virtuous by the day 🙂

    1. Enagic says:

      For quota we have Reiss, Willock, Niles, Nketiah, Bola rid of Ramsey, Wilshere Welbeck

  12. Ken1945 says:

    It’s obvious who is the culprit here isn’t it?
    Got to be Wenger spreading rumours about in order to destabilise our new manager and staff.
    Someone will blame him, of that you can be sure.
    Maybe Lacs will be his first signing as Real Madrid manager, followed by Abu and Ozil?

    Now for all those hundreds of thousands of fans who think like me and want to look forward to the exciting times ahead, let’s think about Lacs, our latest player to fall under the media spotlight.
    I wonder why we get so carried away by media gossip and aren’t prepared to take on board what was said when Gazidis talked about Emery?
    His knowledge of each of our players in great detail impressed the board and was one of the reasons he was employed. It was also stated that he would assess each individual before making any decisions.
    On top of that, the club would be well aware of the cost to replace a like for like player, including agent’s fees etc etc.
    Just be patient and see what transpires over the summer.
    Whatever it is, surely we have to back the manager?
    It really is as simple as that Gooners, let the new manager manage and judge him and his team accordingly.

    1. jon fox says:

      Spot on KEN. As you well know, I was among Wengers fiercest critics. But not, for God’s sake, a mere few weeks of the close season after he was appointed, which is ludicrously happening to Emery , by SOME dullards. Personally, I am extremely hopeful of the team giving their all regularly, which was what I expected from Wengers teams but rarely got, at least not in recent times. All I expect is workrate, fierce passion and dynamism from the manager and team, plus signs of the team learning – after a lean decade- how to defend.

  13. Tas says:

    Laca or Luca because I far as I know Fenerbahce is on strict spending restrictions from the FFP they have to sell to be able to buy and we will not sel Laca for less than 45 million and Fenerbahce don’t have too many big prize players to muster up that kind of money

  14. Adega Olatunji says:

    Whether we need money or not, welbeck is not of Arsenal standard please. These are the players that have made arsenal football club look boring

  15. Adam Criniti says:

    Arsenal are definitely going to need both to
    successfully navigate the EPL, Domestic Cups
    and Europa League this season. Hopefully our
    new general can implement various systems that
    highlight both players as first choice at times as well as complimentary pieces within a starting 11.

    On who should be sold imho,

    El Neny

    Martins (if SL terminate his contract?)

    GK— Rico & Cech
    FB— Saed..Nacho..Lichsteiner…HB
    CB— Socratis..Mavro..Chambers..Sonycu..Boss
    MF— Doucoure–Ndombele–Torreria–AMN
    AM– Ramsey—Miki–Iwobi–Mertens…Yacine
    S– Auba..Laca..Perez..Nkietah

    Auba (Laca)

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Whoever thinks Iwobi is better than Ozil cannot be of sound mind.

        1. Adam Criniti says:

          Iwobi isn’t in the same talent stratosphere
          as Ozil BUT Arsenal can’t afford for the
          mercurial German to be a passenger in most games, especially those against the top 4 and
          Europa League.
          He is atm a luxury player that Arsenal can’t
          afford to play or sell.

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Play him with strong physical ballwinning midfielders to allow Ozil to be the playmaker. Some people have short memories as to how Arsenal’s goal scoring opportunities reduced when Ozil was absent.

          2. Adam Criniti says:

            I agree Ozzie but sadly MO will never be
            at his best for the Gunners if Ramsey is
            first choice at either CAM or B2B. His propensity to continually and recklessly
            bomb forward suffocates the pockets of attacking space that Ozil thrives in.
            Without such space Ozil is unable to
            pull the strings and becomes increasingly
            frustrated. This is why I wouldnt lose a
            minute of sleep if Arsenal sent Ramsey
            (and Xhaka) packing and brought in an
            athletic B2B midfielder such as Doucoure
            or Ndombele and a paired him with a
            traditional DM such as Torreria or even
            Nzonzi. The midfield balance would
            improve dramatically and allow AFC to
            play a much faster, more aggressive style
            of futbol

          3. Dalinho says:

            If we sold Ozil we would have to change the way we play so badly it would cost £200mil to rectify! Ozil is by far our best player and Germany’s best player along with kroos who by the way is not a DM he’s like Xhaka a DLP so our system rely’s on them both to dominate play! Our biggest problems have been strikers not finishing half chances (auba is here now), full backs not providing enough assists (Bellerin) and defending counter attacks, so buying a new defence and better full backs is what we are currently doing then we need to buy a DM to play along side Xhaka or a good all round CM to play in a 3 man midfield with Xhaka n Ramsey! We will need to sell players to fund the revamp and Sven is gonna have to make to class moves to replace our current players with better ones for less money! But Lacazette and Ozil will never be sold and to even contemplate selling Ozil the guy who runs games against Man Utd Chelsea athletico etc is the stupidest thing if ever heard!

          4. Dalinho says:

            I got a feeling that the only midfielders were in for is
            But we will only buy one, it did seem like arsenal really wanted forsberg since last year plus they wanted to add Seri or pellegrini but it seems they’ve been priced out!

          5. Enagic says:

            My feelings tell me will be Demirbay and Forsberg

          6. Ozziegunner says:


  16. Phil says:

    Why on God’s earth would Emery even consider selling Lacazette?It just won’t happen.Gone are the days when Mr Wenger (note to Ken 1945- How polite was that?)was forced to sell our best players due to paying for the Emirates Stadium to be built.Laca IS one of our best players.Emery MUST find a system that allows Abuamayang Lacazette and Ozil to play effectively in the same side.The new Manager will NOT sanction selling a proven goal scorer after he has only been here a single season and really showed his form when coming back from injury in March.
    Welbeck?If we buy a wide player I can see him gone:Eddie will get game time this season in the Cups and hopefully force his way into the first team squad for Premiere League games.And with Nelson also coming through this could force Welbeck out.But Lacazette?Never

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      Agreed 100% Phil. We need both of them for sure. Getting rid of Welbeck, Perez and Campbell should get us a bit of transfer funds to help get a wide player. Nketiah and Nelson are very talented as well I think we are very well covered in attack.
      Leno – Sokratis – Lichtensteiner – Adli – A powerful DM, and possibly Gelson Martins and we are good to go.

      1. Enagic says:

        Arsène Out
        Nelson and Nketiah are not ready to play for Arsenal 1st team we need to stop overhype those kids, can you really put those players against Barcelona or Madrid even EPL big 5?? Those suggestions sound like Wenger ‘s experiment with Djorou and senderos

    2. Adam Criniti says:

      Sadly I don’t think Arsenal will ever see the
      best of Ozil if there unwilling to reshape the
      current midfield dynamic. Ozil requires space
      and freedom of movement to find those
      small pockets where he magically pulls
      the attacking strings. He desperately needs
      a traditional B2B that relishes the opportunity
      to physically boss the midfield while providing
      service to the German and other attacking
      players as well as assist the DM with additional
      cover for the back 4. Sadly our current B2B
      midfielder plays more like an additional #10
      than what is required of the position.

      A Ndombele/Doucourr/Torreria
      axis in the midfield would be a perfect
      compliment to Ozil and we would probably
      see the German return to his place amongst
      the world’s best.

      And this isn’t another piss on Ramsey piece, I
      honestly rate the Welshman just can’t see him
      and Ozil both excelling in the same 11.

  17. Izuchukwu Okosi says:

    I went straight to the comments section even before reading your piece.

    NO…we should collectively STOP linking Alexandre Lacazette, Arsenal’s top scorer of last season with an exit.

    I thought we want flops to go and the players with best stats to stay? So who was your best striker last season? Lacazette!

    Some will argue he was omitted from France’s World Cup but so was Naingolan, Leroy Sane, Morata, Fabregas etc!

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  18. ruelando says:

    This can only be a rumour, our most senior Striker Aub does not have a problem in sharing the work load up front and both players have played in the wide position before, Arsenal looks even more dangerous with both players on the field of play. It is therefore left to the manager on how best to get the most out of our two world class strikers, if we are to compare the stats with the top 6, i have no doubt we will come out in having the the most lethal pairing.

    So what should be address is the additions in the midfield, to be more specific DM DM DM DM

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  19. Innit says:

    Lacazette is one of the bestest players we got., innit! He scores goals

    Also Aubameyang can’t play every match and will get injured at some point.

    We should keep both Lacazette AND Aubameyang if we want to challenge the top teams

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  20. Boliviangunner says:

    We have Auba, Laca, Welbeck and Perez all of them for the striker position. 4 players for only 1 position. At least one needs to go.
    Auba is our top player so hes not going anywhere.
    Perez failed to make an impression at AFC but he speaks Unais language, and the new coach needs a messenger on the pitch. My guess, well be seeing a lot Perez this season since Emerys English is really bad. So, it is either Laca or Welbeck leaving, or maybe both

  21. Declan says:

    Stupid rumour, Laca will not be sold.

  22. Declan says:

    People saying we can’t sell a certain someone as it means we will have to change the way we play. But we have a new manager and he will change the way we play. Every new manager we have had has changed our style, I know because I have seen at least 8 of them. Look at the difference between the styles of Graham and Wenger, both winners but entirely different playing philosophies and styles.

  23. Will says:

    I just don’t understand why we would sell Laca. According to comments made by Pires him and Auba seem to be clicking very well in training and when I watch them play it looks like they love playing together. We look at our most dangerous when the two of them are on the pitch with Ozil.

    A front 3 of Laca, Auba and Ozil is one of the strongest in the league IMO so I do not see the point in splitting it up. Surely Emery is good enough of a coach that he can create a system to accommodate them all. I see a lot of people talking about selling Ozil as well – they must have very short memories because when he did not play last season we looked awful and barely created anything.

    If we buy a specialist DM there is no reason we could not play a 4-1-3-2 formation accommodating all three which would switch to a 4-3-1-2 when we don’t have the ball – freeing Ozil up so he can do what he is in the team for which is create. This would require discipline from the 2 wider players to tuck in and track back and means we can stop sticking Ozil out wide where he is less effective like we did last season.

    New DM
    Mikhi/New winger/Ramsay Ozil Ramsay/Mkhi/New winger
    Laca Auba

  24. Fishface says:

    Sell welbeck

    Play :


    Jack/Rambo Miki

    Sead. . Chambo Holding. Bellend

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