Would Arsenal take Rooney or ANY Man Utd players?

While most Arsenal fans, if not all of us, have been enjoying the trials and tribulations of our old Premier League rivals Manchester United ever since the red nosed devil Sir Alex Ferguson stepped aside as their manager, a lot of us are still surprised that they still have not managed to get it together under David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and now Jose Mourinho.

However much I dislike the former Chelsea boss, and it is quite a bit, I accept that he does tend to get results and with all the money that United have been spending I expected a lot more from them. Unless the club does a Chelsea and gets rid of him quick, though, I reckon Mourinho will be spending a lot more money in January and according to media reports he could be set to offload some of the current squad, including big names like the club captain Wayne Rooney.

A report in The Mirror that asked one blog writer from all 20 EPL clubs showed that most still would, despite his current dip in form, although seven said no. The Gooner was not one of them, however, and we have been linked with him before, so would you still want him?

I am not so sure, although he might be a good back-up for Ozil in the num,ber 10 role, which is one where we do not have much cover, as well as being another decent striking option. Definitely not in the midfield role he has often played in recent years though as we have plenty of talent there.

There are other players who seem to be out of favour with the miserable one though, such as Luke Shaw and Mkhitaryan, so if not Rooney, which of the current United squad, assuming they are available, would you like to see come to Arsenal in January?


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      1. lol its like saying we would take giroud over aguero, , ohh wait we actually say that too. No wonder other fans always make fun of us. Delusional at its best.

      2. What a silly comment. The question was which Man Utd players will you take? It’s not a comparison between Arsenal players and Man Utd players, doh

  1. I wouldn’t mind getting the boy Rashford, he’s being wasted under Mour. He’s clever with runs and finding space and I think he can finish too. I must say I’m shocked whenever I see utds back four, none of them look Mour players except Bailey the one he bought. I’m especially surprised seeing Blind playing CB I never thought I’d see Mour go with a small ball playing CB who isn’t even in his right position, seems more like something Arsene or Pep would do. I wouldn’t write Pogba or Mkhit off yet, although I believe Arsene would be a better manager for Mkhit than Mour is for him. I believe that when Mourhino gets all his own players esp defenders then I believe Pogba could become a big player.

  2. It’s a myth that Jose doesn’t like creative players, Sneijder, ozil, di maria, hazard, Ronaldo , robben, lampard and many others have thrived under Jose. I think Jose is using a careful approach with MkhiT and I can’t see him giving up on MkhiT so soon.

    The problem with man utd is they lack balance and Jose has a massive job ahead. If anything this is his biggest challenge. Budget or no budget If he gets them back to top then he would have proven his doubters wrong and would have established his legacy once in for all.If not then there will be a huge black mark on his cv.

  3. why would I take DeGea over Cech? Valencia over Bellerin? etc

    for the first XI i’ll only take Daley Blind over Monreal and that’s cos of Monreal’s poor form.
    but about January i’ll prefer a LB better offensively and defensively than both: Ricardo Rodriguez

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