Would Arsenal really want Simeone after Malaga disgrace?

Of course I want Arsenal to win things, but not at any price. That is why I was never among the Arsenal fans who would have liked to see Jose Mourinho replace Arsene Wenger as the boss. He may well have been successful in his career but that ‘win at all costs’ mentality that has seen him cowardly attack a rival from behind with a finger in the eye, deliberately send out teams to dive and hack down opponents, and many other things in a very long list, is not what I want to see at my club.

I am not saying that I want Arsenal to stick with Wenger because he is a nice guy and I have now made my mind up that we do need a change at the top, but I do not agree with the growing number of Gooners who want the new boss to be Diego Simeone. I will never forget him as being the sort of player to pull every trick in the book.

He was happy to employ rough and downright dangerous tactics to stop an opponent but when touched himself you could have been forgiven for looking for a sniper in the stands. Remember how he rolled around and writhed in pain after Beckham had glanced him with a sidefoot in the World Cup?

Simeone certainly manages in the same style as he played and his teams are a reflection of that character, which is great if you want fight and desire but not so good for the fair play and sporting side of the game. His latest antics in the game between Atletico Madrid and Malaga at the weekend will probably see him banned from the touchline for the remainder of the La Liga season but that will not help Malaga.

They will be sick about losing a game 1-0 when a promising counter attack of theirs was stopped when a second ball was thrown onto the pitch from the Atletico bench. We cannot be sure it was Simeone but I can be sure it would not have happened with another more honest manager in charge.

Do you really want this guy in charge of Arsenal?

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  1. Wenger will still be with us next season unless he pulls off a surprise and resigns after this season…

    Having said that, I still don’t mind if we get Simeone. Maybe we need a rugged manager but it’ll be difficult for Him to leave Ath. Madrid unless we splash him with money (not our way)..

    I actually like Laudrup (He used to be Swansea’s manager). Bring Beckham into the picture too. Someday he will manage Arsenal. After all, Wenger wasn’t all that before he came to Arsenal..

    1. god i love simeone even more now.
      hes got that lil bit of devilment in him,
      he has that edge that lil bit of hunger we crave.
      hes carried that from his playing days

      no point looking at ur bosses missus tho,
      we are where we are

      1. The question is – would Simeone take on the Arsenal&Kroenke job for £8M a year?

        Fair enough he’ll be twice as rich as he’ll be in Atletico, but he may destroy much of his reputation if Kroenke doesn’t give him sh!t to work with. A manager & owner with the same hunger for trophies as us supporters. Oh, we can dream!

    2. doesn’t matter what the Author thinks……… Look into simeone and u’d see “Hunger and fight”

  2. Looking for a reason to disqualify seomone?? Don’t forget even the humble wenger once attacked the rugged Mourinho.

  3. We need to be very careful who we pick as our next manager. Bully tactics don’t always work, just look at how Mourinio lost the respect of his team at Chelsea. We definately need someone firmer than Wenger though, someone who you know if you do not perform, you warm the bench or even get dropped altogether.

    Guardiola would have been perfect for Arsenal, his temperament and even his style of football…such a pity we never went for him when we had the chance. Moyes anyone? LOL

    1. 20yrs and still counting and Arsenal really arent settled under wenger

      and a new manager is expected to work wonders in a season?

      Wanna rate wenger?, give an ambitious manager 20yrs and see what happens between

  4. People are just frustrated
    with the club going
    12 years with out the title.
    Simeone…any one seems better.
    Owner is not interested in England, Football or titles.
    Manager is 67 and has lost the will to fight for the title.
    He’s in the 8 mill a year 4th place comfort zone.
    The board are too scared to sack him.
    He’s a law unto himself. He believes he “is” Arsenal.
    Players are paid mega even when they under perform.
    They are under no pressure to win titles.
    Too many over the hill injury prone favourites clog the system.
    Even the fans have been silenced. They just sit and stare into space.
    We have been very patient, heard all the excuses a million times
    given him three more seasons than he deserved.
    Hes 67 and there is no sign of us winning the league.
    Best chance we’ve had for 10 years and we get beaten by Leicester.
    If he can’t win the weakest league ever when will he win?
    Time to go AW.

  5. No Quarter given and no quarter asked for.‎

    Game was changing with Latin American theatrics back in Simone day and before. Not that I agree with it but it is done to try and get the team an advantage‎ and your opposition at a disadvantage.

    Wenger has zero motivational skills and zero passion to fire up his players anymore and he doesnt have ‎Adams, known, Dixon, viera, petit etc to do it for him.

    Simone in
    Wenger out

  6. we need any ambitious manager to be in arsenal as far as Wenger is not in charge.He does not deliver trophies but earns 8 million a year.He is a fraud!!! He should be investigated

    1. Spot on.
      I reckon any other manager would manage to win us the title this year. And then compare this season with the season 2013/14 in this exact moment. There is a six point gap between the seasons, and that season we got destroyed by mansity, Liverpool, chelski and Everton, which wasn’t the case in this season. This is so bad, it’s beyond compare and it might get worse still.

  7. Simeone is what Arsenal needs now, these players are too comfortable, football is about passion as you said you don’t know if it was Simeone, that man is a fighter and knows how to drill the results, he is the pain in Barca and Real M, Wenger is old and tired he treats those players as grandsons instead of men

  8. All I want is a trophy, win pretty, win badly and win the trophy. A hood coach is known by the numbers of trophies he has won. Experiences are shown if only you have a trophy to support you, thats why we are hailing Fergie and other great coaches

  9. i am also of the opinion that wenger deserves all the criticism but that aside everybody who wishes for simeone should just stop being a fan of Arsenal and support chelsea or stoke or atletico or something.. sorry but i now absolutely hate simeone.. that guy is a sh*tty guy with a sh*tty character and he is the biggest disgrace of a manager!!! that incident against malaga! i like some of mourinhos arrogant but funny lines (same as i like ibrahimovich’s lines) but as a manager simeone is muuuuuch more irritating than mourinho, till now i thought he just had an extreme defensive style (which i dont really like, but that would be just my opinion) but what he did against malaga was just despicable!

    1. I agree with you, what ever happened to fair play. The younger generation for the most part are going to love this sly petulant behavior. This simply wouldn’t have been tolerated over a generation or more so ago. Diving was even a big issue. Sometimes I believe to beat certain teams you have to play them at their own game, but that is different. That is dishing out their own medicine to see how they like it. I haven’t seen the Malaga thing and only read it here, I can’t believe a team would do something like this. Remember the DiCanio thing when he caught the ball because keeper was down, that was when three points where massive for their relegation battle. I truly believe that Madrid should be stripped of points for this, or they should be big enough to offer a replay similar to ourselves in a certain cup game going back a number of years. I think it was against Sheff utd.

  10. Neither him or the ” narcissistic one” thank you. I’m not a win at all costs attending supporter, I pay in excess of 10k a year watching the Arsenal and remember the dark Graham and Richoc days.

    I pay that money to be FIRSTLY entertained, then secondly to hopefully win something once is a while.

    Pep would of been my dream ?

    I still state, unless the board give cast iron guarantees on player funds we won’t be getting a Top Top manager, even if Wenger was/is going.

  11. honesty I will forgive a diving Özil who earns us points that guaranteed our EPL trophy.
    Chelsea and United did it many times. they were criticized, but left Aline after few months. however the trophy remains with them.
    As for us(Arsenal), have we ever won fair play trophy despite all our ‘ clean football and fair play’ ???

    Bring Someone please

  12. This is “hypocrisy” at it’s highest level. Win at all costs, is all fine and good, until you’re on the receiving end of it and the result goes against you…
    I agree with you on the “being entertained 1st, and hopefully win something once in a while.” I despise cheaters…

  13. I think Arsenal fans should stop worrying about who the next manager is.

    The fear seems to be that we ” will end up like United or Chelsea ”
    Hello…..United are in the FA Cup final and after their game in hand are 2 points behind us…not bad for a club who lost a REAL legend a few years ago.As for Chelsea , does anyone really believe they won’t be back next year ?
    Let’s face reality…like Moyes , it will be hard for ANYONE to come into a club that has been totally controlled by one man for so long ( do the toilets even flush if Wenger is not around ? ). This is no excuse for holding onto incompetence.Really how much worse can it really get? Maybe at worst a year , maybe two of mid table ?
    There are plenty of decent managers out there ( remember there have been several filling in at Chelsea ).
    We don’t need to appoint a new Saviour ( f@#k knows were still trying to get rid of the old one ).
    It’s like a relationship breakdown or something. You don’t hold off splitting up until Mr or Ms Perfect comes along and you can instantly jump back into a long term relationship. You can date, test the waters, change options.
    I have absolutely no doubt that Arsenal can attract the best managers in the world if available.
    Let’s just see who can fill in at the time ( hopefully soon ).
    If they perform and we like them , we keep them. If not ,we move on with someone new.
    The simple fact us that nobody could do much worse with the awesome facilities, fan Base , history , power and prestige that this wonderful club has.

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