Would Chelsea really sell Petr Cech to Arsenal for just £10m?

Wojciech Szczesny has seemingly been permanently relegated to the subs bench at Arsenal and there is every possibility that he may decide to move on this summer to safeguard his place in the Poland national side. As for our current Number One, the jury still appears to be out on David Ospina abilities as a top class keeper, so there are definitely possibilities that the Gunners my be in the market for a new stopper this summer.

Petr Cech has been linked with a move across London ever since he got replaced by Thibault Courtois between the sticks at Chelsea, and now he has confirmed that he will be looking for a new club in the coming transfer window. “I have to do something about my situation because I want to play, not sit on the bench,” said Cech, who has one more year left on his contract at Stamford Bridge.

“I was used to playing fifty or sixty games per season, not fifteen or twenty,”

“It’s no secret that I would like to play more. The situation has not changed. We will deal with it at the end of the season,”

“When a specific bid comes, I will consider it. There are bids that you can’t turn down and those that you consider,”

There is no doubt that Cech is a top-of-the-range keeper who could walk into just about any top club in the world, and I think it very unlikely that the bidding would stop at the suggested price of just £10 million, but then the question arises as to whether Jose Mourinho would allow the Chelsea legend to even move to one of their direct rivals for the Premiership.

It is well-known that Jose put a block on Demba Ba moving to the Emirates a couple of years ago, so who thinks it likely that he would condone a similar move for Cech, with Arsenal looking like very serious challengers next season….

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  1. 10 mill for cech- i would do that all day
    but mourinho would never let that happen-
    he sees us as poss rivals an he dislikes wenger-would have to be stupid offer- which is not our way

    1. This rule is not a rule, it is a proposal that will be highly resisted by most clubs – it is hihgly doubtful it will go through and will not be phased in until 2016-2020 so stop worrying

      I actually think it will do harm than good for the english game – it will cause palyers like ings/austin/downing to go to big clubs and sit on bench as opposed to playing week in week out for smaller clubs and improving.

      1. It is a stupid rule proposal. Quotas and policies that discriminate on the basis of nationality are not going make English players any better. They will, however, hurt the quality of the EPL.

    2. @galen,

      Under current homegrown rules we have:

      Chambers (U21)
      Bellerin (U21)
      Hayden (U21)
      Zelalem (U21)
      Gnabry (U21)
      Akpom (U21)

      Under new rules we would loose the homegrown status of:

      However I can see the rule not being implemented overnight as it would be too hard for clubs. My guess there will be a deadline of lets say 2022 in which the old home growns will have lost their status, with old home growns being classified up to 2016 as home grown under the old rules.

  2. If he’s still under contract I doubt Chelsea will let him come to us. The price is good for a world class keeper. A keeper, mind you, above Ospina or Szceszny.

    1. I am not talking EPL only (where Cech is million times more experienced than Ospina) but general keeping. Ospina had a good world cup last year while Cech is making constant brilliant appearances in national squad, european competition or EPL.
      No one said Ospina is not good (although newspapers claim the jury is still out on this) but you can’t seriously put and equal mark between Cech and Ospina. First one is already a world class legend and arguably in the top 3 keepers in the world while Ospina is a probably poised for a brilliant future. At least this is what all of us hope.

  3. I think it all depends on how it’s handled, if cech has his heart set on Arsenal then maureen won’t stand in his way, but I do think we’ll have to pay a bit more than other clubs would as it is becoming clear that we are a real threat, last season we had fantastic first half and this season it’s looking to be great 2nd half so next season it’s all on us . COYG

  4. mourinho will never sell him to us Theo and Arsene had a big row, Arsene told him off massively at the training ground last week think theo will be gone in summer to either liverlool or city

    1. He is just speculating. He wakes up every morning and looks himself in the mirror sayingthat he’s a close acquaintance to Wenger and Walcott. I wouldn’t waste my time answering him anything else than the fact he talks $hit. Because this is what he usually do.

  5. Do Arsenal really need him? I would rather have a good defensive midfielder and a centerhalf as Mertsacker will be out in the summer.

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