Would Arsenal really take 50m Euro for Bukayo Saka?

There are some very strange rumours that Arsenal would seriously be thinking of cashing in on Bukayo Saka, perhaps to help to pay for some of the 150m purchases they made this summer?

In fact the Express their headline reads…. Arsenal slap bargain price tag on Bukayo Saka as Juventus and Atletico Madrid circle

And then they go on to say something quite unbelievable! They claimed: But according to reports, despite him being one of England’s best young players, Saka assuringly isn’t that valued by the Arsenal board at all.

Despite being one of their best players and having three years left on his contract, Calciomercato have reported that Arsenal would require a fee of just £43million (€50m) for the London-born winger.

Now that must be the most ridiculous statement since the end of the transfer window.

Our 20 year old starlet (along with Smith-Rowe) helped to drag Arsenal out of the doldrums last season, and then his meteoric rise continued into his performances at the Euros, where the whole world was made aware of his incredible talent.

Certainly, he has not made the best of starts this season after his summer xertions, but as Mikel Arteta said after our win over Burnley on Saturday: “Well, he hasn’t had a lot of preparation physically. I think there are still things to improve there, but he is trying hard. He is another one who struggled in the final minutes. But it’s great that he’s able to suffer and somehow come through that and manage these difficulties and adversities during games where it is not really going for him. That is part of football. He had parts where he was brilliant and then he struggled and then he was brilliant again. That is better than being brilliant and then to struggle, struggle and struggle. So it’s part of his development and I’m really happy with him.”

Young Saka has been with the Gunners through all the years of his development and I am sure he loves the club as much as we love him.

The idea we would sell him at all is quite laughable, never mind for a price of just 50m Euros!


  1. Sake a fantastic but he is overhyped by our fans, much like ESR.

    All players are way overpriced but if Sancho was 85mil then Saka should be at least 100mil

      1. Excuse me but JustArsenal are only reporting what was posted elsewhere, and in fact I agree with you.

        But it is not our “clickbait” it is CalcioMercato’s!

      1. So how do you want him to prove his worth? Isn’t he better than Sancho in the national team? Has Sancho won anything? Saka has an FA cup and community shield to show. Sancho has always played in a better system. Saka on the other hand played under the confusion of Emery and now under Arteta’s non-working attacking system and he’s always come out well. So how do you want him to prove his worth?

        1. @dgr8xt
          The price tag difference says it all. Next time try and view the overall situation, instead gettin all up in your feelings…

          1. Price tag days it all”? Really? Rashford is significantly more highly valued than Saka. But be honest. Is Rashford as good or as consistent as Saka? Price doesn’t always tell the whole story. If it did, then Donyell Malen would have been bought for four times what Dortmund paid for him

      2. We didn’t buy saka, we raised him so I don’t understand the comparison with Sancho who by the way, hasn’t really hit the league with the hype he was made up to be .
        Saka has been consistent for us for two straight seasons he has nothing to prove to arsenal . we only require him to get better as he matures.

      3. We didn’t buy saka, we raised him so I don’t understand the comparison with Sancho who by the way, hasn’t really hit the league with the hype he was made up to be .
        Saka has been consistent for us for two straight seasons he has nothing to prove to arsenal . we only require him to get better as he matures.

    1. “Saka is overhyped by our fans … (he) should be at least £100m”

      I need someone to break that down for me. 😉

  2. I know JA are reporting everything Arsenal, as is their stated mission on the website.
    No problem their then, but I do worry that these unfounded rumours (never a name mentioned…. just “our sources” or “contacts within the club”) will affect such a young talent.

    He is Arsenal through and through and has stated this numerous times – as have the club regarding his long term future.

    Seems to me, the media are short of a sensational headline – what better than to have a go at The Arsenal?

    1. Ken, Welcome to the pedants club! I do not pounce on language mistakes by educated folk, as even I sometimes use incorrect spellings, though generally by mistake, not because I cannot spell. And for non English as first language speakers, it would not be fair!

      But as YOU yourself have chosen to correct your own initial error, I award you the pedant of the month medal. We pedants will rule the world someday(which includes the hours after dark too!).

      1. 😂😂😂😂 Jon if I ruled the world, every day would be the first day of spring…. sounds like a good line to start a song with.
        It’s silly season again as far as the media and The Arsenal are concerned.
        Why we ALWAYS attract such negative comments, I will never understand.

        1. Ken It seems my original reply, agreeing with your post at 5.11 once again failed to appear. God knows why this keeps happening but its irritating.

          As to the negative generation of fans, not only Gooners, but most top clubs, we older and loyal fans are fighting against the overwhelming tide of instantly demanded success by generation “I want and demand it NOW” and, sadly, I see no turning of this ugly tide any time soon, as it is caused by spoilt kids everywhere, IMO.

          Patience had died among younger folk to all intents and purposes. Sigh!

  3. I don’t believe for a moment that we are considering selling Saka. But for the player there may come a time when he considers his future, particularly if the club is not achieving success. My case in point is Jack Grealish.

  4. The Express article really is rubbish. If he is not for sale at any price, how could we put a price on him? It’s a random amount, possibly based on one of the footballer valuation sites, which are commonly way under the true market value of any of the top players. 100% untrue.
    Whilst it may be the case that we at Arsenal, like most fans are over-hyping our own talented players, in our particular situation Saka IS almost priceless, because he gives us something no other player does. If he was one of many talented attackers at say RM or PSG then his value to the team would be less, as would potentially his price tag. Supply and demand – his value is the higher of what Arsenal would sell him for and what another club would pay. Throw in a bidding war and it goes up again. He’s just turned 20 and he has developed so fast, his potential is huge. So whilst his current mv may well be only £60-70m, both his value to Arsenal and potential future value are closer to £100m.
    He has quite a few overall poor games, but can throw in 2 or 3 moments of sublime skill to create, and that’s why he is coveted.

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