Would Chicharito be perfect for Arsenal?

Should we not be looking to bring Chicharito back to the premiership? By SK

Hi again! Hope you all are doing well? I am sure we have not stopped hoping for better things for our darling club, Arsenal as we look forwarding to improving our team for next season.

Today, I want us to look at the possibilities of us signing a former Manchester United striker, who was sold off to Bayern Leverkusen, despite playing so well for Man Utd. I want us to consider the possibility of Javier Hernandez playing for us, even if it just for two or three seasons! Would it not be a good idea to have him play as our main striker, whereby he can be useful in converting more of our chances on a regular basis? Is it not obvious that we need a good finisher like this man in our team? Don’t we think Chicharito is the answer to our striker’s problem?

Hernandez made just two Premier League appearances under Van Gaal, following a four-goal campaign under David Moyes. The Mexican superstar has thrived since his switch to Leverkusen, netting a squad-high 27 goals in 50 Bundesliga appearances. This season, his incredible conversion rate of 26.8% dwarfs every current United or Arsenal attacker. This is the type of striker we should be going for! He has played wonderfully well for big clubs like Man United, Real Madrid and his current club. He is quick, skillful and has a good eye for goal. He can improve our attacking game and provide good competition for the likes of Giroud, Welbeck and even Lucas Perez and Sanchez, if they choose to remain at Arsenal next season.

If Alexis Sanchez decides to leave Arsenal this season, then we need to replace him with one or two very good strikers and Hernandez won’t be a bad buy. We need to show we can compete and we should start by recruiting players who are winners! Players who are hungry for more success and Chicharito to me, seems a perfect player for us! Don’t you guys think so?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Twig says:

    How about Mbappe?

  2. frank says:

    He won’t change anything, no player will change anything. We could get Messi and still lose 5-1 or 3-1 like we have been recently.
    There is all this talk of getting a new, world class manager but I honestly think Arsenal need to get someone with Premier League experience that will ruffle the feathers of some of the egos in the dressing room. Someone that can rebuild our defence and make them play as a team for the last love of the club.
    If we finish outside the top 4 I think Arsenal should offer Tony Pullis a two year contract and see what he can do with a bit of money. I have a lot of respect for getting the best out of his players and actually thought he might have been the next England manager. Arsenal need a transition from Wenger and I don’t think we could really do much worse than the manager that just beat us 3-1.

    1. stubill says:

      Jesus H Christ, Tony F*^*ing Pullis, are you kidding or just high on something?
      What has he ever won, look at the clubs he’s managed and his style of play. If you’e going to nominate every manager who beats Arsenal, it’s going to be a long list.

      I don’t really believe Wenger is going anywhere, but if he is, let’s set our sights a lot higher than Pullis, and he’s Welsh to add salt to the wound!

      1. frank says:

        Mate there is no heart at Arsenal anymore and I have always rated Pulis. He would make Emirates a fortress again, solid defence and set a base for a world class manager to take over after he has cleaned up Wengers shit.
        We don’t need another manager for 20 years, just someone that will get the house in order.
        Simeone would be my pick but will he leave Athletic for Arsenal? Haha I don’t think so, not yet.

  3. gmv8 says:

    We should be looking to retain Alexis, that man will still stand up and fight even though he is losing the battle. Very rare today to have his backbone – especially at Arsenal. I understand entirely why he wants to move on, it is up to Arsenal to realise that we need his sort of personality to push on on to win, make him captain, and if the rest don’t like it they can go. Unless he is unnegotiable, we should be doing our utmost to keep him. Looks like Ozil has already thrown in the towel. That’s the difference.

  4. jermaineBryan says:

    We should be going for players with presence. …Lukaku, gueye, keita, danilo perreira, koulibally

  5. Vlad says:

    I said that we should buy Chicha when it was clear ManU didn’t want him anymore. Fox in the box, a pure poacher – something we’ve been missing for quite a few years. However, I just don’t see with our current lineup. I thought that’s why we bought Lucas, but it’s obvious Wenger doesn’t fancy him, so I don’t think Chicha will get a chance too.

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