Would FA cup, UCL or both save Arsenal season?

I think we Arsenal fans can all agree that the Premier League title is gone for another season, after the Gunners were beaten by Chelsea who opened up a 12 point gap thanks to their win. So the question for us now is what will happen from now on.

We know that Arsene Wenger will be intent on keeping up his admittedly very impressive record of getting us into the Champions League and even though it is very tight between second and sixth place and we have some very big clubs to contend with I am confident he will do it.

That does not really cut it for the fans though, and if the Frenchman is entertaining thoughts of stepping down at the end of the season he may well be desperate to end on a high note himself. Arsenal are still in two cup competitions, the FA cup and the Champions League, so would a trophy from one of them be enough for us to be happy?

The Champions League is certainly the better prize but of course it is a lot harder to win with the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid in it, not to mention that our next opponents are Bayern Munich. Should Wenger make Europe his priority even if it means resting the best players and risking some EPL points?

I personally think that the European cup would make this season a success for Arsenal, especially if we could double it up with another FA cup triumph. That domestic trophy on it’s own though, would not be enough for me to be happy with this summer.

Do you think either cup or both of them would save the season or would the failure to challenge for the EPL title again be too much to get over?



  1. veldanie says:

    UCL??….are you serious?

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Of course winning the Champions League would make it a successful season, but it doesn’t change anything in regards with Wenger…he still has to go. Although we will not get past Bayern.

    As a said a few weeks ago when I got a fair amount of dislikes, the FA cup is our only realistic chance at silverware. Hopefully other fans have finally realised the truth!

    1. bran99 says:

      You think we will beat Sutton?

  3. Ronny331 says:

    Cl?! Hilarious is the writer serious? I know footballs a funny game but come on did you see that today? Too many players either injured or lost interest. Cazorla has been a huge miss but also Ramsey who was epic a few seasons ago is now very poor and so on. Even the newly signed players don’t look right. It puts me in mind of the stale feeling that spread through the dressing room under mourinho last term at Chelsea. I think the players need a rocket and frankly I think some of them would actually welcome the change and a fresh outlook. Ox is one for sure! He must be sick of playing under Wenger. I actually thought during the saints game when he played a blinded that it may not be a coincidence that the window was still open. One of the few highlights for me today was not Monreal going down like a poof on every tackle but Ox pretty physical tackle late on in the game. At last some grit at least. Sad sad sad day πŸ™

  4. luvdaguns says:

    UCL would be great, let’s do that, I am in….

  5. RSH says:

    Sorry, but why is anyone writing about Arsenal winning UCL? We’re out after these Bayern matches anyways. It’s just playing for pride at this point and not humiliating defeats like the two we just endured.

    1. bran99 says:

      Miracles stopped in those years of the prophets, but in reality at this moment, we always get what we deserve, and that’s called humiliation

  6. dreben23 says:

    Season in the premier league is not over yet! πŸ™‚ But we must act fast and start playing any kind of football, because from two or three games we stopped playing this beautiful game! We can still complete the mission, I hope we can but we must bring our mentality back, everyone is going to make mistakes. This season is very specific and is not like previous we have five or six teams that can steal literally points from anyone on one hand and we’ve got teams that will try their best to not be relegated. No, it’s absolutely not over yet, now is the time to make our bets! There’ll be a lot of fun in the league… πŸ˜€ I’ll not lose my hope because one, two or the whole majority is telling me that all the chances are already gone! No, you are wrong to write Arsenal off. We can still win the title but we must believe again in our abilities, we are very strong team and we must stand up and fight! We score a lot of goals, I can not just forget that fact and stop believing because everyone will blame the coach for not punching the referee enough. I’ll not put the blame only on him, it’s players’ fault for losing so many point from the weakest teams at home, and recently we’ve been starting losing points anf from the strongest teams, but you forget one tiny detail- they lose points too, and will continue. We just have to stop losing any points at all and can be crowned as a champion! It’ s a very strange, unordinary season and it will be the same till the last round and game in may! Chelsea and Tottenham are not so strong than you think, but you just have to pay attention to the games, not in making people to lose their hopes! Arsenal must rise up and fight back!

    1. The eternal optimistic…. hey nothing against it but dude we cannot keep being optimistic when nothing changes when for the longest of times radical changes are needed at ARSENAL and nothing happens, then optimism is nothing else but denial (and no this is not a river in Egypt), is the malaise that a lot of us had/have believing things were going to be better.
      Not pessimistically but realistically we have no chance neither for UCL/EPL don’t think for FA either….we had great players, good ones and not so good but definitely enough material for a real shot to the title, instead every year the same injuries, referees, bad luck anything but the truth, AW is done he just doesn’t have it anymore and must retire, still honorably and have a new coach with fresh ideas revamp this team…other than that

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    CL? Getting by teams like Bayern, Barcelona, Madrid…..No way LOL

    The FA Cup, at least I will see Lucas start
    Why did Wenger even buy him? Lucas has played wonderfully in the FA Cup

    1. bran99 says:

      He bought him coz of the pressure from the fans, remember how he always shut the fans up by buying something to shut them up? exactly what happened.. but in the long run he keeps playing other people no matter their performance

  8. Big G says:

    Should Wenger make Europe his priority even if it means resting the best players and risking some EPL points? Hell no, being in the CL is way to important to miss out on financially even though we have no chance of winning.
    Of course at the same time unless the club are willing to spend big on players who can win the big prizes then there is no point in being in the competition in the first place.

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