Would Arsenal signing Zlatan appease the anti-Wenger fans?

Arsenal are claimed to be ready to offer Zlatan Ibrahimovic a two-year contract, to make the move from Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

The Swedish superstar is out of contract at the end of the term, and is believed to be keen to continue playing at the top level. Zlatan is said to have turned down a highly lucrative offer to join the Chinese Super League in order to remain in Europe, and he could have a huge impact wherever he decides to play.

The 34 year-old has scored a huge 32 goals in his 27 Ligue 1 outings this season, as well as leading the assists table with 13, and can also boast an impressive 11 goals for Sweden while helping them to reach the upcoming European Championships.

Arsenal are now claimed to be ready to offer the free-scoring striker a club record £250,000 per-week wage, on a two-year deal. The current highest paid player Mesut Ozil is believed to be on £140,000 per week, although there is talk that he is set to receive an increase on his current terms.

The Gunners are not in the best situation currently, with many fans having turned on the manager in recent months, with the club’s failure to sign a single outfield player last summer blamed on their disappointing title challenge.

Arsenal brought Petr Cech into the squad from Chelsea, and despite calls for a striker to be added, none arrived. Giroud and Walcott started the season in top form, but both have struggled for much of 2016, and both are being linked with a possible exit.

A big-named striker has been on the wishlist of every Gunners fan in recent years, and Zlatan could be the ideal candidate to take the pressure off of the manager, and push us forward as we look to end our 12-year wait for another Premier League title win.

Would a deal with Zlatan take the pressure off Wenger this summer?

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  1. never happen

    would risk disharmony in squad
    wants more than double arsenal ‘offer’
    if he would say to peps face he has no balls infront on messi xavi iniesta
    imagine wenger lol

    more likely we get hulk hogan

  2. wenger should go, even if he signs messi we may still not win the league, his best days are past him and cant do anything we need a news manager with desire to take us further

  3. wow!!!seems some fans r content wit: another Olympus has fallen performance of arsenal so they just want give the old man another year.A year which a new man can start fixing the rot seems we never learn.admin such authors should find there own blog a disgrace of an article.a very shameful title.praying so hard for a change coyg

  4. Yes
    If he is fit and
    totally committed
    bring in the Sultan.
    A free transfer and
    26 million total salary for 2 years is actually very reasonable because he
    should fetch 10 mill resale to MLS or 20 mill to China in 2 years time.
    Higuain Lukaku or Lewandowski in comparison would all cost
    north of 45 million plus 10 mill per year in salary so perhaps 65 mill over 2 years
    but of course with a higher resale value especially the younger Lukaku.
    Sell injury prone Wilshere 20 mill
    Sell nutty expensive average Walcott 25 mill
    = 45 mill
    Sign striker Zlaten. Free.
    Buy CB ? Varane 22 mill
    Buy CM Xhaka. 23 million
    All done and we have not spent any of Stan’s money. Must be good 🙂
    PS. Please do not sell Ozil or Sanchez.We don’t need the money.

    1. If he signed a 2 year contract, in 2 years he’s a free agent, no sell on fee whatsoever.

      For the record, I don’t think he’ll be coming to Arsenal, too old, past his best and all the goals he’s scored in Ligue 1 mean nothing, it’s a one team league. Did you see him in the two games against Man City, hardly had a sniff in the first leg, and may well have stayed at home for the second leg, is that what happens when he’s up against a decent team. So in answer to the original question, no it wouldn’t appease this fan in the slightest.

  5. Nonsense……….sheer Nonsense

    Ibra or no Ibra…… Wenger needs to pack up his things and leave for strasbourg

    F*** Ibra…..don’t need him for anything

    where was Arsenal when his Best years weren’t behind him?….. Oh!…forgot we wanted him for a trial…

    This is the EPL…..a very demanding league…..at 34, what makes anybody think he’d just come down ere and get 32goals per season?

    Really, the EPL??????

  6. I liked the central defender from Villarreal the African dude the one that came out injured He got every ball that came into the box I didn’t get his name but yeah he was soiled

  7. Ibrahimovic wants £ 500,000 a week plus a 3 year ccontract! …. Next! ?

    As for the Anti- Wenger fan’s? ? The whole world can see that Changes are needed at the club and since Wenger isn’t keen on changing things,then obviously it’s time for him to be changed.

    Enough of the Groundhog day’s! ?? It’s time to move on.

  8. Don’t care who comes anymore. More interested in 1 man leaving.

    Til then, nothing around AFC to get excited about.

    And now for a song! 🙂

    You got Simone in
    Ya Wenger out
    In, out, in, out
    What’s it all about?
    You loosè the 4th place trophy
    And you get pushed out
    That’s what it’s all about……ta

    Oh..the fourth place trophy…

  9. Could all of you people demanding a world class striker please tell me who you think we could actually get? ie. Not Suarez, Lewandowski, Benzema, Aubameyang, Cavani or Aguero, because newsflash: they aren’t coming.

    Given the shortage and ridiculous prices of top strikers, I’d much rather we bought a top quality, goalscoring winger, like another Alexis Sanchez. Worked for Bayern back in 2013. Mandzukic wasn’t a world class striker, but Bayern didn’t lack goals with Robben and Ribery banging them in. They walked through all of Europe with that attack. So yeah, I’d quite like for us to go in for Riyad Mahrez.

    1. Honestly, I want both – give us our own version of Barca’s MSN- I don’t know if there are too many top players likely to be available in either position in all honesty. As top class CF targets I came up with: Mauro Icardi, Arkadiusz Milik, Vincent Janssen, Lacazette, Lukaku- none are guaranteed to be a big step up on Giroud though. Aubameyang & Higuain are true world class targets who aren’t beyond the realms of possibility IMO- although unlikely. Their transfer to Arsenal would be a fairly sideways move in terms of current club stature/standing- these moves do happen with top players, given enough of an incentive (pay-rise perhaps). Zlatan will go somewhere too, ya never know! In terms of great players who can play WF who might be available- I came up with Mahrez, Payet perhaps- then I’m really struggling.

  10. Arsenal signing Zlatan would anger me. He is over the hill and would be a waste of money. If you can sign Zlatan sign Lukaku or an other younger striker with some years left on the clock.

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