Would Arsenal risk selling Folarin Balogun to bitter rivals Tottenham?

As the transfer window deadline looms, the Tottenham Hotspur hierarchy finds themselves on the hunt for a new talismanic striker. Ever since Harry Kane’s high-profile departure to Bayern Munich, the club has been scouting various options to fill the void left by the England captain. One surprising name apparently on their radar is reported to be Folarin Balogun, who looks to be on his way from Arsenal.

Tottenham’s interest in Balogun underscores their determination to secure a top-class forward before the window slams shut. With names like Romelu Lukaku swirling in the rumor mill. However, a recent report from Gazzetta dello Sport suggest that Tottenham is exploring the possibility of signing Balogun from Arsenal, if a deal can be struck that satisfies all parties involved. The young United States international appears to be on the verge of an Emirates exit, as the Gunners look to capitalize on his impressive performances on loan. Balogun’s remarkable tally of 21 goals in just 37 appearances for Reims in Ligue 1 during the 2022-23 season has not only exceeded expectations but also has the potential to significantly bolster Arsenal’s FFP balance.

The financial aspect is crucial here, with Arsenal reportedly seeking around €55 million (£47.48 million) for a player who has less than two years left on his current contract and has made only a handful of first-team appearances. The prospect of such a substantial fee could be hard for Arsenal to resist, even if it means parting ways with a promising talent, especially if they perceive it as a strategic move to strengthen a direct competitor in the Premier League.

Tottenham’s pursuit of Balogun presents an intriguing narrative, akin to the emergence of a new Harry Kane. Like Kane, Balogun has the potential to rise from relative obscurity to become a fan favorite and a scoring sensation at the club. However, this potential transfer isn’t just about the individual player; it’s about the dynamics between rivals, the transfer market chess game, and the broader impact on both clubs.

Will Balogun be the answer to Tottenham’s striker conundrum, or will Arsenal’s reluctance to bolster their competition leave this deal in the realm of unfulfilled speculation? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the North London derby could take on a whole new level of intensity if this transfer comes to pass.

Jack Anderson

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  1. Selling Balogun to Spurs would force them to play him ahead of the more powerful Richarlison and Veliz. He’d likely make Spurs worse in hold-up play and aerial duels

    Caicedo will be 22 years old this year, had a five-year contract at Brighton and was sold for £115m, despite being non-homegrown and playing DM only

    Balogun is also 22 years old, has two years left at Arsenal and was one of most prolific strikers in Ligue 1 last season, so he should be sold for at least £60m as a homegrown hotshot CF

    1. Gai, I honestly care less selling to Epl rival. Balogun is overhyped playing in French league. The few strikers that came from French league to play in Epl are mostly of considerable height and only few performed. There is no guarantee FBalogun would lightup Spurds. If they can pay 50m or 45M Arsenal should sell. I think we still need a Centre half in the mould of Salina or a dynamic CF.

      1. If no club is willing to pay £60m for him this month or in January, I think Arsenal had better extend his contract and loan Nketiah out

        1. Gai, That’s the issue Arteta would not loan Nkethia out he often applaud his work rate. He doesn’t seem to believe that much in Balogun he didn’t even rate him in pre season. Balogun needs to go for his own good. I guess many clubs are skeptical of FBalogun’s one season performance in League1. His consistency not well proven. Inter now considering another player according to reports.. I don’t think top teams would buy him above 50m

          1. I heard Balogun is injured. I agree that big clubs might be worried about the possibility of him being a one-season wonder

          2. Yet Utd paid 70 million for a one season wonder in a weaker league then the French league.

            Hard to judge a player when you never play him, right? Heard plenty about Nketiah’s work rate, yet still waiting for goals after 5 years and 132 games.

            As for the nonsense about his scoring in French league, ask yourself this;

            If it was as unimpressive as you suggest, then why such a high fee? Shouldn’t it be much lower because it’s only the French league?

            I guess Mbappe is overrated too, being in the French league. His goals don’t mean much either aye?

            Scoring 21 goals for a young player gets attention and interest, so why should we sell cheap?

    2. Club put high valuation and stick to their valuation if players are indispensable to them like caicedo was for brighton. Even if no club would bid thier asking price or caicedo remained in brighton, it wouldn’t harm them much as he will bring results. But a club will be fool to ask insane money for a player who are surplus to requirement. For example if no club paid 50mil for Balgaon and he would remain in Arsenal then its sure that next year his valuation will drastically decrease. So you risk 35 mil to keep a player on the bench and then lose for free in 2 yrs seems unreasonable. What we can do is ask for ad on or buyback clause so we can get him back if prove himself better than our existing players.

  2. Think Arsenal is prepared to take their chances if the Spuds stumps up the reported £47.48 mills..

    The Spuds midfields seems to be coming to life, Arsenal needs the funds to buy a next powerful defensive midfielder to challenge the establishment.

  3. Somehow I can’t see Spurs paying £55m for Balogun either. Basically Arsenal want more than the market will pay, either they are going to have to drop the price or keep the player. The danger is of course they pay his wages for two years then he walks away for free. As far as Spurs goes the problem is what sort of striker do they actually need ? For all his brilliance Kane wasn’t an ideal fit for Postecoglu’s system and I’m not clear who would be.

  4. Balogun is home grown and young. Hojlund 34games 9goals 72m pounds, Balogun 37games 21goals = 75m – 80m pounds plus add-ons. if Tottenham can cough up 75m-80m pounds they can have him

  5. Selling to a EPL rival only with a considerable premium. If Lavia, a DM for a relegated side goes for 55-60m, we should get at least that for Balugon.

      1. Agree. Brentford might go for that. Though, they do have pretty strong fwd options without Toney. Worth a shot imo. Mind the pun.

  6. If they pay the price then why not?

    Only premier league clubs are likely to have the money we are asking but I think he probably going to go to West Ham

  7. I like Ivan Toney, but he’s on suspension – for how long? The sob were betting on his own team! How stupid can u get? I want Arsenal to have reasonably intelligent players. At least 50 IQ. But Toney is a great baller. A perfect Plan B-man for the Gunners. 20 goals + last season. Both in November when Brentford did 2-1 against City on Etihad. Lovely.

  8. Though this story seems far more unlikely than likely, what MATTERS is the principle of regarding Spuds no differently from any other prospective buyer of Balogun.

    IF, which I massively doubt, they are willing to pay what we deem Balogun to be worth, we would be stupid to refuse it.

    Our club is of course, NO LONGER stupid with selling players while they have value.

    It seems very likely that Balo WILL leave, but whether it will be this summer must now be in some doubt, given that no club has yet made a sensible bid, anywhere near our asking price.

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