Would Aubameyang really do a ‘Van Persie’?

Manchester United are claimed to be eyeing a move to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer, with us resigned to the fact that he would unlikely sign a new contract with Arsenal.

The Gabonese striker has been highly consistent in finding the net since joining from Borussia Dortmund two years ago, but the club has struggled to challenge for the Premier League title in that time, nor have we qualified for the Champions League since his arrival.

Aubameyang is supposedly of interest to Barcelona, who are said to have made their interest known in January, but we were not in any mood to discuss such a deal.

Manchester United are now claimed to be eyeing a cut-price £35 Million deal this summer, which reminds me all too well of the Robin Van Persie deal a few years back.

The Dutch striker told us that he would not be signing a new deal as he neared the final 12 months of his contract, and we agreed to sell to United for a measly £22.5 Million fee, and then had watch him fire them to the Premier League title that very year.

Times have changed however. Manchester United are no longer the giants that they once were, and while they are financially stronger than most in the top tier, they just can’t make it work on the pitch it seems.

They are on course for Champions League football this term, but only due to the fact that Manchester City are to be banned next season, and not because they are a shoo-in for a place in the top four.

They haven’t challenged for the PL title, nor the Champions League latter stages for some time, and you would have to admit that a move from Arsenal to United now could only be about money.

If reports that Barcelona are interested, then it has to be a no-brainer, but if PEA is simply eyeing one more paycheck before he retires, then maybe there is hope for a United move.

Could Aubameyang really quit the Emirates to join United on a bigger contract? Is there anything about the Red Devils that could persuade him to join other than money?



  1. If the player wishes to go, then why not?He has given his best for Arsenal and watched another player get more wages for lesser contribution.He still has 2-3 years at the top level, it is no brainier to boost his wages. And the lad is seldom injured, if I were managing Arsenal, I would rid the wages of Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette and compensate Auba and scout for a decent back up as we do have Eddie ,Martenelli on our rolls. And Man Utd are no better to challenge for the EPL than us, so wish he would stay and wish we compensate him better

  2. Nooooo not again!! RVP then Sanchez… please not Auba. If he is to leave (which I really don’t want to happen) for me it’d have to be abroad.. I couldn’t stomach seeing him in another PL kit…
    35m??? Are they having a laugh?!!!

    1. Sue.

      Different player, almost as stomach churning –

      Read the other day Ollie Giroud could still end up at Spuds next season.

      NO, NO, NO, NO !

      Obviously he’s had a “Gap year” at Chelski since leaving us, but Ollie don’t end up at Squits !


      As for Auba – you’re “home” mate, stay exactly where you are !

      If only it were that simple.

      “Business” may just kick in here.

      1. Omg imagine seeing Giroud in white?! Bad enough in blue!! His Missus does love London….. urgh perish the thought, AJ!!

        Yes AJ, if only it were that simple…. watch this space, hey?! And keep the tissues handy… oh I forgot there aren’t any 😄

        1. Who cares where Giroud goes if we don’t care for him?

          If he goes to Spurs, they get a mediocre player and a good thing, they will sink.

          Auba won’t go to Man U, but deserves to finish his career winning titles as Henry.

          This is a new phase where we rebuilding for future, not for title race at all but to be in top 6.

          Auba was a player brought as Ozil and Sanchez to fight for title, Mainly because Kroenke messed up Suarez deal, Kante year later. Clearly this Kante addition would have secure titles!

          It will take a minute before we can buy top players as these guys then.

          I see Real come and snatch him, think it is best club for him than Barca.

          Know it is hard to admit, but it is already postive to fight for top 6, hope to finish for CL.

          Wenger secured Arsenal future leaving a club financially healthy and mainly this academy and youngsters.

          We couldn’t have survived for past decade strong without this set up , he had no money, stadium payement as fake excuse from Kroenke!

          Somehow Wenger found a way to cop with it and doing so, set up a great youth system and football play we benefit from. He made sure to build this system they started at, amazing story we have.

          Everyone tries to emulate as we know.

  3. Robin van Persie is the best attacking player ever in the red and white jersey. Watch his 132 goals for Asn’l and you realize that he was on a different level than Auba, Kane and the Liverpool three. A player of a kind that is hardly seen now days. He was a wonder scorer. Wow! Yeah, he went to Old Trafford, but according to himself was the reason that Gunners didn’t offer him a new contract which he could accepted. And I don’t think he liked it there anyway. A player like Robin I can forgive anything, even a move to Man United. By the way, who was it that fainted when she saw Manchester? Queen Victoria? If Auba believe he will be happier there, then he must be stupid. And then he should leave. Asn’l shouldn’t feed stupid players.

    1. Robert, “ever” as in “RvP being our best attacking player ever”, did NOT begin with his start here. You may have heard of a lesser known player , or lesser to you at least, named Thierry Henry. Some, in fact a great percentage of Gooners, fromm very young through to very old, may well consider that “ever” definitely includes HIS time here.
      Older fans may also mention such as Ted Drake, Jack Lambert, Ronnie Rooke, John Radford, Malcolm Macdonald, Ian Wright as well as Henry. Many other forwards too who I have omitted to mention, purely for brevity. But as you seem not to have heard of Henry, all the other names might as well be Chinese to you! Sigh!

      1. Excellent stuff Jon.

        Some of the names you list – wonderful memories. Each so talented in their own way.

        Personally, I “kick in” at John Radford .

        “Morcambe & Wise” “Cannon & Ball” –
        give me Radford & Kennedy !

        However I agree 100% sir, we have to look to more recent times.

        Thierry Henry !

        1. AJ, Interesting and I now have a decent clue as to at least your generation. My own goes back to late fifties and JUST includes the great Jack Kelsey in goal, who is still in my top three after Seaman and Jennings, with Wilson a close fourth though Bob is way out in front on pure guts. In fact he was “stupidly” brave!
          I used to stick up for Big Raddy when aged 17 he replaced the late, great Joe Baker and was , albeit briefly, the team boo boy. Also a disgrace for me that I failed to list Joe Baker in my post above.
          Being in theatre, I would suggest in all seriousness that I prefer tripe and custard to Cannon and Ball, though on the great Eric and Ern, no one could hold a candle to them.

          1. Late 50’s !

            All due respect to you Jon.

            Here’s more than a clue for you, without actually having to state my age.

            With your experience you will date this squad, and their main achievements, with ease.

            By the age of 10, the first group of Arsenal players I was taken to Highbury to watch were (probably missed 1 or 2) ;

            Bob Wilson
            Geoff Barnett
            Pat Rice
            Frank McLintock
            Peter Simpson
            Bob McNab
            Sammy Nelson
            John Roberts
            George Armstrong
            George Graham
            Jon Sammels
            Peter Storey
            Eddie Kelly
            Ray Kennedy
            John Radford
            Charlie George
            Peter Marinello

            Suffice to say – I was hooked from the first whistle !

            I guess I can perhaps speak for 2 or 3 of us of a “certain age” on here, we’re still as passionate about our beloved club until this very day.

            Respect for your length of support Jon.

          2. Come on you two old fogies, you have forgotten one key player…a certain David Price, another punchbag for the undeserving fans!!!

            The post from Robert sums it all up for us, I guess, a few forgotten generations of terrific footballers from an ageing bunch of “senior” fans.

            As for the subject of this piece, I would have typed “Would van persie really do a van persie?” and this nonsense about not being offered a contract – he stalled on it for months.

            I have to smile at the way he is trying to ingratiate himself back into our club and fans – clear off back to manure as your little boy told you too.
            The problem is they see you as the mercenary you were and aren’t interested one little bit…except touse your name to p@@@ us off!

          3. Ken, How dare you call me an old fogie! You will be hearing from my solicitor in the morning, if only I COULD REMEMBER WHO HE IS! Anyway, “old fogie ” is the kindest thing I have been called for sometime. If you knew my Sue as I do, you would agree!

            But seriously, I had almost forgotten poor David Price. Some bright fan, possibly someone living North of the Border? might perhaps care to post a list of the many boo-boys we have had over the decades, at least to let the kids on here know about the “GOOD OLD DAYS”.

            I guess this site is now desperate for new type articles and we oldies OUGHT to step urp to the plate now we mostly have time on our hands. I will be submitting at least ONE, probably more , article this week on fan – player relationships in general and how lopsided they are, mostly of necessity though. I will pose questions rather than try to answer my own ones and hope it is used.

          4. Jon, look forward to reading it and what players you mention.

            There was always at least one player set up for the ritual of name calling etc and it continues to this day.

            The man to do the article you suggest should be KENNY ROLFE, I miss his dissecting of games I attended, but hardly recall!!!

          5. I wonder how Kenny is, Ken… been so long since he was last on here. A missed member of JA……

          6. AJ, Well thats about the 1971 Double era, making you born around 1961? Or very close ! But wait! Marinello was not signed, I THINK til 1972 and I watched him score on his debut at Old Trafford, so I’d say you are around 57? But best not to reveal your precise age in public; your bank account number will do just fine!

          7. Admin, sent a reply to Sue regarding kenny rolfe, any idea where it has gone, or have I once again put the wrong details in?

            1. Hi
              Not seen other post but I will make a point of contacting him directly. I’ll let you know…..

        1. Oh Robert, that’s an easy one. I went on holiday to Exeter years ago and it rained the whole time. Have had an irrational down on all folk fromm Exeter ever since! Bastin was personally responsible for that rain, I maintain(from the discomfort of my strait jacket).

          Alternatively, it might be because I am an old fogie and forgot about him,rather like you did about Henry and Co. BUT A GREAT COMEBACK TO ME AND WELL SAID!

  4. Patrick, you make no mention of the fact that Corona will force a huge financial change on all business across the spectrum and I remind you, since you appear not to have thought about it, that top football IS big business. The vast uncertainty surrounding our future life in so many ways makes it certain that all financial bets for in/out transfers for next season and contact extension offers are off the table for NOW. I feel that this virus makes it far more likely than it was previously that Auba will leave before the beginning of next season, WHENEVER that may be, and it may well not be even started in this calendar year of 2020 at all.
    We all accept that we are all desperately keen to know the outcome but it is not possible at present and will not be possible for some goodly time to come.

    In the meantime by June 30 this year a financial decision
    will have to be made and it seems to me, as a thinker, that it is extremely unlikely that Auba will be with us next season, whenever that is. Money will dictate the final decision, certainly from the clubs angle. Aubas too , naturally.

  5. He can’t just watch sub-standard performers earn more than him. He deserves better. The big issue is his wages in comparison with players who are not performing

    1. No, Top Gunner, the big issue is HIS wage demands.

      The club made an enormous error with the one salary you are reffering to and they do not want to get into another, just as toxic, repeat.

      The club offered the player that agreed but grotesque salary, while Auba is demanding his and, it seems, they aren’t buckling under.
      If they do, prepare yourself for the backlash when he misses chances like the one against Olympiacos – and he will be expected to defend as much as he attacks, run around at a 100 miles an hour and have body language that Adonis would be proud of – better off going to where his particular skills will be appreciated and not be expected to be something he isn’t.

      1. Ken, On a technicality, it was thought Adonis was proud of his body but not his body language necessarily. Not sure how possible it IS to be proud of ones body language. You see that sort of nonsense reply by me is what we are reduced to without any football happening!
        What is your take on when the Prem might resume? I have doubts that it may not start again this while year. Wouldn’t rule that out personally. Sigh!

        1. Jon, really can not see the government giving them permission until the reported new cases are down to zero.

          If they make an exception to one entity, then everyone (quite rightly) will want the same result for themselves.

          I note that China are reporting no new cases at the source of the outbreak and that has taken roughly six to eight weeks.
          I have just had confirmation that our four week vacation to San Diego is off due to the virus and that was up until the 6th July, so one can only assume that it takes us past that date as well.

          I personally think it’s absurd to think about playing, even behind closed doors.
          klopp gained enormous respectbfrom me, with his take on the situation and the FA should follow his example.

          My g/son works at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge

          and he is expected to work through this (like Sue I assume) and if these type of essential staff catch it, the problem goes on and on.
          At least the schools are closing down now and my daughter tells me she will have plenty to get on with, but that decision should have been made at the very beginning, as the children are seen as one of most vunerable.

          As for being proud of body language – have you forgotten trying to emulate Charles Atlas while standing on a football? I always fell off at the crucial moment!!!

          1. Thanks a lot for this Ken. I am by nature more pessimistic than some, simply because I get less disappointed that way when things don’t go as I wish. But that China fact did hit home when I saw it on the lunchtime news and COULD, JUST COULD, be a game changer. I guess hope springs eternal.
            A guilty secret to reveal now. When I was aged about 16, I sent away for that Charles Atlas course which arrived in plain packaging on Fridays and I began using it but told no one, until Mum got wise and found me exercising secretly. Shame it never worked on my brain though. Dynamic tension? Best to use an aspirin!

            Don’t see games being played behind locked doors and IF they are it makes a mockery and would not be worth regarding as if it were REAL football, as crowds massively influence games.

            I do think it will massively affect the whole financial viability of all football top and bottom level and all in between. It will massively affect incoming and outgoing tranfers decisions, being made as we write.

            Rotten luck for your USA trip being off though.

  6. It’s a matter of how you score. That’s the difference between Football Aristocracy and the Daily Worker. The technical skill is the difference that make a real good player fool a lesser one. Yeah, Thierry was marvelous and I love him for what he did for the club and for the memory of Highbury. And he scored fantastic goals, but he was playing in a much better Asn’l than RvP did most of his career with the Gunners. And maybe he had a stronger body, van Persie were often on rehab and lost many games in which I’m sure he would have scored and scored and scored those kind of wonder goals that was his hallmark. Oh, fellahs, I wished that the language of Bill Shakespeare and Kit Marlowe were my native language, then I would have told you of my impressions of football in general and of Asn’l Football Club in particular.

    1. Robert, I did you a disservice by being ” sarcy” in my first reply to you and must apologise humbly. You are clearly an older, wiser man than I first thought and I am curious to know exactly WHAT IS your native language? You write, though, in the manner of an educated Brit!

      Your stronger body” comment was sadly apt for poor injury prone RvP. Personally, though it is hard to like him for how he handled his exit, given his many injuries when we fans stood loyally behind him. Fans remember such things and correctly too, BUT I am less inclined to think of him as a “traitor” than some fans. Lets say he is not on my Christmas card list though, that would be a fair thing to say!

      1. When the plague rages in Florence, you take your friends with you to your farmhouse in Toscany for reading and musical entertainment. Just like Boccaccio in his time. Hi Jon. Let’s say I’m almost as stupid as Ole Gunnar. Is that a hint? That means I’m from Sweden. And if you can be more stupid than a swede, you must be a norwegian. I once mailed a british guy and said something like this to him. Then he told me that his wife were from Norway! Oh, shit, I thought, why can’t I use my tongue with a little more finesse. But the guy didn’t get mad at all. I guess he know I was right.

        1. Brilliant Robert! I have already logged that joke and will use it with suitable amendments for my own British nationality quite soon now. Odd though, as I have always regarded both Swedes and Norwegians as clued up countries that know how to run things well and being a huge tennis fan will always have soft spots for several talented Swedish tennis players. Someone called Bjorn something or other, I believe ! Not to mention also Abba and the gorgeous Anna!

          1. Jon, it wasn’t a joke. It was a true story from “A Swedes Memoir” sold in no copies. Thank God.

      2. Jon, google on Bob Persies 132 Asn’l goals and watch for yourself. Now when we in the days of the plague have no fresh football to watch, so watch this 20 minutes or so. It’s super Gunners. If you don’t melt like a… I don’t know… some kind of butter in something hot, then you have never been a gooner. I can’t call the guy a traitor (not even with quotation), not a guy who have done such goals for Asn’l. Never. Bobby P is my man.

    2. Robert, have no idea of your native tongue, but would love to see you produce an article about The Arsenal as seen “from afar” so to speak.

      There is nothing wrong with what and how you produce your replies, so give it a go!!!!

      1. Ken, I have written something about the Liverpool tragedy of the year 2020. It’s like a greek tragedy, with that german fellah as King Oedipus. When Pool seemed to have it all in reach – and lost everything. That is EVERYTHING. Even the Premiership which they’ve longed for for so many years, and were so sure to catch (with a 25 point lead and less than ten rounds to go). I’m NOT a Liverpool fan, I’m a gooner. But poor bastards.

  7. What I can produce, Ken, is the tragedy of 2020, from a Liverpool perspective. A year when they seemed to have it all in reach, and lost everything.
    Yes, they even lost the title that they were so sure of, the Premiership. For the first time since 1990, the red devils from Anfield should win the League. In the early March 2020 Liverpool had a 25 points lead and there were less than ten rounds to go. What could go wrong? Everything could. I’m not a Liverpool fan, I’m a gooner. But poor Pool.

    1. Now I wonder if that scenario should be forwarded to the FA as an example of why pool should not be given the title automatically, as some seem to suggest?
      I also remember a certain bookie in Manchester paying out on bets regarding manure winning the league as well.

      1. Hi Ken. As you say: the title would be “given” to them. Given. Why? Do we feel sorry for Liverpool? The fact is, they haven’t earned it, they haven’t won it, because the league isn’t played all 38 rounds. And if the league never will be finished, I’m sure Jürgen Klopp and the Liverpool players don’t want the title. That would be humiliating. To be given the Premiership as a gift. From whom (is that right)? PL, FA and the other teams of the league? Like a fart in the face. If you think about it, the title have already been taken from Liverpool. That’s the brutal truth and that’s what my text is about. The title were there for them. They were so much better than all the other teams. A difference of 25 points or more. How embarrassing. All the other teams should be ashamed. The title were there, and then the Plague took it away. Liverpool were beaten by the only opponent they couldn’t win against. The opponent that on day will beat us all.

        1. Robert, I feel that there is a huge and almost unanimous, among clubs, determination to finish this season before ever even thinking of starting next season. Consequently and assuming football will restart eventually, LiverpoolWILL finally get their deserved title by playing out the remaining games. It might well take until very late this calendar year or even next before THIS seasons remaining games are completed , But I am near certain this season will NOT be wiped out and thus the longer uncertainty is about when NEXT season will even begin. I do not necessarily believe the same principle will apply to domestic cups, though it might. Only MIGHT!

          1. Jon. I don’t know if this is the right time for the classic Bill Shankly quote, but I’m sure he would have been very proud of The Red Devils of 2020. Let’s hope for Liverpools sake, for the teams who fight against the relegation threat, and the teams in the top of the Championship, that this awful thing soon will be over and we can star kicking ball again. When I was a kid I hated Leeds United, dirty Leeds. Now I want Leeds back in PL, and Nottingham Forrest, that would be nice and… Preston North End. The First Masters!

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