Would Barcelona or Man City really want to sign Aaron Ramsey?

It has all but been confirmed that Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal will be parting ways next year, with the only question being whether it will be in January or July. But obviously the biggest question on everyone’s lips will be where he is going to end up where he leaves.

Ramsey’s fellow countryman, Craig Bellemy, is certain that he’s leaving, and thinks that he wants to go to a much bigger club. “I think they’ve lost him already – I think he’s gone,” Bellamy said.

“Come January or the summer, he’ll be going somewhere else. Four or five years ago, every club wanted him – Manchester City, Barcelona. I think it’s time for him to move on. He’s become conscious of some players that have stayed too long at Arsenal and not got the best out of their ability. He’s a tremendous footballer that has had injuries.

“Unai Emery will be a good manager for him but he needs a change. He’ll have a better chance of going to those top-end clubs if he’s on a free transfer.”

But would he really go to a “top-end” club like Man City or Barcelona and actually get a game? I can understand that they may sign him for free, but is he good enough to become a regular starter at either of those clubs? Or would he just be happy to sit on the bench at a much higher wage?

Darren N


  1. jim wall says:

    If ramsey join either of them it would be just for money. If he wants to leave he should joinchelsea or liverpool better chance of getting a game…

    1. i was a gooner says:

      even if city or liverpool want him, why would arsenal let him go?
      if ozil deserve 350k contract, ramsey deserve atleast a 180k. sign him.

  2. AndersS says:

    Doubtful the really big clubs are very eager to get him, but who knows?

    The real question is whether, we will be weaker or stronger, if he leaves.
    I don’t hink we will be much weaker, and if the money he wanted instead goes to pay the salary of a really good CB, then we are actually stronger.

  3. Grandad says:

    I don’t think Man City or Barca need Ramsay but he could well fit in at Chelsea ,Liverpool or Man Utd.Of the three i suspect Chelsea might be his next club.

    1. Angus says:

      Chelsea does seem most likely they are pretty desperate for a quality HG. Liverpool though is obviously attractive and it makes sense for them. Utd is only possible if Pogba goes Barca, ofc if he doesn’t Ramsey is an attractive cheap stop-gap for Barca then. The amount of ignorant people on here that think Ramsey won’t get a top club makes me chuckle. Chelsea is practically a guarantee if no one else comes in.

      The amount saying if he does he will make up the numbers is laughable too. All top clubs in the Prem have to make regular use of at least 21-22 players depending on their GK policy thanks to the number of games and injuries. 5 of those 22 players HAVE to be HG it continually escapes people this reality. It’s why City were mocked for paying so much for Stones, Sterling, Walker and even Delph but did so anyway despite being able to buy practically anyone they wanted.

  4. gotanidea says:

    I think only UK clubs are willing to get Ramsey, but I still have a hunch that Arsenal would still offer him a new conract

  5. ks-gunner says:

    If you repeat a lie often enough you might even start to believe it. Ramsey better than bale. Ramsey Zidane. And there you go the player things he is up at the same league with big guys. He might end up at a big club, but he wont be signed to deliver but to fill up some numbers only

  6. jon fox says:

    FACT: Ramsey has been here ten years and the majority of fans comments are cool that he leaves us. I agree. He is NOT a major star, merely a frustrating and injury prone player who has short bursts of form here and there before disappearing into mediocrity again and also not being a team player, by being selfish on the pitch. I would happily keep him for say £100K per week. But he is NOT a star player who deserves top , top wages. And the great majority of us this likewise, clearly! Contrary to some (only some) opinions, his goals and assists ratio to games played is nothing out of the ordinary at all. I do not say he is a bad player, just nothing exceptional!

  7. Lupe says:

    Ramsey could sign for a lot of big clubs because he can offer them goals and assists from the BENCH. I don’t see him as a starter at any big club except he suddenly improves his tactical play, his passing, becomes more disciplined; all of which i can’t see happening at this stage of his career. We should try to sell him in january, although i can see him refusing so he can maximise his signing on fee when he leaves on a free. Please can anyone name a top team ramsey can be a regular starter for? Maybe liverpool but even that is debatable.

    1. jon fox says:

      Not at all debatable. He definitely would NOT be a regular starter at Liverpool. You must know that surely?

  8. ozziegunner says:

    I’m interested in all these Arsenal players, who either stifled their careers by staying at Arsenal or flourished and were better players after they left.
    One Dennis Bergkamp for one finished his career at Arsenal and played in the #10 role aspired to by Aaron Ramsey. I’m sure he had plenty of offers to leave over the years, but stayed loyal to Arsenal.
    Aaron Ramsey may have requited a guaranteed starting position which Arsenal was not prepred to give him, and he has certainly held off signing the new contract for over 18 months and wants more than that offered. Arsenal will not repeat the mistake they made with Ozil, as thete are cheaper comparable or better players out there.
    Looking at the information available for the wekly wages of similar ilk, it is difficult to see any club paying the wages he thinks he deserves. If a club does pay him higher wages, he may end up with a weaker team or as a bench player with a stronger club. As with Oxlade Chamberlain and Wilshere, injury is always around the corner, given his track record.
    Aaron Ramsey and his manager have tried the big bluff and Arsenal didn’t blink!

    1. jon fox says:


  9. Rkw says:

    Here we go again …. Someone will take him for nowt … No serious club spending big money on this guy am sorry to say … If we can get anything for him in Jan would offload

  10. geariod de burca says:

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  11. Babasola says:

    Why are some pple so bais?
    How is Ramsey an injury prone player?
    Then Aguero is an Injury Prone Player too?
    Stop speaking Gabbage
    Yes, he had a big injury one time
    But after that he’s been OK, injury-wise

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Babasola, for your and others benefit below is Ramsey’s injury record per season:
      Season Days Matches
      09/10 248 29 tibia/fibula fract
      10/11 7 1
      11/12 14 3
      12/13 98 21
      13/14 98 21
      14/15 73 15
      15/16 59 11
      16/17 122 22
      17/18 48 11

  12. Kenyanfan says:

    Mark this and save it.if Ramsey leaves, he will have only two good seasons and then he will end at epl mid table teams..remember this come 2021/2022

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