Casillas set for transfer to Arsenal as BACK UP?

There are plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds, as per usual, and if all of them were true then Arsene Wenger and his scouting team at Arsenal would not time to scratch their arses. One that keeps coming up, however, and has done for over a year now is the link with the Real Madrid and Spain keeper Iker Casillas.

It was being reported last summer that the veteran stopper´s time at the club he started with was coming to an end and they did sign the Costa Rica international Keylor Navas. But Casillas stayed and has generally kept his place in the first team, playing 29 La Liga games to the five of Navas. So maybe the Costa Rican has failed to impress Carlo Ancelotti and the Madrid coaching staff enough but they are still looking for a new number one apparently and Casillas has accepted that he will be moving on.

According to a report in The Mirror, the Spaniard fancies a few years in the Premier League, with Arsenal seemingly the club most likely to take him.

Spanish journalist Josep Pederol said, “Iker Casillas is very clear, he wants to go to England at the end of the season.”

Casillas is still a good keeper and at 33-years old still has a good few years ahead of him. He has also won everything there is to win with his club and country and that winning mentality would be very useful in the Gunners dressing room. But my question is whether he would actually displace the excellent Ospina in the Arsenal goal? And if not, why would he come?

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  1. If and only if we do get a new GK, he would be a replacement for Shez in my view. As it stands Ospina is our #1 and rightfully so. It would be a shame to replace him just a season after we got him seeing his performances and the difference he’s made for us since recovering from his back injury. Also I feel he should get the #1 jersey starting next season as well. So with that said if we do indeed get a new GK it would make sense to get a younger one to give Ospina a rest every now and then, probably play some cup matches and then take over after he leaves…

    1. ArsenaL Transfer rumours are the worst set of rumours on the planet… can be so annoying….. BTW: i will stick a my OSPINA(he isn’t doing badly, and who says he isn’t class?)…… Dn’t want expired goaLies guarding my goal post

  2. I have heard people criticise Ospina for the most stupid of reasons.

    1) ospina is to small to be a premier league keeper . he is not tall enough.
    2) ospina doesn’t make enough flexible saves?
    3) Ospina doesn’t speak english?
    4) ospina distribution is poor.

    Silly silly excuses. as things stand Ospina has the best record of any Arsenal goalkeeper in our very long history. he is very calm and control his defenders well. he is very focus and has made some cruttial saves. Think of the ramirez shot vs chelsea.

    yes Ospina is not as tall as the other keepers and so fxxxxxxxx what? he come out of his area and catches most of the balls that are been launched into our box.
    Casilas has been a disaster in the last years. i REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT OSPINA NEEDS TO do to stop people from talking. At this rate he probably have to score a goal or 2.

    Cech. Mourinho will never sell him to us. Not even for £40.000.001. United PSg and Madrid are possible destinations.

    LLoris. There is no champions league klaus on his contract. he is a 40 million target for PSG. people linking us to a 30-40 million keeper are probably new arsenal fans who came after we signed ozil.

    Begovish. he is hs been terrible for stoke. If u can’t play out of the back for stoke then don’t even come close to arsenal.


    1. im agreed with u…ospina won us many games, or give us draws when we could lose (ramires shot like u said for example). Im very happy with him and he surprises me very much…i would go for a keeper to replace sczy…sczy doesent guarantee me anything and i think their teamates eather..he is only the clown of the team who likes to speak more than he plays…casillas would be a good idea for me if he doesnt demand much higher wages…he is a good keeper but not only that…he is a leader and a good leader…he can also teach martinez and ospina some stuffs and maybe he can continue his carreer inside the club like an assistant (it is very unluckly because i think he will be part of madrid team.

  3. agreed ospina is better than casillas and its not worth bringing casillas in as a back up on the wages he would command.

    Is ospina world class or simply very good: he is very good, whereas keepers like cech are world class and he owuld be cheap(ish). He owuld be a step up. We always need to go to the next step IF its available. YOu think Chelsea cared that the 3rd or 4th best keeper in the world sat on the bench when they got 2/3rd keeper in – NO.

    IF Cech is available we hsould go for him, if hes not a back up keeper will do.

    Its the same principle with Coqeulin and Giroud.

  4. Ospina is our GK for the future. I look forward to selling Szczesny, and picking up a GK for free this summer.

  5. While I am not against reinforcement of the Gunners’ Goalkeeping Department, I believe goalkeeper problem is the least of the Gunners problems the boss should address in the summer window. Right now, we have David Ospina, Wojciech Szczesny and Emeliano Martinez (on loan) as our first team goalkeepers in the pecking order. And we also have a youth team tall goalkeeper who could eventually brake in into the first team squad. I can’t remember his name now. But I think he was on the bench for Arsenal this season. To me, we are very okay in the Goalkeeping Dept. I think people are unecessarily raising alarm as if Arsenal are in danger of lack of top a goalkeeper and lack of cover. We crediblely have both. I think if Jack Wilshere is eventually sold to Man City, the boss must start to identify who he will replace him with before the selling. So too is Theo Walcott, as it is increasingly looking likely those 2 may be sold out by Arsenal for a likely combined fee of not less than £60m. But if the boss believes those two are very much in his plan and the two can guaranteed Arsenal at least 3/4 top consistent performance out of the full season of next season, it is okay then. The boss can keep them. Though I have not given up on our winning the title this season because a mighty miracle can still happen. Injury crisis should not be allowed again to be the stumbling block to the Gunners lifting the Barclays Premier League and the UEFA Champions League trophies next season.

  6. You must be smoking some good stuff if you really believe Casillas will come to Arsenal to be a back up and without a lucrative contract (£100k plus). It wont happen and Arsenal dont need him!!

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